Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Taste of rain

I was halfway thru my first lap on the three-quarter mile track when the first drops of rain hit my skin, one on my right arm and one on my face, right in the middle of "Brass Monkey," jarring me from my iPod induced trance.

Within seconds, it was pouring. My first inclination was to throw myself into the fetal position, using every bit of clothing and body mass I had to protect Nan until the rain stopped. But she was in her iPod cover, and tucked underneath my shirt, so I thought she would be OK.

My next inclination was to throw up my hands and scream, "Why! Why does it wait to rain until the minute I start running?" But I refrained.

And then something happened.

I found myself enjoying the rain. I didn't speed up. Instead I continued to run at my usual pace, listening to the quiet noise the rain made falling thru the trees, feeling its coolness hit my skin.

By the time I got back around to the parking lot, I was drenched. My clothes felt heavy. I wanted to laugh. Part of me wanted to keep running.

Slowing to a walk, I looked heavenward and opened my mouth, letting the raindrops hit my tongue. It reminded me of being a kid. It reminded me I was alive.

I don't know when or where my sometimes frustration with rain began. But today I remembered something I knew all along. There are much worse things in life than getting caught in the rain.

Sometimes there's nothing better.

"I hear it talking through the trees and on the window pane. When I hear it I just can't believe I never liked the rain..."


  1. I love this post. It reminded me of the lyrics from "Feeling Groovy"...."slow down, you move too fast, got to make the moment last...." I am glad you enjoyed your run and the Nan was safe. We all should enjoy the moment more!

  2. I like to run in the rain. It makes me feel like I'm a hardcore runner.

  3. Frank Sinatra and "Singing/Dancing in the rain" comes to the song will run through my mind for the rest of the day. Thanks,that was superb,Bone. Stopped by to check out the prompt for 3WW and caught this post, am so glad I stopped by...I love the rain myself and loved this post.

  4. We got caught out in the summer rain, so we back to my house to change. We got there still soaked to the bone, just to find no one was home...

    OK, I'll stop singing now O:)

    This post made me feel a little happy and a little sad this morning, because I think it truly speaks to the things we let(?) ourselves forget.

    That getting caught in the rain can be fun. That it's OK to be a kid again. That a little rain cleanses the soul from time to time. And that most importantly, rain or sun, we should enjoy the moments we're given.

    I'm glad you remembered, if even for just one night.

  5. Your post couldn't have come at a better time. We're currently in week 2 of solid rain! :) Lovely post Bone.

  6. As somebody who has puffed itchy eyes, and an almost migraine because it's going to rain--no I don't like rain, or rather the wait for it

    But I do love the feeling of being caught in the rain--when it doesn't matter how you're dressed--and reveling in it

  7. Your post makes me wish I ran. I'll just go jump in the puddles instead.

  8. it's almost required to have a good attitude about the rain up here in the PNW. i rather like getting caught in it...

  9. what a nice post...i love it when something so simple produces a greater sense of self... this was one of those times....

  10. MKS: Thanks. That song is on my iPod, coincidentally :)

    OK Chick: I agree. That element definitely played a part in it. But then I was like, "What if I catch the sniffles?"

    UL: Thank you. Looks like this post made a lot of people think of songs. If it's good enough for Ol' Blue Eyes, it's good enough for me.

    TC: I konw you didn't just quote from "Little Sister's Blue Jeans." lol More disturbingly, why did I recognize that song?

    Exactly. I know I need a reminder quite often.

    Jen: Thanks. Two weeks? That might even test my newly rediscovered appreciation for rain :)

    Pia: Oh, I meant to preface the whole entry with, "This only applies when your clothes don't matter." :)

    Nancy: Jumping in puddles would be an excellent alternative to running, I think.

    Sizzle: Ha, I didn't think about you PNW'ers. I know it always seemed to be raining on Frasier :)

    Paisley: Exactly. It was almost like I had my own little epiphany out there.

  11. More disturbingly, why did I recognize that song?

    Yo no sé, pero ¡es chistoso para mi! :-D :-D

    (Y me encanta esta canción…¿Hay un problema con ésto?)

  12. I actually love to run in the rain. It's cool and refreshing in our usual heat here. The only concern is the iPod, which it sounds like was well protected.

  13. Every once in a while, all of us should stop and enjoy the rain.

    It makes me sad to see the people that cover their heads with newspapers or jackets or whatever's available and making a run for it.

    Thanks for sticking it out and letting it inspire you. It made for a beautiful post.

  14. TC: It was funny for you?

    Lass: Yes, that was the main concern. Well that, and being able to see :)

    Avery Laine: Yeah, I see no reason to ruin a perfectly good sports section :) Thank you.