Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thunderless Rain

She's like thunderless rain
Pouring over me
An outdoor cafe
In some European city

She's a gondola in Venice
A cable car in Frisco
Everywhere I've been
And all I've yet to do

She's my favorite song
Played over and over again
And sitting on the beach
Toes buried in the sand

She's a long afternoon nap
And staying up all night
The sound of snow falling
On a silent moonlit eve

She's a three day weekend
Sleeping in till noon
She's sewn into my heart
She's all my favorite things

I open my arms
Close my eyes
Look up to the sky
And long to feel
Thunderless rain

"Summer days. Winter snow. She's all things to behold..."


  1. Ridgely's Fan4/13/2006 05:30:00 AM

    From the heart.

  2. Really think that this would make an exceptional song

    Am in awe of how multifaceted your wrting ablities are.

    And the world is waiting for "Thunderless Rain"

  3. Great image. I imagined that full on down-pour with the sun shining through it. The kind you want to dance in.

    That "Wrapped up in You" feeling. I love that.

  4. Your writing is Beautiful as always.

    I hope she knows how lucky she is to have something that beautiful written about her, and how lucky you are to have found someone who can inspire you in a way like that.

  5. Andrew-lover: Well, it was from the heart, at least :) Thank you.

    Pia: You're exactly right. There was just something awkward about it. And that's what it was. It's more song lyric-y. Especially after the first stanza.

    Dorothy: Thank you.

    I was inspired by this work, by an unknown 20th century writer: "Her boquet cleaved his hardened shell. And fondled his muscled heart."

    Tiff: Thank you. It's always refreshing to have a muse.

  6. Should we have The Playboy do a dramatic recitation of that on this weekends show?

    Also... should we change the name from "The Jeff and Kyle Show" to, "The Bone and Boo Boo show?" We'll have to do some practice voice overs and see how it sounds on air.

    Great job on lining up a new affiliate in Nashville to carry the show to! I can't believe how much we've grown since starting this in Sept 2005!!

    Here's to another great year!

  7. You never stop amazing us.

  8. Carnealian: Are you a pharmacist?

    Kyle: That would be funny.

    Sherry: Thank you, sweetie :)

    Lindsy: Thanks. I'll try to post something worthy of reading to your roomates soon :)