Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I awoke to almost complete silence. The first thing I noticed was that the TV was off. The light from the overcast day coming thru the blinds gave my bedroom the feel of an abandoned classroom at recess.

The only two sounds I could hear were the low, steady, almost calming hum of the aquarium. And the sound of cars passing by on the street below. And even they seemed much more distant than they actually were.

I looked at the clock, and for eight or eleven seconds could not for the life of me remember what day it was.

Five-fifty. Five-fifty. I repeated it to myself. Was it a weekday and did I have a bit longer before needing to get up for work? Was it a Saturday or a Sunday? I wasn't even sure if it was AM or PM.

Finally it came to me. No, it was a Monday. And I had taken a nap. Must have been a good one. Sometimes I think sleep provides as much of a mental rest as it does a physical one.

Completely naked and nestled warmly beneath the covers, I turned over to look out the window. All I could see was the rooftop of a house across the street, glistening from the rain that silently fell. And extending far above the house, a tree, against the almost white grayness of the sky. Shaking its limbs violently, as if it were angrily trying to rid itself of leaves that had overstayed their welcome.

Then, the shrill electronic ringing of the phone pierced the silence. One... two... three... four... I counted the rings until the machine would pick up. A few seconds later my cell phone rang. I reached to silence it. But I didn't answer.

I pulled the covers tighter around me. I wanted to enjoy this rare-found peace awhile longer.

"Woke up to the sound of pouring rain. The wind would whisper and I'd think of you..."


  1. Sounds as though waking up in the dusk was nearly as refreshing as the nap. Lovely.

  2. I love those kind of naps. When the covers surround you perfectly, and the temperature is just right. Amen for naps.

  3. Shaking its limbs violently, as if it were angrily trying to rid itself of leaves that had overstayed their welcome.

    Love that line, and many others. Yes sleep does provide a mental rest--except when you take a nap in mid-summer, wake up, realize that you're very late for work. Get dressed, go out, and wonder why so many people are coming in and out of stores at eight in the morning

    At least I realized that it was evening before taking the subway

  4. I would love to take a nap.....it's been forever since I've done that. You've inspired me Bone.....this weekend I will try to take a nap.

    BTW- that is one of my favorite songs ;)

  5. I love naps like that. Where you aren't expecting them, and you go out so hard that you don't remember it was a nap to begin with. Nice job describing it.

  6. OCG: That's what I was going for, trying to convey the peacefulness of the moment.

    Lass: They're the best. I remember in kindergarten never wanting to sleep at nap time. Now my whole opinion of naps has changed :)

    Pia: I got out to my car one morning and had started it before realizing I had evidently set my clock ahead one hour instead of hitting snooze.

    RNG: I always like when someone mentions the song lyric :)

    Chica: Exactly. I wonder what makes some naps different.

  7. Things that I love:

    1) Naps
    2) Your writing
    3) Little baby ducks

  8. excellent writing in this post. yawn. i think i'll go to bed now for a nap. just a quick one.

  9. i'm glad you didn't answer the phone. hold onto that moment just a little longer.

    i'm going to lay down now. thanks for the inspiration

  10. There is nothing better than a middle-of-the-day naked nap. Coziness.

  11. Heather B: I love little country streams, sleep without dreams...

    Heather: Thank you. Enjoy.

    Ms. Sizzle: Glad I have inspired so many to nap :)

    Naj: I love when you sum up my entire post in one line :)

  12. It was me calling...I knew you were naked. And, now you've made me want to go back to bed. I love that snuggly warmth of a slept in bed. I love sleep.

  13. You had me at 'naked'..... :)

    Love to listen to the rain when I'm reclining in bed....


  14. Naps are one of my favorite things. Except for me when the phone rings it's broken that silence and I can never seem to get it back.

    Hate when the phone rings...

  15. That is why you are the better writer.

  16. Carnealian: I should have known that was you. I was trying to think who I knew in Pennsylvania ;-)

    Circe: In that case, I guess I should have posted about my naked ironing a couple of weeks ago. Although the more I think about it, that could be dangerous.

    M: Yeah, more times than not, I can never get back to sleep either.

    Naj: Nice try. I'm not buying what you're selling though ;-)