Sunday, May 11, 2008


(Here's my entry for 3 Word Wednesday. This week's words are: cautious, human, maybe)

I've seen grand plans turn to nothing
Got good news out of the blue
Been called to my father's bedside
I know what prayer can do

I've said maybe when I meant no
And no when I meant yes
I've been not quite good enough
And once or twice I was the best

I've been cautious to a fault
And I've thrown caution to the wind
I've disappointed those I cared about
But I've tried to be a better friend

I've trusted way too easy
And put up insurmountable walls
Hated myself, been too full of myself
And wondered if I mattered at all

The candles on the cake don't lie
But it's so hard to believe
The mirror might betray me now
But inside I'm still nineteen

I've believed when there was no reason to
And I've gotten scared and run
I've learned words can't be unsaid
Deeds can't be undone

I've laughed until I cried
Tried to cry but no tears would fall
I've been too proud to pick up the phone
I'm not proud of that at all

I've cursed the skies for raining
And I've played in the rain
I'm still unable to forgive myself
For times that I've caused pain

I'm human


Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Highway

There's a highway out of town and it can take you
Any place you want or don't want to go
I knew a girl who took it seven years ago last Sunday
And I ain't seen her since, the days can pass so slow

You can hear the cars on that highway from my window
And imagine where they're going as they fly by
I told myself a million times someday I would take it, too
But I'm still here 'cause a million times I lied

That highway took my best friend off to some cursed war
And they brought him home to us in a box with a flag
They told us he's a hero, but it just left me empty
Now each day I try to live the life he never had

They say you can chase your dreams down that highway
You can leave your past behind, or go to clear your head
I told myself a million times someday I would go chase mine
But dreams too long ignored just wind up dead