Wednesday, October 10, 2007

3 Word Wednesday LVI

Welcome to Three Word Wednesday. Each week, I will post three (or more) words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. I'll also attempt to write something using the same words.

Leave a comment if you participate. Many fun and interesting people might visit your blog.

This week's words are:

at last, autumn
it's initial attempts
repressed by stubborn summer
announces it's arrival

not with thunderous fanfare
or even a loud knock
but instead a familiar breeze

harvest moon, new weather
majestic colored leaves surrender
lazy hammock invites slumber

ere i drift away in dreams
my newly contented heart
whispers with much relief
at last, autumn

"Can't explain, there's something strange about the early fall. Its comfort leaving me without a care..."


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  2. I goofed up!

    Here goes:



  3. I did a haiku and a cute follow up story here

  4. I have been browsing this blog for a few weeks now and have done a few of the 3ww challenges. I have finally got brave enough to post my response here. This is the link to my try at this week's 3ww

  5. Hello and Happy Wednesday. Very interesting words this week.

    My poem is called "Scratching That Itch".



  6. good wednesday, all ... i am here early for me anyway......


  7. Another short one here!

    after my initial shock.
    about no mention of rooted
    on your blog,
    I walked around
    in cool weather
    thinking to give
    you a knock!

  8. Here's my little vignette:


    and it's all true LOL.

  9. Hi folks, life in a foreign country can sometimes be a battle for survival. Find out today how Simon gets on. And how about helping out with some suggestions for the future. He's open to almost anything.

  10. Hi! Pleased to meet you. Having read Jo's blog I thought I'd give this a go. Thanks for the words.
    It's here
    I haven't learnt how to do the clever links thing yet! Perhaps someone could tell me how its done! Thanks.

  11. Hi Justin! To learn the linky thing, go to this site

    and look at the right hand sidebar under how to's (about 5 paras down on the right) and you'll find a blow by blow account of how to permalink.

  12. I posted. It's darker than I thought but short--for me

  13. I think I smiled the entire time I wrote this one. Thanks for the fun, Bone.

    Mistaken Identity

  14. Hope everyone is well. I almost made it into the top 20 today with my entry, Calligraphy.

    Have a nice day.

  15. Bone, what a fabulous challenge you provide us every week! I always end up with something I never would have thought to write without the gentle nudge your prompt words give me. :)

    Here's my contribution using this week's words: Riding Out the Storm

  16. Mine is up. As usual, it's another Norbert and Smedley. You played right into my hands today, Bone, since the episode was already written. The only word that didn't fit right in and required any effort at all was "initial" and even that didn't take much. THANKS. :wink:

    Gotta run now, crazy day. If I don't visit everyone today, I'll be stopping by tomorrow.


  17. I'm sorry. I comment when I participate but today would have been the anniversary of my mother's birthday--and Sunday of her death so I'm a bit not able to focus. Tried :)

  18. Here's my entry:

    3WW or

  19. Ok- Waiting for your entry...

    Here's mine.

    Tribute to Leane Wildermuth, Artist by Nature

  20. oh hey, this one...yeah, this one works.

    I've been up since 4 am the 3rd day in a row... does that get me any sympathy?

    Leane Wildermuth, Artist by Nature

  21. I've been meaning to try this and finally remembered to look at the words on Wednesday. Here's what I came up with:

  22. hey its me's up, a continuation of last weeks...enjoy and Ill be back this weekend to read others...

  23. This is the first time I've posted here, so this is my first contribution:
    A new job

  24. Thanks, gang! A good number of participants this week. As usual, I'll do my best to make it around to read everyone's.

  25. You know I can't write poetry, but know what I like
    not with thunderous fanfare
    or even a loud knock
    but instead a familiar breeze

    This isn't my favorite stanza but you took a cliche and turned it around and I like that

    I love the hammock line--that whole stanza was incredible--original and imaginative as your poems tend to be. That stanza reminded me of calypso

    I will be commenting this weekend. Thanks to the people who commented on mine--just need to get myself a bit together

  26. Oh, golly. I hear and see the relief summer's end brings to you. And I love the way you explained the how and what it left for you! It's a great poem, imho!
    btw - Thank you for the prompts and for the page!!

  27. Your poem perfectly describes how many of us feel. The relief from summer heat, the natural beauty in the turning of the leaves. Autumn is my favorite season. I was even married on 9/21, but that might have had more to do with the availability of the photographer.

    Wonderful poem.

  28. (I wrote this at the Seattle Art Museum while a terrific group called The Tiptons ( had me all awash in saxophones.)

    posted at click Resident Djinn in the nav bar, or below:

    The Weather Affects Them

    They may look solid,
    and sometimes seem
    but I'll tell you,
    initial impressions not withstanding,
    the weather affects them,
    and they don't transplant well,

    Knock up against them
    and you'll discover humans
    are more tender than their shells,
    and very gentle,
    especially when dancing
    with their children,
    or balancing their parents
    up the stairs.


  29. Lovely poem Bone, captures the transition to my favourite season so very well.

    I did a novelty poem for 3WW LVI during my lunch break today (the dictators rearranged my seating so I can no longer use the internet discreetly!), it's a short scenario titled Estate

  30. I wouldn't mind fall so much if winter wasn't right behind.

    I like the hammock Bone, is there room for two?



  31. Oh brilliant Bone! You just expressed feelings I would never have been able to express beautifully..thanks for sharing.

  32. majestic colored leaves surrender

    That is a really gorgeous line. Love the subject matter of this poem.

  33. Nice ode to autumn, Bone.

    "majestic colored leaves surrender" - great line

  34. It's only Friday and mine is up!!!

  35. Pia: I'm quite sure that's the first time anything I've written has ever been compared to calypso :) Thanks!

    Tumblewords: Thank you. I'll miss summer, but fall just feels right.

    Herb Urban: Thank you. I've always wondered how people chose their wedding date.

    Xinh: I'll check it out. Thanks for playing.

    Richard Wells: I enjoyed that. A reminder that we're all human and have similarities because of it. Thanks for the contribution.

    Jujee: Thanks. There's probably more I like about autumn than any other season, as well. Those pesky dictators. How dare they!

    Rose: There are colder days to come, but they're still way off in the distance for now.

    Ul: Thank you for the very kind words.

    Romancewriter: Thank you. I didn't have a ton of time to write this week, and that's just what came out.

    Lissa: Thanks. That's two votes for that line :)

    Sage: I have an odd appreciation for those who post later than me.

  36. If I could write poetry I would want it to come out like yours

    Judging from this and the other poems you have posted you're really writing song lyrics

    Each poem has a distinct musical genre attached to it

  37. Hi Bone! There is a beautiful softness and warm light in your poem that is how autumn's arrival feels to me. I love "stubborn summer" and "harvest moon...lazy hammock". These are really lovely images.

  38. Hi, this is my virgin attempt, please be kind :) i love your blog:
    My mother and I are strangers.

    In ways I could never fully describe or define.
    She knows my name and where I live but she tells stories of me supposedly
    that I don't recall
    because they never happened or they might have happened or tragically, what she had wanted to happen

    And on my birthday, while the weather raged outside
    A knock woke us up and there she was
    Recovering from my initial shock
    that my alleged mother is in town
    to greet her alleged daughter
    Happy Birthday

    I sat and waited
    But the words of cheer never came out
    and now, she sits across me
    sipping her cup of coffee
    along with the silence and the hurt she unknowingly caused me

  39. Nah Bone, we met at Interstellar Lass's way before the TT, but introduced you to Carmen.

  40. wednesday/saturday .... ok - so i'm late again

  41. Fall does have that effect on most of us.

    Good to see you writing poetry more often.

  42. Other than the lazy hammock inviting a nice slumber, your poem might as well be describing the way autunm is forming around here :)

  43. wow...I love that first morning you walk out and take a deep breath and go "It's Fall!" The trees can change color and the weather can get bad but it's that scent! One of my top 5 favorite scents!

  44. Pia Savage: Thanks. I'd like to think I've written many hit songs that have never been recorded... or put to music.

    Clare: Thank you! Softness and warm light. I like that :)

    Anabanana_c: That's one of those stories that make me think, "I hope it's not true."

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Romance Writer & Kathryn: Eh, the day of the week is really irrelevant. Glad you both made it by this week.

    Sylvia: Ah yes, Interstellar's, meeting place for many a blogger.

    Gautami: Thanks. For some reason, poetry has been coming out more often lately.

    GirlFPS: Well, I don't have a hammock, either. But I have about three friends that do :)

    Tagster: Yep. The air just seems cleaner or something. It's very refreshing.

  45. Is it too late to play? I usually write humor and satire, but here's a heavy haiku using those three words:

    How do they weather
    that initial door knock with
    news: "Your loved one's dead."

    Mad Kane

  46. Fall has always been my favorite season, but lately I've found myself dreading fall because it means winter is coming too fast. Reading this, I want to savor every minute of fall... and hold off winter a bit longer in the process O:)

    P.S. I have to say... you're the very first person who has ever connected a hammock with fall that I've known of: guess you get a very different kind of fall than I do!

    P.P.S. Mine is finally done. Just in time for Wednesday to roll around again 8-)

  47. Bone your poem is very fine indeed. As a huge lover of Autumn it really took me there!

  48. Wanted to say your poem this week was really nice. Cooled things down a bit. Have a nice day.