Saturday, August 06, 2011

"The summer swells anon..."

Summer swelters on, but I can already feel it leaving. It's nothing in the air, just the having been here before and knowing the shorter days always seem to be hurrying August away almost before it arrives.

I kept thinking it was October yesterday. I even typed "October 5th" on something. Not sure why I was confused. Perhaps it was the nasty freak (not to be confused with Freak Nasty) storm that passed through early Thursday morning, knocked out power, and kept temperatures at an almost-autumn-like lower 80's. Or it could be I was getting Blogust and Blogtober confused. Any explanation is better than admitting my mind isn't as sharp as it once was.

It's twenty-eight days until the first Saturday of college football. I've been counting down since about day one hundred.

I was on the phone with my sister yesterday. She's been looking online for season tickets for us. Before long, she drifted to other topics, such as how she's taken up buying and repainting old furniture, and how much she loves her new iPad. Then I hear Nephew Bone start to cry in the background. As she says, "Let me go," there's the slightest hint of exasperation in her voice. But I'm smiling as I hang up the phone, thinking that's the good stuff in life.

For now, I'm off. In the midst of a three-concerts-in-eight-days span, which is just blowing the mind of my inner hermit. Tonight, it's the Decemberists in Nashville. And just a reminder: Next week is the 4th annual NaBloSoFroDraWe.

In the meantime, the summer swelters on. But that's OK. I could always stand the heat more than the cold.

"You're gonna miss this. You're gonna want this back. You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast..."


  1. I am wishing for December for the past one month. And time is taking its OWN sweet time!!


  2. Three's been such a long time for us, webeold. I like The Decemberists's sound. Itberaining here, and that's okay by me! I'm feeling SO out of shape. Well, I am.

    You're counting down until football, I'm counting down until our Sept. vacation, which will only last a week. hmmmm...

  3. Yes, I also feel summer sliding away.
    If it werent for school starting so damn early I think I would feel differently.

    PS do you know anyone who has bought a kindle? I was really against them when they first came out
    but now I think maybe I might want one.

  4. Gautami - The only bad thing about December is that it's followed immediately by January and February :)

    Actonbell - I'm out of shape, too. Haven't been running much at all in this heat.

    It's good to have something to count down to. Unfortunately, the counting down usually lasts much longer than that which is being counted down to.

    KittyCat - At least one of the school systems around here starts on Monday. Yikes, that's early!

    PS: I think the Kindle is kinda like the iPhone, in that anyone I know who has one loves it.

  5. You think it's October; I thought it was September but the weather's gotten wonderfully oppressively hot again. I hope it stays--and wish summer was year round. I really do

    Three concerts, wow

    I'm waiting for the iphone 5 to come out, all the kinks and problems solved, then I will dive head last into the century. That is if I still have any money :)

  6. I know about Decemberists? What else?

    Roll Tide!

  7. I love the first paragraph.

    I'm glad your summer of music is going well. I don't feel autumn here but I can imagine it.

  8. Good post! And thanks for participating in this week's Limerick-Off!