Wednesday, August 08, 2007

3 Word Wednesday XLVII

Welcome to Three Word Wednesday. Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. I'll also attempt to write something using the same words.

Leave a comment if you participate. Many fun and interesting people might visit your blog.

This week's words are:

Through two years of dating and now over a year of marriage, Sondra had gotten her way in every single decision "they" had made. From where they ate, to where they went on vacation, to who their friends were, to what furniture they bought, which included the awful rattan chair where Martin now sat. Everytime a decision was discussed, he would eventually yield to her demands.

Until today.

Martin was determined to take a stand. He had been out in the garage while Sondra was gone to the mall, when he happened across a box of his things curiously labeled "trash." Right on top had been his favorite camouflage pajamas. He knew of her distaste for them--she had bought him some pastel green silk things for Christmas that he refused to wear--but never thought she would throw them out without asking.

The sound of the car turning into the driveway brought Martin to his feet. He walked almost tentatively into the kitchen. Clinching the pajamas like a vice, he took his place a few feet away from the garage door, and braced himself.

Sondra could be very intimidating. His friends always joked that he was afraid of her. And even though she was only about 5'6" and 120 pounds, there may have been a sliver of truth to that.

The key turned in the door and when Sondra appeared in a hurry, Martin's courage waivered a bit. But he seemed to draw strength from the camouflage.

"Why are you throwing these out?" He caught her before she had time to speak, holding up the cause he was fighting for.

"You never wear them," Sondra answered matter-of-factly. She always made such a strong case.

"But... they're my favorite pajamas," he pleaded, already thinking his argument sounded weak.

"Fine, keep them."

And that was it. Martin had done it. He had taken a stand, and won. That wasn't so bad, he thought, it's about time things started changing around here. He turned to carry his trophy back to the bedroom, but his mental celebration was quickly interrupted.

"Why aren't you dressed?" Sondra asked demandingly, not waiting for an answer. "We have to be at the Kirbys in thirty minutes!"

"I am dressed," he retorted.

"Oh, you are so not wearing that. Put on that yellow shirt I got you for your birthday and I'll pick you out a tie."

"Yes, dear."

"Been a whole lot happier without her face around. Nobody upstairs gonna stomp and shout. Nobody at the back door gonna throw my laundry out..."


  1. Good Wednesday everyone. I have a short story posted called "It's Policy".

    I hope you enjoy it.



  2. Just one side of a short conversation between two guys.

    Greg Mouths Off

    Be creative today, y'all!

  3. Okay everyone. This is just some truth about how I sometimes hate driving. Check it out

  4. This was fun!

    Click psychedelic pajamas

    or cut/paste:

  5. If I was going to get one done this week, it had to be early... and by early, I really mean on Wednesday O:)

    Mine is here.

  6. OK, not surprisingly, I somehow goofed up that link. But it's the first post on my only blog, so all anyone has to do is go through my profile.

  7. Third time is the charm? *blushing*

    I'll be around to read everyone's stories and poems tonight.


  9. Mine is up. Another Norbert and Smedley, of course.

    I'll be by to visit everybody later. Work calls. :(

  10. Mine's up titled Lady in White.

    Happy Wednesday to all (though it's already Thursday here).

  11. i still cant make the link thing work... i know you left it on my comments bone... but could someone email me or something so i can do this right????

  12. You say pajamas, I say idea! *grin*

    I had fun with this one. There could be an element of truth in this piece. *grin*

    I'll make "a graceful exit" now and wish everyone a most excellent evening.

  13. This is a little quirky, naturally.

  14. Here's my try...

  15. My 2nd 3WW:

    Hope you will like it.

  16. mines ok so yeah...back later...

  17. This is new to me so I hope I am not ruining it by leaving my response here...

    As I scaled the not-so-tall post, determined to nab the Yield sign, I snagged my pajamas on a bolt which left me nearly naked in the moonlight.

  18. Clad in my pajamas,at 6:10 AM, I watched the rain come through the air conditioner. Scared to yield to electricity, yet determined to turn it off, I did.

    That was just the beginning of my day.

  19. A little late again, but here it is:

  20. Thank you all for participating this week!

    I plan to make it around today to read everyone else's.

  21. Aww the poor guy. At least he got to keep his pjs for now.

  22. I am determined to get out of my pajamas today. I will not yield!

  23. I was so fooled... I really thought he was actually going to start standing up for himself! lol

    (Love that song!)

  24. I thought he was going to stand up for himself also but when reading it over realized that all the signs were there for him not

    Loved the intro to the wife's decision making, the way you present the story and the wife's dialogue
    OK. The yes dear at the end had me laughing

    It was a very relatable story and that to me makes a very very good one.

    Think your fiction has come a long way--and is now reaching Bone--the essayist levels

  25. Melanie: Haha. For now. Exactly.

    Brookelina: Eh, I wouldn't worry about it. I think getting dressed is way overrated.

    TC: Well, it's a start. Maybe :) And I rather like that song as well.

    Pia Savage: Thank you for the kind words. Figured it would be relatable if nothing else :)

  26. Good story Bone. A line in the sand. Never mess with a man's PJs. ;)



  27. This is funny. Poor guy. At least he keeps the pajamas.

  28. Bone--

    You had me laughing, and making a mental note to myself: Do not allow him to win the first battle. He will try for a second.

    You see, it's in the "Women's Rules of Marriage" Handbook, Article 23, Section iv: All rules must be established from day one, because husband will expect the rules to stay the same. Do not allow the rules to vary.

    However, Article 54, Section ii, states: Hated items must not be discarded. They may be hidden in the depths of the closet or relegated to the ragbag, but discarding said items or sending them to Goodwill is likely to start WWIII.

    Sondra needs to dust-off her copy. It's the solution to a healthy marriage. My 26th anniversay is coming right up.

  29. Mine's up, and it isn't even as late as it usually is! Great words, by the way. Have I mentioned lately that I love this meme? :)

  30. This one cracked me up. Camouflage pajamas! My neighbor once told me that he found his high school letter jacket in a bag of trash in the garage. His wife had thrown it out. Yikes! I would never have the guts.

    By the way, I really enjoyed these words, Bone. Thanks. Mine is up and it's is here. Clair View

  31. Sounds to me like Martin don't want to be married to Sondra. Why doesn't take a stand in his believes? A nice glance into a marriage.

  32. Sounds exactly like my parents before they seperated. Great story Bone.

  33. I spent this entire post alternately laughing and wincing. This poor guy! A controlling wife AND rattan furniture . . he's in his own private Hell.

    He seemed so determined to stand up to her and the minute she said Fine, keep them. he bent over backwards like a sapling in a strong breeze.

    Great story, Bone! I know a couple or three that might need to read this . . .

    Do you think those women realize they're that controlling???

  34. Rose: Ah yes, a line in the sand, that it was. Thanks.

    Lightheaded: Thank you. Glad you found it funny :)

    Gay: So there is a book!? I knew it! We men do expect rules to stay the same in relationships. And though we might disagree what those rules should be, we are, by nature, easily distracted O:)

    Also, I like how you managed to fit WW3 into a comment on 3WW :)

    Manky: This is early for you :) Glad you're enjoying 3WW.

    Annie: Thanks, Annie. She threw out his letterman's jacket?? Now that is a keepsake. I'll be by to check yours out soon.

    Lissa: Well, I didn't get to her redeeming qualities, assuming she has some :)

    Jen: Thank you. I've seen a relationship or two that appeared similar to this one, as well.

    Avery Laine: Do you think those women realize they're that controlling???

    You pose an excellent question! And do they care how they appear to other people? My guess is, in a lot of cases, no.

    Oh, and thanks :)

  35. oh, this one made me laugh! nicely done, bone!

    i'm away on vacation but i'll try to get something written and posted after i get back.

  36. So much for his show of independence..!

  37. I just found you. Although it is Friday, I posted something.

    LOVED your short story. Perfect.

  38. Is it bad that I resemble her? I wanted to walk last night and apparently brought it up several times b4 I was point blank asked "Do you think if you keep bringing it up in a slightly different way that I will forget I have a back-ache and don't want to go fo a walk?" I think some of the women realize they are controlling, but can't help it. And on a side note, Maybe he should just be a man and stand up. You would be amazed how much respect that would ultimatly generate!

  39. I loved your story bone, even it did get a little close to home. So, I'm scouring the contents for some unwittingly left tips on how to win out.

  40. Hi Bone! Your story is so well written and made me laugh. I've retrieved a few pair of my favorite torn jeans from the garbage over the years. I loved the lines "Sondra could be very intimidating" and "yes, dear" -- poor Martin! Really enjoyable, Bone!

  41. Great story. I identify with Martin.

    A neighboring department at work had a pajama day last week. Really. It yielded some strange choices in attire by some who were so determined to participate that they wore flannel in August.

  42. wow!!!! How in the world did this relationship happen!!! And stay this way!!! Great job by the way!!! loved the pjs!! :)

  43. good story of yours - as always :)

    what's coming up this week?

  44. I missed it again... I was in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle last Wed! I sit here tonight in my pajamas ,determined to write something for ya... but I may just yield and agree to try to make it to your 3ww party this coming week!
    Cheers! K

  45. I wanted to be the 50th comment because I so loved this story and am glad that many other people related to it

  46. One small tiny step for man, one continued victory for woman, 'cause she lost NOTHING.

  47. Alison: Aww, thanks. Hope you had a nice vacation.

    Gautami: Exactly :)

    Nancy: Thank you! And welcome to 3 Word Wednesday :)

    Melanie: I doubt you resemble her. There's a difference between wanting your way in some things and insisting on controlling every situation. Yes, he should stand up more, but I guess in some cases that would mean the end of the relationship.

    Paul: Hahaha. Your comment had me laughing, Paul. I'm not sure the comment section is going to provide any tips, but let me know what you come up with, for future reference.

    Clare: Thanks, Clare! I sure appreciate the kind words :)

    Acrtonbell: A pajama day? We've never had one of those at work, which is probably a good thing as I don't wear pajamas :)

    Tagster: I don't know, but I've seen a similar situation a time or two. Thanks.

    Shelby: Thank you. Yeah, I was a little while in blogging anything new. But I finally got something up last night :)

    Kate: The Bermuda Triangle??? I'm glad you made it out!

    Pia: Thanks for putting me over the half a century mark :)

    Marcia: Exactly. Don't think we know what's up, letting us win battles which are meaningless to you :)

  48. Sorry I missed this one. Love your story Bone. Reminds me of the early years of my marriage, only it wasn't me throwing my husband's stuff out --- it was his mother, come for a visit. She actually went through his drawers and filled a paper sack with torn underwear and socks. Then, she forgot to toss it in the trash and left the bag by the easy chair. He threw a fit, assuming I'd been the perp. The funniest part ---he put all his stuff back in his drawers.