Friday, October 31, 2003

The Great Houdini

On HALLOWEEN, I am always reminded of the great HOUDINI. He died on October 31, 1926. If you've never heard the story of his death, it is quite interesting. Of all the stunts and escapes he pulled off, that wasn't really how he died, despite the way his death was depicted in the movie. Read the story of Houdini's death here.

Also, you can check out Other Houdini Facts.

To commemorate the life of this great magician and escape artist, I will attempt to recreate one of Houdini's greatest tricks, the "Upside-Down Water Torture Cell Escape," later this afternoon near the interstate bridge. Oh wait. lol

In other news, there was a really cute chick I used to work with who had a dog named Houdini. Hmmm...

Blog on...

"Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride. Nobody gonna slow me down. Oh no. I've got to keep on movin'..."

Thanks Fake Peterman

Imagine my elation when I was mentioned in the Fake Peterman Blog, Hey Fake Peterman No. 9a. lol

That's just another of the great things about the BlogNation, my friends. But anyway, I'll have to add a link if I get a little time today. It's a cool site, so check it out. So thanks, Fake Peterman. I would offer you a bite-size 3 Musketeers, but the Urban Sombrero has ruined my life. ROFL

Woooooooo!!! Life is good my friends. In other news, I noticed that Halloween II and Halloween H20 are both on TV tonight, so we'll probably end up watching one of those.

Happy Halloween!!! <@;o)

"What you are doing is screwing up things inside my head. You should know better, never listened to a word I said. Clutching your pillow and writhing in a naked sweat. Hoping somebody someday will do you like I did..."

The Bizarro World (cont.)

Enjoyed about two hours worth of nappage yesterday afternoon. It was wonderful! Went and shot BILLIARDS with KYLE. Ended up losing four out of six games. It was pretty horrendous stuff. Seriously, I'm not sure if maybe we've just leveled off, or maybe our expectations are just so much higher now. Hmmm... yeah, I'm sure, it was bad. lol

After that, cruised over to APPLEBEES. Arrived a little after 9:00. The place was pretty dead. Bizarro us were up there, at least three-fourths of the group. We sat with DONNA, next to JENNIFER and CHRISTY. JENNIFER is apparently getting divorced, so KYLE was juiced about that, for some reason. lol I can't repeat most of what was talked about, as the ladies were all feeling pretty good. Apparently, there was a running joke that JENNIFER was having an affair with someone, cos she kept making calls on her cell phone. Then somehow, DONNA and CHRISTY started saying it was KYLE. However, for about the first half hour we were there, JENNIFER thought his name was KIRK. lol

Anyway, I had the boneless buffalo wings (since they were half-price) and a salad. As I was finishing up, SHANE called KYLE, so I ventured over to talk to CHARITY. She was having a problem with her eye. She has a sty. (that's not catching is it?) lol I asked if she was dressing up for HALLOWEEN, and she said she had a costume but didn't know if she was gonna dress up, cos she didn't wanna be the only one. DONNA also said DAVINA and BETH were planning to dress as biker chicks. lol That should be good. Hopefully, KYLE will get some pics. We also explained to DONNA how CHARITY was not aware of the procedure for serving us. So hopefully, that will get rectified. Some funny quotes (that I can repeat):

"Are you not eating?"
"I ate at the Brick"
"Are you not drinking?"
"I drank at the Brick"
"So you just came up here to sit and watch him eat?"
"Yeah, pretty much." ROFL

Hmm... well that's pretty much all I can repeat, I think. lol

Another observation I've made is that there is a rather obese black man who has been there the last four or five times I've been up there, and everytime he's been sitting in the same exact seat at the bar. He's up there when I get there and then I leave and he's still sitting there. So I'm thinking, does this guy ever leave? Or do they just lock everything up and leave him there? lol Kinda reminds me of NORM on CHEERS.

Anyway, last night was a lot of fun. As many times as we've seen and said "Hi" to Bizarro Us over the years, only in the last few weeks have we begun to converse with them. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

"When you're broken down, and no one else is around, you'll come running back to this town. And I'll be there, yes I'll be there. Cos I remember how we drank time together, and how you used to say that the stars are forever. And daydreamed about how to make your life better by leavin' town, leavin' town..."

Thursday, October 30, 2003


Looks like our weekly BILLIARDS exhibition will occur this evening at approximately 1930 hours CST. I want to invite everyone who wants to/can to come. Should be a lotta fun, as usual. You can BYOC (bring your own cue) or just play with a house cue. lol

"Escape from Alcatraz" is on this afternoon. You know, I never realized before now that Eastwood was in that. Can't get anything by me. lol

Wow, I was just reading this story.
Parking Garage Collapses

Look at that picture. Doesn't look too stable to me.

In other news... the wildfires keep raging. I just read today where they have burned an area about the size of RHODE ISLAND out there. Keep in your thoughts and prayers the people affected by this disaster, and also those fighting to contain it.

I was thinking today as I read that another soldier was killed in IRAQ, ever since BUSH announced the end of major combat, it seems like that has gotten pushed to the back of the news and the back of our minds. But we lose people nearly every single day over there. I don't know if we didn't plan ahead as to what we'd do when the leadership was overthrown, but I just wonder when will it end? I remember talking to a man one time who'd been in Vietnam. He said kids would come up to them asking for help, and be carrying hidden grenades. It seems similar in some ways. It seems more dangerous now than at first, because at least then we could see the enemy. I just hope we have some working plan or purpose, because things really don't seem to be getting any better from the news we read. I'm sure most of us know someone over there or at least someone in the military, and it weighs on our hearts.

OK, I need to go running.. or play videos games or something.

"If you should find you miss the sweet and tender love we used to share. Just go back to the places where we used to go, and I'll be there. Well, how can I forget you, girl, when there is allways something there to remind me? Always something there to remind me. I was born to love her, and I will never be free. You'll always be a part of me..."

Once Upon A Blog...

(George and girlfriend, Liz, playing chess. George is waiting for her to move)
George: "Well, you got no place to go. I'll tell you what your problem is. You brought your queen out too fast. What do you think? She's one of these feminists looking to get out of the house? No, the queen is old fashioned. Likes to stay home. Cook. Take care of her man. Make sure he feels good.
(Liz moves)
Liz: Checkmate.
George: I don't think we should see each other any more. ROFL

There's a little morning SEINFELD dialogue to get your Thursday off on a good note. Man, the weather here is so nice. The highs are supposed to be 80-85 thru the weekend. I don't think I ever remember trick-or-treating in shorts. Never did find a scary movie on last night. Watch the Cavs/Kings and SEINFELD til I went to bed. Been reading about the sniper trial. A police cadet found a ball-point pen barrell in a field 100 yards from where someone was shot which had Muhammad's DNA on it. Wow. Three officers have testified they encountered Muhammad during the spree, and all three let him go.

So Halloween is coming up. What are my favorite horror/suspense movies? I tend to like the old ones better. Here's a quick list, just that I can think of right off the bat. These are Bone's Picks:

1. Psycho (a classic.. who was the lady in that? I can't remember.)
2. The Exorcist (more freaky than suspenseful)
3. The Shining
4. Halloween (that music is the best...and Jamie Lee, of course... lol)
5. The Ring (one of the better recent movies)
6. Carrie (the original.. not the remake)
7. Needful Things
8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original)
9. Scream
10. I Know What You Did Last Summer

"Paint me a Birmingham. Make it look just the way I planned. A little house on the edge of town. Porch goin' all the way around. Put her there in the front yard swing. Cotton dress, make it early Spring. And for awhile she'll be mine again... if you can paint me a Birmingham..."

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Happy (Early) Festivus

Sittin' back, watchin' SEIN. "The Strike" is on. That's the one with FESTIVUS. lol "A Festivus for the rest of us." And KRAMER goes back to work after being on strike after eleven years at the bagel shop.

"Our demands have finally been met--$5.15 an hour."
"Isn't that the new minimum wage?"
"And now you know who to thank for that." ROFL

Then later, he goes back on strike... "Nobagelnobagelnobagelnobagelnobagel." ROFL

Went to CARDINAL for dinner before BIBLE STUDY. Afterwards, it was off to my second job. Finished up with everything around 9:30. Oh, I forgot a couple of quotes of the night from last night's APPLEBEES excursion:

"Well what are we going as this year?"

"Are you going in or am I?"
"The check."
(peek) "She doesn't know."

LOL The NBA is on tonight. Lebron James' first regular season game with the Cavs against the Kings. He has 12 points in the first quarter so far. Not bad. Guess I'll watch some of this, or maybe try to find a scary movie to watch. I watched "The Funhouse" on AMC last night. It wasn't too bad... wasn't that great either. Wow, this is an offensive shootout. Kings up 39-32 at the end of the 1st.

"I know it's wrong, it's a problem I'm dealin' if you're gone, maybe it's time to come home. There's an awful lot of breathin' room, but I can hardly move..."


Hello friends. BUSY day at work!! All the while I have been trying to get my new blog site set up, looking decent, and submitted to search engines and blog directories. So I haven't really had time to meditate and come up with my normally enlightening thoughts. lol Thanks to everyone who has updated my link on their sites. I know it's a pain. Had BURGER KING for lunch. How was it? Well, good as it gets from there. BK usually makes my stomach a little woozy, but I feel fine so far.

In other news, looks like the solar blast scare was just that. It never hurts to be prepared though. Guess I can take down the plastic sheeting and duct tape now. What? I have now found myself in a quandary, very similar to others I find myself in from day to day--- go RUNNING or play NES emulator. Why must everything be so difficult? lol I do need to do a good bit of studying this afternoon, too.

In good news, Blue Cross covered all but $48 of my medical stuff from a few weeks back. They took care of the ULTRASOUND completely, which is good because it was a little over a thousand bucks. I haven't given a health update recently, but I am feeling MUCH better. One of my neighbors asked how I was doing today and it made me think of that. It's so easy to take our health for granted. But I think I learned a lot during this recent ordeal. Going through health problems can help set our priorities back in order. I know mine can get out of whack real easily. Things that seem so important in our lives sometimes, we realize really don't matter when we are faced with things like that. And that's good. I think that's one reason we are put through trials. Anyway, I'm thankful for the insurance.

"All of my life, where have you been? I wonder if I'll ever see you again. And when that day comes, I know we could win. I wonder if I'll ever see you again..."

Grand Opening of the all-new location of Bone's Blog

(big long sigh...) My blog has now been suspended like 9 times in the past three days on ANGELFIRE, so I have decided to join several of my friends in moving to BLOGSPOT. It has taken me a little while this morning to get set up and get the blog looking somewhat like I want it, but hopefully you will enjoy. I hope my time here on BLOGSPOT will be well-spent. I hope you find my blog entertaining, informative, uplifting, interesting, and inspirational. So here we go...

I had a pretty productive day Tuesday. Went and vacuumed out the human vehicular transporter, went RUNNING, and I filed away about two or three months worth of stuff that needed filing. Did the dishes, too. Wasn't that a movie, "Bone Does Dishes"? Well I'm not even sure what that's supposed to mean. lol Nothing else was happening, so I ran up to APPLEBEES. No one was working. Sat with CHARITY for the first time ever. She apparently hasn't been briefed on proper service procedures for us. I had the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich. It was decent. But I had to pay for my lemonade. That's always bad. So she's out of the rotation. See, last night was kind of like Rush Week for her, to join the sorority of chicks we sit with. And she failed. Sorry, Char. So currently in the rotation, we have: Donna, Davina, Kristina, Beth, Natalie, and Tonya. I think that's all. The Super Six. They all know how we are.

KYLE came up there too. We sat and made video game noises for a bit, as we are prone to do. ROFL We talked about our mission statement, plan of action, and other things. If your goal isn't clear, then how do you expect to achieve it? Set your goal, then keep your eyes fixed on it. Also discussed Halloween plans. Looks like he's got some sort of band competition that night. So I may have to come up with somethin' to do. If all else fails, I may just invite a chick over and rent some scary movies. Wait, why isn't that my first option? Oh yes, because of "the reason."

BIBLE STUDY is tonight. Looking forward to that. Should be home from that and my second job around 9:30. I could go running again today. Or start on the Pilates. Or catch a quick nap. Hmmm.. what to do, what to do. Wow, I just heard a loud noise outside. I hope the solar blast isn't already here. TIFFANY called last night right before I went to bed, and then I ended up having a dream about her.

I want to go to GRACELAND. I haven't been since I was little and went with my parents. I wanna go back. Seems like I remember a room we weren't allowed to go in. Why was that? Was "he" in there? Makes you wonder.

"So scream you, out from behind the bitter ache. Heavy on the memory, you need most. You still want love. Love's ugly, smooth and delicate. But not without affection, not alone. And instead of wishing that it would get better, man you're seeing that you just get angrier. And it's good, that I'm not angry. Well I need to get over. And I, I'm not angry, anymore..."