Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tonight I drove down to the river

Tonight I drove down to the river. Just to get away. From people. From the phone. From the computer. From life. Just a couple of blocks from the highway. But a million miles away in my mind. I just wanted to make time slow down. If only for a few minutes. It goes so fast.

There's something calming about the river at night. A peacefulness about being outside in God's creation. Even the distant hum of cars passing over the bridge only seems to add to the tranquility. Sitting there looking out at the water, I see a light from a lone boat far across the harbor. Out of earshot, so that it seems to be going silently along.

The wind off the water blows clear my mind. I just wanted--no needed--just a few minutes to find myself. Figure out where I am, and where I'm going. Ended up thinking more about where I'd been.

Behind me are the riverside apartments where my Dad's mother lived for several years when I was young. Mom and Dad would drop me off there on Sunday afternoons. Grandmother wasn't so mobile anymore. She'd been in a bad wreck shortly after I was born and was really never the same. But we'd play baseball in her apartment. With a ball made out of wadded up paper with tape around it. She'd sit on the couch and toss it at me. I'd run around the "bases" while she retrieved the ball and tried to throw it at me. I loved that game. Probably a whole lot more than she did.

To my left is the riverside park and playground. I can remember coming here many times as a kid. For birthdays or holidays. Or just Saturdays. Running. Playing. Swinging. Sliding. Throwing rocks into the river just to see them splash. The playground equipment is all new now. But the memories remain.

And then when I was older. I remember a girl. Walking along the railroad tracks beside the river with her. Dancing on the bank. And the world being a million miles away. I wonder if she ever comes here and thinks about that. It's silly to wonder things like that.

And then I realize five minutes have turned into thirty. Time, as usual, has gotten away. And I must be going. Back to life.

Tonight I drove down to the river. And the wind off the water blew clear my mind...

"I hear the music. I see your face in the moon. Who am I fooling? There's no need for me to pretend. I might sail forever, and never find that island again..."


  1. Sounds like the confederate version of walking silently among the evergreens in the snow. You feel that same "clean" air, and it clears not only your mind, but your soul. The scent of spring'll do that for you.

  2. We all need that escape sometimes, but normally we think we don't have time, even though time is what we're trying to escape...I'm glad you were able to take that time to clear your mind, so you can always be the J-Dizzle I know and love! (and don't take that lightly!)

  3. Bone this is probably your best yet. Love how you look at time passing through your memories of the river.

    Really love the memories of your grandmother. They're especially vivid.

    And would love to escape from the computer and phone for just five hours. Kind of feels like the ultimate luxury right now.

  4. That was beautiful. Made me relax reading it...thank you. Reminds me I need to do the same thing--get away.

  5. Dorothy: Very similar to sitting by the ocean at night. Not quite as good. But as close as I can get without driving five hours.

    Arlene: Thanks Brizzle. It was good to clear my head. It had been feeling cluttered lately.

    Pia: Thank you. Between email, IM's, phone calls, and text messages, I feel a little too connected sometimes.

    Jen C: Thank you for the compliment. It was only a few minutes away from everything, but it sure did me good.

  6. larsonbuckeyefans4/07/2006 07:26:00 PM

    You're back baby !

  7. I have a river nearby that has a really nice walking path and a walking bridge that is lit up at night. It is so peaceful to be near water.

    Another lovely story Bone!

  8. Sometimes I think that life would be better if we were less connected to technology, and more connected to nature and each other.

    Excellent post. Visting through our friend Pia.

  9. Buckeyefans: Thanks. Feels like it, actually :)

    Carnealian: That sounds wonderful. Hope you spend some time there. I love bridges. Some pics would be nice ;-)

    Cowgirl: I agree with you 100%. Sometimes the best thing I can do is to not turn on my computer for a few hours when I get home from work. Although that rarely happens. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I need a short drive down there.

  11. The light across the river . . . I felt something. Were you channeling a little Fitzgerald this night, Gatsby?

    As for the river and getting away. Sometimes we all need it. I hope you took your shoes off and put your feet in the cold water and let the shock absorb in your mind and overtake all else.

  12. Sherry: You're close to the beach, aren't ya? I'd drive down every week.

    Anonymous: Hmm, interesting observation. Perhaps, subconsciously, I was. Fitzgerald, along with a bit of Franklin W. Dixon ;-)

  13. It has been years since I had the luxury of getting away from me.

    I miss it. The days when I would get in the car, pop in a cd and just drive, no particular destination, just drive and think...

  14. M: I love doing that. No particular place to go. Haven't done it in a long time.

  15. Sometimes we all just need to get away. Glad you found the time, and a place to go.

  16. can you please please tell me who sang the song with the lyrics " I might sail forever and never find that island again