Friday, October 20, 2006

"It's like Go Fish... for adults"

I considered doing my second edition of Weekly Movie Reviews today. Instead, I will give you the abbreviated version, along with a random post about TV.

The only two movies I've seen since my last review are Capote and South Park: The Movie. Boy, if ever two movies were on opposite ends of the theatrical spectrum. Yet, both were enjoyable.

Capote was excellent, as expected. Definitely makes me want to read In Cold Blood. I don't know what else I could say about Philip Seymour Hoffman that hasn't already been said. Except, no that's not the same guy who was on Miami Vice. And yes, I was a tad disappointed at first, too.

Before popping South Park in last night, I flipped over to NBC to try and catch The Office. Unfortunately, I was too late. I've actually managed to miss every episode of The Office so far this season. Can someone just tell me if Jim and Pam have gotten together yet?

Instead of The Office, I was treated to a scintillating episode of Deal Or No Deal. It's only about the third time I have watched this show. And I've yet to understand it's appeal.

First of all, there is absolutely no skill or talent required whatsoever. And that's just to host the show. Seriously, where in the world did they find Howie Mandel?

Don't get me wrong, I like Howie as much as anyone. I mean he has OCD and is a germophobe. He's basically the Canadian me, without the blog. But who did he beat out for this gig? Scott Baio, David Hasselhoff, and that guy that played Potsie on Happy Days?

And then there is the game itself. Incredibly simplistic. As a fellow blogger commented to me, "It's like Go Fish for adults." Except there's never been a chance of winning a million dollars in any game of Go Fish I've ever played. Nor were there twenty-five attractive girls holding suitcases.

Is that what it's come to in America? Watching television programs just because they feature attractive women and the chance to win large sums of money? I hope we've progressed beyond that.

That being said, I wound up watching the show until the end. I couldn't turn away. There's something oddly appealing about watching people squander away thousands of dollars.

Well, I won't have to worry about any such nonsense tonight. Because Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team is on CMT!

These girls have been dancing and cheering since before they could walk. While other children were out on dates and playing video games, these girls were cheering, dancing, and... well, cheering.

All for the slim chance that one day they might be selected to wear those cute, skimpy little blue and white outfits. That, my friends, is real-life drama.

It's good to know there's still some quality television in this crazy, mixed up world.

"What would Brian Boitano do if he were here right now? He'd make a plan and follow thru. That's what Brian Boitano'd do..."


  1. Oh we like the "go fish for adults" show. Dh is hooked actually, I can take it or leave it. And it's not the cute gals that he's interested in (go ahead and tell me I'm wrong.)
    Dh likes to gamble and to him that's what the show is. You pick a case and gamble until you give up, or loose. So far only two people have actually picked the million dollar case...EVER! But what gets me is the folks who act as if the money is theirs and won't risk it to try for more. This one gal took the deal when it slipped at around 100,000; but if she had kept playing she would have won the million. "DOH!"

    And as for the cheerleaders...I knew a girl who was on the Squashbucklers (Bucaneer's cheerleading team.) They were all given a certain brand of hair care products and expected to use them because the brand sponsored the team. She wasn't happy because she liked the brand she had been using.

  2. I think if you watched those two movies back to back your head would explode ... I've seen the South Park flick probably five times now, and I have to admit I still laugh out loud each time I do

  3. Yes, I too confused the actors. Was wondering how they were going to change Capote's race, but it's a minor detail

    Actually do wonder about Michael Phillip Thomas from time to time. Don Johnson did go on to be Don Johnson, but Thomas was just too pretty

    Capote was gorgeous as a young man--very young

    And here's where I'm not supposed to say that I like South Park--not a good post feminist

    I sometimes wonder if I would opt for 100K or go for the million

    Thing is you get to keep about 60K if you settle. Really not bad for a days work

    Actually I wonder about this too much. Which is why I can't play

    Read how to increase your chances to win a lotto

    Never use a birthday--everybody who can play has 19 in it

    Well, who would use the century? My birthday is on the 19th--but in July and for some reason 7 comes up a lot.

    According to this, I'm lessening my odds of winning the whole house by using a 19, but increasing my odds by using 7

    It's all too confusing for me--and I wish these idiotic articles wouldn't pop up on top of Gmail

  4. Renee: See? That's the kind of cheerleading drama I'm talking about. It's tough :)

    Nice to see you back.

    Keith: You're probably right. That was my first time to see the South Park movie. I wasn't introduced to the show until around Season 3. Thanks for stopping by.

    Pia: If I got a 100K offer, I'd probably take it. Depends on what amounts were still on the board, of course.

    The night I watched, the banker offered the guy like 80K, and he had five amounts left on the left side of the board, and only one on the right side. And he said no deal.

    I never meant to talk about this show that much :)

    South Park is one of the few shows on television that consistently makes me laugh out loud. However sad or embarrassing that is :)

  5. jim & pam will likely not get together until sweeps and even then it will be a tease. and deal or no deal? what is WITH that show? i can't stand it and don't get why anyone watches it.

    i love philip seymour hoffman. i was so shocked to discover that capote wrote breakfast at tiffany's. i had no idea!

  6. I've read In Cold Blood... but it was many years ago. I do remember it being a good book though. Grad it and check it out!

    We watched Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector last night. Well, they watched it... i slept thru it. :)

  7. I've read In Cold Blood... but it was many years ago. I do remember it being a good book though. Grad it and check it out!

    We watched Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector last night. Well, they watched it... i slept thru it. :)

  8. Oh man... remember when we went to Tunica a couple years back for the WPBA tour and I brought the SP Christmas CD. (Hmmm... it really feels wrong typing those words together, "South Park Christmas CD")

    Anyways... all I can think of now is our favorite song, "Dead dead dead... someday we'll be dead, Dead Dead Dead... Someday we'll all be dead!!"

    Has an interesting ring to it, huh? LOL

    Man, I hope Sam's Town gets the WPBA and ESPN back!! We gotta go again!

  9. 1) I'm totally reading blogs at 1:30 AM on a saturday. Gah.
    2) I can't say enough good things about Capote. Effing love that movie. PSH is so stellar.
    3) That's all I've got, but I figured I should have a third.

  10. Believe it or not, there is a strategy to Deal or No Deal. It's not just picking suitcases and hoping for the best. There's a lot of odds and percentages and statistics involved with it. And yes, human greed and luck come into play as well.

  11. Ms. Sizzle: You're probably right. Actually, I preferred that they not make it a story at all. Leave the show as a comedy with no romance involved. But once they brought it up, it had my interest.

    I'm a huge Capote fan now.

    Kerry: I do plan on reading it. And I probably would have been sleeping thru Larry the Cable Guy. Ugh.

    Kyle: Funny, that wasn't the song I was thinking of when Kenny went to hell during the movie and Saddam was there :)

    String up the lights and light up the tree!

    Heather B: At least you're still up. I've been passing out shortly after midnight lately.

    Xinh: My favorite is when Howie says, or they print on the screen, "There is a one in six chance that Bob's box contains a million dollars." Really? I'm so glad they told me. I never would have figured that out.

  12. He's basically the Canadian me, without the blog. Too funny! :)

    Yes, I fear that American television has come down to scantilly dressed women holding suitcases that may or may not hold money. And this is why I don't watch it.

  13. You are so funny. The Dallas Cheerleader show is quality television, and Deal or No Deal is drivel. ha ha. Men. ;)

    And I think it was, indeed, your naked napping post that caused me to get sick. I blame you, entirely. (you know I'm just kidding. I've got to get naked napping any way I can. ha ha.)

  14. I have caught the Making the Team show at some point in time. TBC couldn't tear his eyes away. *LOL* But mostly its Dr. 90210 I keep watching....

  15. Howie is completely creepy. His head looks plastic. And those contestants are straight out of Loserville.

    I've never read Capote. I haven't seen the movie either. I need to do both.

  16. My roommate is obsessed with that Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show. She's always made fun of cheerleaders, but CMT and the pom-poms and the dancing just drag her in. It's like the show is a drug!

  17. Yeah, but do you have any 4's?

    Try the online game. It's how I break up the monotony, when I'm not playing bejeweled (thanks Renee)

  18. Traveling Chica: Exactly. I mean, if you're gonna have scantily clad women, there's no need for suitcases :)

    Carmen: I am a man. I was told that on another blog, as I commented I had no idea what fuscia was. Apparently that qualifies me as a man :-) I hope you are feeling better.

    Circe: We all have our "quality" shows that we are drawn to, I suppose ;-)

    Lass: You must read Breakfast At Tiffany's, at the least.

    Heather Anne: Sometimes I can hardly take the drama. Thining that some of those girls are about to get cut, thus shattering their dreams :)

    Dorothy: There's an online game? Great. There goes a couple more hours of my time.

    Go fish.