Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I meme...because I have nothing to write about

Yes I...just made meme into a verb.
I have not...participated in a meme in ages.
I have been...going through a bit of a writing dry spell lately.
I found...this over at Ally's.
Feel free...to participate yourself.

I am...honest to a fault.
I think...way too much.
I know...more about Seinfeld than probably anyone you have ever met.
I want...to be walking on a beach somewhere.
I have...enough.
I wish...I were better at golf.
I hate...yelling.
I miss...feeling sure of love. Also, Milli Vanilli, Casey's Top Forty, and WKRP In Cincinnati would have been accepted here.
I fear...catheters.
I feel...frustrated.
I hear...my text message alert. It sounds like a submarine ping.
I smell...pretty decent, I think. I used shower gel this morning instead of soap.
I regret...spending too much time in the past.
I love...Nephew Bone.
I care...about my writing.
I always...enjoy a nap.
I am not...good at the movie category in Trivial Pursuit, at all.
I believe...in miracles. Where ya from, you sexy thing?
I dance...to embarrass those I'm with.
I sing...almost constantly when I'm driving.
I write...entire blog entries in my head sometimes.
I win...almost always at putt-putt.
I lose...my voice at most Bama games.
I never...feel ready to get out of bed in the morning.
I listen...as long as nothing shiny is around to distract me.
I can usually be found...trying to make people laugh.
I am scared of...having to be catheterized.
I read...directions only as an absolute last resort.
I forget...almost everything, so don't take it personally.
I just...smelled my arm again to verify the "I smell" line above.
I am happy about...warmer weather arriving soon.

Also, I've added a few categories of my own.

I only...use 2 to 4 slices of every loaf of bread I buy.
I need...a new ringtone. "How Far We've Come" is just a little old now.
I wonder...if I ever become famous if my fans will be proud to call themselves Boneheads.

"Maybe you and me were never meant to be. But baby think of me once in awhile. I'm at WKRP in Cincinnati..."


  1. I am--first in Bone's comments once again
    I am--proud to be a Bonehead

    I know--you're honest to a fault as I can personally vouch for almost everything you said except about using shower gel instead of soap. I never knew you were scared to be catherized--gave me a new fear and a few other things

  2. I was gonna say I'm proud to be a Bonehead too!

    hummm so tell us about this fear of catheders. I have a funny catheder story... I have my medical records (in the military they have us take them to our next doctor ourself) and mine say that they cathederized me...but they didn't! The nurse messed up and put some other person's info on my chart!
    And yes Elaine, I've read my chart...it doesn't say I'm difficult though, even though I am!

  3. Yes, his will...he has to get everything in order.

  4. I will NOT let that song stick in my head. Trying not to think about it....

    I like your "I just." Thanks for double-checking the veracity of your previous answers. That shows real character.

  5. I like... this.

    I am... glad you didn't fall off the edge of Alabama after all.

  6. Pia - Thanks! I figure it could be like Deadheads or Parrotheads :) Also, I'll be glad to let you smell me to verify my use of the shower gel.

    Renee - Wow, I thought you were about to say the nurse messed up and put some other person's catheter in you.

    I dunno. I just don't like the idea of any inserting going on in certain areas.

    Ally - Hey, you started it. Well, kind of.

    Thanks, but I can't take too much credit. Who's to say I wouldn't have randomly smelled my arm at that moment anyway.

    R8chel - Nope, not yet. Though I am planning to head to the edge of Alabama in a few weeks. I will probably fall off, but hopefully I will be able to swim back.

  7. I would be a proud Bonehead!

  8. I miss...the boxer shorts picture.

    I wonder...what type of shower gel you used.

    I like...minutiae.

    I hope...the 2-4 slices of bread that are used are not the end crusts because that is just gross. :-)

  9. "I believe in miracles . . ."

    Now, I've got that song stuck in my head!

  10. I kinda miss WKRP In Cincinnati, too. Hahaha, Bonehead:) That's good. You only use 2 to 4 slices of a loaf of bread? How does this happen? I'd like a post about your bread-eating habits.

  11. Congratulations on completing a meme! But I can't believe you miss Casey's top 40 and if you did, you admitted it!

  12. that was fun to read.. now I must change my ringtone (I inherited my daughter's phone) and it plays hey there delilah.

    perfect for a young teenage girl. me not so much. I'm thinkin' maybe... the intro to fantasy island or something.

  13. Boneheads works for me too!!

    I don't get the catheter fear but okay...

  14. Oh, and the bread thing confuses me too. Are you not a big sandwich eater? I would assume that as a single guy, you would eat at least 2 sandwiches a day.

  15. lol...loved it! You are REALLY afraid of catheters, you poor thing (I think I can understand why).

    I am a bone-a-fide Bonehead! And proud of it. :~)

  16. OK Chick - That's what I like to hear!

    Murf - Well, at least you can admit that you miss it.

    I use Axe something or other. But I never seem to get the same results they get in the commercials.

    Nope. Not end crusts. I dig at least 3 or 4 slices deep. Just in case anyone has touched the outer slices. Not that anyone else is in my bread. But old habits die hard.

    Mama Zen - Yessss! Bone strikes again.

    Actonbell - Well I just don't eat that many sandwiches. And I'm the only one here. And the bread gets old or molds fast. I try and buy the half loaves when I can find them.

    Sage - Of course I miss Casey's Top 40! I lived for that long distance request and dedication every Sunday afternoon.

    Shelby - Ooo, I like that song! It's just almost everytime my phone rings and friends or family are around, someone says "You need a new ringtone."

    Xinh - No, actually during the week I cook fairly often for supper. Two or three nights, anyway. I'll eat a sandwich occasionally for lunch on weekends, but that's about it.

    Fledgling Poet - Ooo, Bone-a-fide Bonehead! That's what the shirts will say :) I love it!

  17. Loved the meme, babe. And Kerbear and I are proud to say we are also Bone-a-fied Boneheads.

    Going to borrow this for a future post.


  18. Once I learned that Sage was a breadmaker, I do the same thing!

  19. Bread freezes well. Freeze two slices each in a plastic baggy. Make sure the baggy has all the air taken out of it before put in the freezer or you will have the dreaded freezer burn

  20. Sage- I too, miss Casey. Ryan just isn't as good. I miss the dumb dedications, and his random sidenotes about songs. Ahhh those were the days.

  21. When you become famous I will call myself a bonehead, until then....

    "I am scared of...having to be catheterized"

    Now that is truly an original.

  22. this is a great list. You are so honest. It's great. I'll join the Bonehead group. It reminds me of Jimmy Buffett and Parotheads... I'm ready to go to the beach!

  23. these were the best 'meme' answers I have ever read bone! You already DO have fans and I am lining up to be a bonehead too!
    can i tell some of my favs?? (without listing the whole list!)
    I listen! because... hahaha
    I sing! because I constantly sing in the car as well!
    i have! just a really humble answer.
    and what is it with the catheters??

  24. Circe - Thanks, dear. And please do. I can't wait to read it.

    Murf - LOL It took me a minute to get that. I thought he was a tortilla manufacturer. Or an importer/exporter.

    Pia - That seems like a lot of effort for a sandwich. Why can't they just sell bread by the slice?

    OK Chick - OK, the dedications were NOT dumb. They were little pieces of people's hearts written on paper and shared with the world by one of the great voices of our time.

    Cooper - Thanks. I didn't figure anyone else would use that one.

    DailyPanic - You and me both! I've got the full onset of beach fever.

    Lucy - Thank you! :) What is it with the catheters? Well, as Kramer might say, they're no picnic.