Monday, August 27, 2007

Sundays with Chachi

Well the eight-week Sunday night experience that was Scott Baio Is 45 & Single has come to an end. Therefore, this may be the last time I ever blog about Scott Baio, though I seriously doubt it.

I learned a lot from the show. Things like Chachi lost his virginity to Joanie; Scott doesn't like being called Chachi, which could come in handy, you know, if Scott and I were to ever star on the same reality show; "If This Is It" by Huey Lewis & The News is the ringtone on Scott's phone; some girls have the ability to remain bitter for many years; and last but not least, Nicole Eggert is still wawawa.

As reality shows go, this one was good. Very good. And keep in mind this is coming from a self-professed disparager of the reality genre in general. For example, I've never seen a single episode of Survivor.

But part of my dislike, I think, stems from the fact that so many of these shows aren't anywhere close to reality. Take Big Brother, for instance. Twelve people who don't know each other living in the same house is not reality for anyone I know.

Scott Baio Is 45 & Single, which will at times be referred to as SBI45&S, dealt with a very real and relatable situation, often doing so with humor, and other times leaving the viewer cringing.

The fact that Baio was a celebrity wasn't always in your face. Sure, there were guest appearances by Nicole Eggert, Erin Moran, and Julie McCullough, if you can consider her a celebrity, along with a phone call to Henry Winkler. But all of them combined got maybe fifteen minutes of airtime. That wasn't what the SBI45&S was about.

(By the way, Julie, I'm no life coach, but you might want to see about getting a mental evaluation sometime soon. I'm sensing some issues there.)

At first glance, Scott comes off as a pompous, shallow jerk. And he was. The show revealed Baio as having been a playboy and having commitment issues, yet at the same time managed to show some redeeming characteristics along with his desire to change.

Sometimes it felt like Scott was in rehab. But that's what made the show work, Baio's willingness to let his faults show, laugh at himself, and have his past exploits aired for all to see.

It wasn't always pretty. (See "cringing" above.) But that brutal openness, combined with Baio's surprisingly smooth and witty commentary, made Scott Baio Is 45 & Single enjoyable from beginning to end.

And now, a spoiler warning. Because ever since that whole Santa Claus thing, I've hated spoilers.

The show ended with Scott telling his girlfriend, Renee, that he is ready to be married. Then she dropped P-bomb on him. Yep, preggorama. So now Scott Baio is an expectant father. I just hope this isn't in going to affect my chances of Scott Baio Is 46 & My Mentor getting picked up next season.

Hmmm, I wonder if Jason Hervey is available. Oh, what am I saying? Of course he is!

"I'm not James At 15 or Chachi In Charge. I'm Adam and I'm adamant about living large. With the white Sassoons and the looks that kill..."


  1. Is today a day of mourning for you? :)

    I watched some of the "extra scenes" last night online as I don't get VH1. I feel like I'm missing out.

    If you and he co-starred next year, it could be a little like Three men and a baby, only you know, with two men instead of three...

  2. i watched that show for about 10 mins and thought of you. i think i came in on one of the "cringe" moments.

  3. I can't tell you how sorry I am for you that Scott Baio's girlfriend is pregnant and he's ready to commit.

    But is he really? How do you perceive his relationship with his girlfriend to be?

    You gave an excellent analysis of the show, but didn't talk about that

    I could have told you that Chachi lost his virginity to Joanie but honestly Bone, isn't that something everybody would assume anyway?

    Think you should further analyze the life coach

    And will be very sad for you if next year's show is Scott Baio is 46, married and a daddy

    Loved this post. You put your heart into it

  4. HAHAHA I can't believe you watched that show. The people on the radio make fun of it all the time! I never saw it so I can't give my great TV opinion.

  5. TC: Somewhat. I'm sure some interesting conflicts could arise. For example, let's say his girlfriend wants him to go to lamaze class, but Scott is all like, "Baby, I'm supposed to consult Bone today."

    Stand back and watch the hilarity ensue.

    Sizzle: There were definitely plenty of cringe moments. But I'm glad Scott Baio reminded you of me :)

    Pia: I think so. I think the fact that one of his friends is married and another is about to get married helped him along.

    I suppose I could do follow-up posts, analyzing Scott & Renee's relationship, and then analyzing the life coach :)

    OK Chick: I figured I'd be making fun of it at the beginning, and probably did a time or two. But it wound up being pretty good.

  6. let's say his girlfriend wants him to go to lamaze class, but Scott is all like, "Baby, I'm supposed to consult Bone today."

    I hate to be the one to brake it to you, but if that's what you're looking for, you need to get started taping pretty soon, as that baby will be here before a year is up ;-)

    Still though, I'd be in favor of watching this show: I swear I'd up my cable programming before then!!

  7. ummm Bone baby... move on. Leave Scott!! We dont need to hear that you have a bambino in the oven of your gf... taking cues from your mentor!!!!

    Hey... did you know I tried out for Survivor 2 times... last time was this past winter! I went to the auditions... got to do my thing in front of the camera and promptly wasnt called back! lol

    It was fun!

  8. Thanks for the spoiler, really. For some reason I always miss this show but somehow always seem to tune in for the ridiculous Brett Michaels show. Wow, she's preggo! Wow! I guess he better grow up now. I can't believe it hasn't happened before. Well I guess it could have, no one wanted to tell him since they figured he wasn't going to step up to the plate anyway.

  9. So glad to learn I'm not the only person sad that this show is, obviously, coming to an end. :( Poor Scott. I get the feeling he'll officially fade into oblivion now, like the other guy on Perfect Strangers or like any human co-star of Alf (Does anybody actually remember any of the humans on Alf?? Maybe it was because I was so young, but all I can recall is a brown, big nosed, warted puppet.

    Where was I? Oh yeah.

    The fact that Baio was a celebrity wasn't always in your face.

    The operative word there, Bone, is was. Surely even Baio realizes he hasn't been a celebrity since the late 80's . . maybe the early 90's if we're being generous. Until this show, no one remembered Scott Baio existed. Scott who? Baio? Was that that guy in that show with Nicole Eggert? Oh, yeah, I vaguely remember him. And yes, Nicole Eggert still has babe value.

    I'm glad he's finally going to settle down and with such a sweet girl. .. even if she is a Julie McCullough look alike - without the psychological issues. Let's hope their kid has some semblance of a "normal" childhood. Good luck, Scott. And Good Luck, Bone. I know it will be hard moving on without your mentor, but you're strong. You can do it. :)

  10. TC: Well, I'm sure we'll probably be filming in the Spring, you know, or something :)

    Kate: Well, I definitely don't need anything in anyone's oven anytime soon. No, I didn't know you tried out for Survivor! Cool!

    Carnealian: I always manage to (intentionally) miss the Bret Michaels show :)

    Avery Laine: The other guy? It's not like Balki has been stockpiling Oscars. I remember Willie Tanner, the Dad on Alf being Norm's boss on the Norm McDonald show. Not that anyone besides me watched that.

    I think he did realize it. He even made a crack or two about it on the show, I think. That's what was refreshing about it.

    Yes, I think the question America has now is, what happens to Bone?

  11. We were trying to watch this, but I think it got lost in the shuffle. I pretty much think I knew that he would marry his gf. But I think it was still out of a lot of fear of being alone. But I wish him the best of luck with being a dad and waking up at night!

  12. Bone! Great news... his contract was renewed. Your chance of being a guest appearance has resurfaced!

  13. Um, did she happen to tell him how far along she was? And how far back did they tape this season? Because if they taped THIS one three months ago... well, you're smart: you can do the math :-)

    That said, I still think it would make for a great show... you'll have to keep us posted on your chances.

  14. Lass: I think I kind of figured that he would these last two or three weeks, especially once he cut Johnny V out of his life. Until then, I wasn't sure.

    Charlotta-love: Are you serious? Is this a joke? Don't play games with my heart. I'm googling this now!

    TC: Um, no. But she didn't appear to be showing. Maybe it could be more like Full House. I'll be Uncle Joey or something.

  15. I'm not really a fan of 'reailty' shows (never watched a single episode of Survivor either), but if "Scott Baio Is 46 & My Mentor" ever airs I think I'd watch.

  16. Uncle Bone has an interesting ring to it...

  17. GirlFPS: I think you should :) Maybe it'll come out on DVD.

    TC: Interesting is one way to put it.