Wednesday, August 15, 2007

3WW #48

Welcome to Three Word Wednesday. Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. I'll also attempt to write something using the same words.

Leave a comment if you participate. Many fun and interesting people might visit your blog.

This week's words are:

I never fully understood how the sound of tires on wet pavement could both put me to sleep and wake me. On this particular Sunday morning, it had awakened me.

I always slept with the window open, and raised my head to see a taxi idling quietly in front of the building. Smoke from the exhaust was wafting up thru the dewy air. Thru the windshield, I could see the burning end of a cigarette alternately growing brighter then dim again.

Soon I heard the expected noises in the hallway, footsteps along with the occasional sound of bags banging up against a wall. She never was very graceful. That thought brought the tiniest of smiles to my face. She could have been as loud as she wanted though. In his drunken state, it would take the roof caving in to wake him.

As the footsteps drew nearer, I became completely still and quiet, wondering if she would stop to say goodbye. I guess if I'm honest, I hoped she would. But the steps continued on past my door. That never was her way.

I returned my focus to the scene outside. She appeared from below, looking as sloppily put together as I ever saw her. The cabbie got out to help with her bags. And just before she got in, I think she glanced up at my window. Or maybe I just imagined she did.

I watched the taxi until I could no longer see it, until it blended in with the streets and buildings and the horizon. And suddenly the city felt very empty.

It was that time of morning just before sunrise, when the sky was barely lighted in some sort of deep blue which could be peaceful or depressing, depending on your mood. That day, I found it depressing.

Determined to get back to sleep, I buried my head in the pillow, and the hypnotic scent of her perfume.

"I think it turned ten o'clock but I don't really know. Then I can't remember caring for an hour or so. Started crying and I couldn't stop myself..."


  1. My effort.

    (The deleted comment above had the wrong link)

    Nice to see this up in the morning :-) My afternoons are painfully busy lately.

  2. Today is a holiday here in France. So I can get mine in early. You'll find it here:

    And can anyone tell me how I can embed a link into a commentary. I'd appreciate that.

  3. participate in 3WW. This week's 3 words inspired me to write a poem called "Happy Toad". :)

    I've tried to submit earlier. I'm worried mine was the post removed. If it was, I'd appreciate if someone explains why so I can stop submitting. Thanks.

  4. created a new poetry blog for my "spiritual" poetry. here's the link to 3ww in the new blog:

  5. Good morning. Good to see that Bone has thrown us a curve ball this week.

    I wrote a short story about football called, "Washed Up". Roll Tide!



    If anyone needs to know how to embed a link, the best way to learn is go to your blog template and look at your blogroll link code. It is identical starting and ending with the brackets with the 'a'. Just take out the blog link and substitute your permanlink to a post instead.

  6. bright and early - mine's done . . .

    Follow that cab!

  7. lol.... wow according to the comments here, you seem to have inspired quite a variety of emotions with these words ! I doubt mine will be as clever, but I am off to give it a go anyway! =]

    Happy Wed!

  8. I wrote somewhat a true account.


    Bundle of joy

    or copy/paste:

  9. My third 3ww

  10. I did mine before Bone gave the words and the added them. Forgot to comment :)

    I probably won't be able to comment until tomorrow

  11. I am playing again.

    I love what comes thru from three little words.

  12. Good morning, all. Yes, I have blamed Bone, yet again, for my poem. Of course, if I ever get rich and famous, then he may have grounds for more than just verbal "credit". lol

    The Riot

  13. It didn't matter how many times the taxi driver quietly cleared his throat, the burning aftertaste from his jalapeño nachos wouldn't go away.

  14. Oh Bone, I substitute for Miss Manners. Will tell you what the appropriate gift for a third bloggiversary is

  15. I played :)

    I don't know when I'll get internet access again, so it might be awhile before I can read everyone's, but I'll eventually be around :) If anyone wants to make sure I get to it, leave a link in my comments.

  16. Greetings from Singapore! Here is my first attempt for 3WW.

    First Blood

  17. ok bone here you go...its done but very short!!!! ill get back to everyones as soon as i can but it might be next week!!!!

  18. I just tagged you for this: Link-Meme

    Just an excuse to get into your archives the quick way (for us).

  19. 23 comments already! Holy heck, batman!

    Mine is up. Another episode of Norbert and Smedley... a challenge this week, since it wasn't quite where I'd intended to go, but I think Norbert thanks you, Bone. :wink:

  20. Well that called for a continuation of my story so here goes another installment (of which I'm still not sure what the outcome is):

  21. I tried doing a haiku. Hope I get points for the effort.

  22. A bird's eye view...

  23. I SHOULD be working. I AM behind. But you know what? Too bad so sad. When ya gotta write, ya gotta write.

    I'm off to visit one, or two, or three of yous. *grin* (Ssh, don't tell the boss!)

  24. ok, Kate told me about here, and I did the deed.

    As for putting the "blue letters" in a comment box, let me mention that ANYTHING could be at the other end....
    from a really nice blog to a viral attack.

    Most times, if your name is blue, it IS the link back to your place.
    Or, write it out, as in
    boneman will get ya to my blog, or

    Cool gig this three words thingie!

  25. This was my first 3WW and my first attempt to add a link here is the URL just incase my link doesn't work

  26. How about a short teaser for today... I'm back in town but too busy to flush it out.

    Burning with rage, he left her behind and sat quietly in the back of the taxi as the cab headed toward the airport.

  27. Hello Bone! I am new to and found that I really enjoyed your 3WW challenge. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something so nice.

    Here is the address to my blogsite so you can see my poem.

    Thanks again.

  28. Wow! I think this is the most participants we've ever had. I hope to get by sometime today to read everyone's.

    Thank you all for participating!

  29. I never fully understood how the sound of tires on wet pavement could both put me to sleep and wake me.
    Wonder that all the time
    She never was very graceful. That thought brought the tiniest of smiles to my face.
    And this

    Think many of us have had a neighbor we slept with or loved, or even just liked--who left one day

    Very easy to relate to good story

  30. Hi Bone,

    Glad you liked the taxi bit. :) I love your story because I see myself getting into the taxi, well, my alter ego does.



  31. bone, I had thought of writing something similar but dropped it at the last minute. Thank God, I did. It wouldn't have come up so well.

    I like Charlotta-love and sage's short contributions too.

  32. Ooh, what fun! I'm a day late but wanted to play anyway. :) My post is up at

  33. Bone, you just put us right there in the moment with your character. I read your scene and can imagine it written no other way.

  34. Well then. Do you ever tire of hearing how fucking awesome you are? No? Ok, then you're fucking awesome and I felt like I was right there with you. That was a bit intense and unnerving to say the least, which means that you, my dear pal, have some serious talent.

  35. Yeah, I'm glad it didn't turn out like that either...but we weren't using ropes...just our hands. And we had cold fried chicken, not tuna.

    I know some folks who can use that invention...I hope you work out all the kinks soon. ;)

    Nice story. I was wondering if the drunk guy would ever wake up...and then how long it would take him to realize what happened.

  36. I enjoy your writing so much...I look forward to reading it each week. I definitely wanted to know more about these two people!

  37. Pia Savage: Thank you. For some reason, taxi gave me the thought of cars on wet pavement and that stuck with me and the story grew from there.

    Rose: Thanks. I'm glad you related to the story.

    Gautami: Well, thank you. I'm sure whatever you would've written would have been interesting and well done.

    This Girl: Welcome to 3 Word Wednesday!

    Marcia: Thank you! Though I'm not sure I'm deserving, I consider that one of the highest compliments one can give.

    Heather B: LOL Thanks, pal :)

    Renee: Thanks. I encountered a guy just yesterday who could use that invention. Oh, it's gonna be big!

    Fledgling Poet: Thank you. That's very nice of you to say :)

  38. Very well done, Bone. You really packed an emotional punch with this entry.

    Mine's up. I really liked these words - that Taxi kinda threw me for a second or two though.

  39. Sounds like a mother left in the early morning hour without saying goodbye leaving her drunken husband and her child behind. Am I wrong?

    Sounds so sad, I feel bad for those two left behind but maybe she had no other choice.

    Very well written, Bone.

  40. I am nothing if I am not colorful!lol I am glad I played this week too! I had so many visits from new 3ww ppl! Great feedback... oh and the only advice I have for the debt collectors is to tell them to take you off their list and not to call. Then, by law they need to write to you.

    Cheers big guy! K

  41. I didn't see a mother...

    I saw a roommate (drunken), and his girlfriend finally getting a clue. The narrator knows them both, likes the girl, and knows she deserves better.

    Nice that so much is left to the reader, I think.

  42. i agree with gay that it's "nice that so much is left to the reader." there's a lot of room for personal interpretation - which makes the emotion more meaningful, i think. nicely done, bone (as usual).

    i'm whipped out after four long days at work, but i'll attempt to write something tomorrow.

  43. I adore the ambiguity of your writing in this.

    At first, I was certain it was a mother leaving her drunken husband and older son - who could fend for himself.

    But, in further readings I convinced myself it was a man. A friend, who wanted to be more, that provided a safe haven for an emotionally abused girlfriend who couldn't bring herself to leave the drunk she still loved. I can see him comforting a crying woman - in typial bachelor style - on the only furniture in his apartment: The bed.

    My favorite line: That never was her way.

    Each time I read your work, another scenario plays itself out in my mind. And, to me, that is the mark of a great story: It changes with each reading.

    Brilliant work, Bone.

  44. I really need to start doing this.

    It just looks so hard. You know, like, it'll make my brain work or something.

    And I can't believe I just admitted that.

    I'm horrible with prompted writing. But I love reading everyone elses.

    I should practice.

  45. Buffy will be great at this. She's modest

    I'm trying to write a rap poem using "gangsta Bonsta" my new name for the MC and originator of this, but used all my rap energy coming up with that

  46. I like your article. It made me think of a wife leaving her husband. Like a one-way street relationship. Where the husband loves the wife but the wife doesn't feel the same and finally found the courage to leave. Seems sad that the husband didn't muster any effort to make her stay.... Or maybe he thinks it's futile.

  47. Bone-

    Thank you for your comments today on my poem Going Home. I really enjoyed writing the poem with your word choices.

    Also, I was hoping to invite you over to Poefiti for a poem challenge. I have already placed a post up for everyone to read so, come on over and see what it is about.

    Hope to see you soon.
    Michelle Johnson

  48. The first line assured me that I should go on reading. It's a very haunting piece and I feel for your character. Great job, Bone. :)

  49. Very nice. Explicitly descriptive!

  50. Manky: Thanks. I found "taxi" to be one of the more inspirational words we've had, for some reason.

    Lissa: Well, I don't think there really is a "wrong." I enjoyed your interpretation, as I'd never thought of it like that. Thanks :)

    Kate: Yeah, I never really envisioned it as becoming this little 3WW community, but it kinda has. People have been great about reading and commenting on others.

    Gay: Thank you. That's very close to how I pictured it, except I was thinking a neighbor more than a roomate. But it easily could have been either.

    Alison: Thank you. And believe me, I understand. That's why I usually don't get my stories written until Thursday, sometimes Friday.

    Avery Laine: on the only furniture in his apartment: The bed.

    Haha. A very, interesting detailed interpretation. Thanks for letting me know how you saw it. It's interesting to read how everyone viewed the story slightly differently.

    Buffy: Well some weeks I think the words lead right into a story or poem or something, and other weeks they don't. But I agree with Pia, I'm sure you'd be great at it.

    Pia: That's funny. Coincidentally, I started to write a rap for this. It began:
    I'm watching Taxi reruns cause I'm like Tony Danza/I'll show you who's the boss then I'll write the next stanza...

    Sort of has a certain understated Weird Al-ness to it, don't you think?

    Ther: Thank you. Maybe he never thought she'd actually leave.

    MJ: You're welcome. I'm not much of a poet, but I will definitely check it out :)

    Liz: Thanks. That's very nice of you to say. The whole story evolved from that line in my mind, so it's fitting that it would be the opening line.

    Carlos: Thank you.

  51. I'm so late to the game that I don't think I have much that I can add to the comments :-/

    For some reason, I really loved this piece: I'd have to say it's one of my new(er) favorites :)

    She never was very graceful. That thought brought the tiniest of smiles to my face.

    Depressing as I found much of the rest of this (depressing in a good way: sad writing can be just what you need from time to time), that line made me smile. A little bit of a silver lining I guess.

  52. TC: It's never too late for comments. That's my new motto. Especially now that I didn't post my new 3WW until Saturday.

  53. ok so you pulled a me...left more out then you put in!!! what the heck happened!!! very well done by the way... :) loved the imagery!