Monday, August 15, 2011

Rockin' Robin

From the get-go, Twitter sounded like a verb I may have tried doing to a girl once when I was nineteen mistakenly thinking she would enjoy it. I never really saw the point. Of Twittering, that is.

Who wants to read someone else's every waking thought of every single day? Well, apparently 2,687,219 people, if the someone else is Snooki.

Also, I have always been afraid of saying something in cyberspace that could come back to haunt me and any future political career I may have. Not that I'm pursuing one, but you never know. And so I continued to resist Twitter.

Besides, I'm not what you would call a social media socialite. I post a status update on Facebook maybe once a month -- albeit often an incredibly witty one, if only in my own mind.

Figuring that if I'm already a bad Facebooker, there's no way I would be a good Twitterer, I took the only logical next step: Throwing caution to the wind as it pertains to any future political aspirations, I joined Twitter.

That's right, I am now one who Twitters. Or as the kids say, Tweets. Whatever you call it, suffice it to say, I am in that Twitting arena.

While that may not seem like much to you, it's kind of a big deal to me. You see, if things continue to progress, I will soon become the first person in my family to use a hashtag. Sorry, sometimes I get choked up talking about it.

One of my first impressions of Twittering has been how difficult it is to keep Tweets to the predesignated limit of 140 characters or less. To date, I have Twitted eight times in five days. But I've probably typed at least that many others that were well over the limit. To somewhat remedy this, I've decided that any over-the-limit Tweets which cannot be shortened without losing the integrity of the original thought will be filed away under possible future Facebook statuses. Or stati, as I like to pretend the plural of status is.

Meanwhile, one of the unforeseen benefits of Twittering is that it really cuts down on the time you need to spend conversing with the other humans. I mean, if you Tweet the highlights of your day along with most every thought you have, what's left to say?

Answer? Not a lot.

You just wind up having lots of conversations like this:

Bone: "Hey, did I tell you I finally popped my enormous back pimple?"
Twitter friend: "Yeah, I saw you Tweeted about it."
Bone: "Oh.... well, I'll see you later then."

Needless to say, that's just an example of what a conversation might entail. I haven't had a back pimple in months! Still, there's an indescribable peace that comes when you realize you don't have anything left to say. Or maybe that's just me.

In closing, I would say that Twitting has been better than I anticipated. And while I'm just getting started, I fully expect that after this post my number of followers will at least double. From four to eight.

As for what comes next for me, it's hard to say. Perhaps I'll finally break down and get that DVR.

I feel like I'm rushing headlong into 2008.

"Even on a slow day, I could have a three way, chat with two women at one time. I'm so much cooler online..."


  1. Hilarious Bone. So glad you're rushing headfirst into 2008

    I did not know the number of Snooki's followers nor did I care but I suppose it's important.

    I know Twitter is the future maybe but I can't help my love for facebook

    Wait I said knowing the number of Snooki's followers is important? No wonder the world's in a mess.

    Well I have to go find the real housewives of somewhere...

  2. LOL...this was hilarious. :P

    I have a Twitter account to follow a few people, but I never tweet myself - I'm a Twintrovert. :~)

  3. Say it ain't so! Not you too!

    just don't be like some of my Facebook friends and connect your accounts so I now get tweeted on Facebook.

    I don't need the Bone reality tour.

  4. Pia - Thanks. They keep recommending that I follow her, which I haven't, but I do keep checking her number incessantly. She's added 22 thousand since yesterday.

    And I understand about the housewives. I keep up with the Kardashians every chance I get.

    Wait, did I say that out loud?

    Sweetest In The Gale - Thank you. Twintrovert: I like that term. I think I'm more of a Facebook-introvert, whatever that would be called.

    Renee - Oh, it be so. I had no idea you could connect your accounts. Thanks for letting me know! :)

    Come on! There might be a 3 Musketeers involved.

  5. Love to be one of your tweeps, LOL. I tweet under my real persona so will have to pm a follow. I have been slow on the twitter uptake as well and really I'm not that into it. However, I find it gobs of fun during football season and watch games with my browser windows opened to # while tweeting my own thoughts and inserting said #. I also use twitter to follow breaking news. It is how I found out about the death MJ and various other events. @breakingNews is the stuff. Now,if you ever tweet a complaint about your ISP or digital TV provider (or recently in my case the state education lottery) you will likely get a response. Kinda creepy little creepers they are, but it is interesting on a weird level.

  6. Well... I don't do Facebook and I don't Tweet but at least I have a DVR. Does that make me ahead or behind 2008?

  7. Re: enormous back pimples. I was sitting in a college lecture, many years ago, with a pimple on the back of my neck that was bugging the hell out of me. So I was picking at it and trying to squeeze it between my thumb & index finger when FINALLY! I felt it burst. Oh, sweet, blessed relief!

    It wasn't until years later that it occurred to me that with the theater-style seating in my college lecture halls the person sitting directly behind me had a front row seat to my pimple-popping show. My one source of consolation is that they, hopefully, found the lecture a lot more interesting than I did. I don't recall hearing any muffled gasps of disgust at the time, so I can only hope their attention was directed elsewhere.

    - Anon E. Mouse

  8. I got rid of FB in college and though I've signed up a couple of times except for the family FB I never get back there. I have a twitter I read through and send links through but I am not a real twitterer in any sense of the word.

  9. You disappointed me. I was expecting twitter updates about your dog, pooping...

    and you cleaning....

  10. B- as you tweet away, it seriously takes all the fun out of stalking you. and instead of the tedious activity of wondering what you are thinking (that takes up most of my waking hours)i will have to engage in some other activity. like knitting which i assume is just as tedious. I'll let you know. Your tweeting - I'm knitting. What size scarf are you?

  11. LOL! Can Googleplus be far behind? :)

  12. Everyone weakens in the end! What you didn't mention was what your Twitter handle is... how do we follow you?!

  13. Kontan - Interesting. What about cell providers? Because my reception sucks.

    Ed - Ahead. I'm feeling generous today. Although I'm not sure how official any of these rankings are.

    Anon - I had a similar incident with a head pimple on an airplane. But there was no lecture. Unless you count the safety instructions.

    Cooper - Well if notice a guy following you on Twitter who looks like me...

    Gautami - No dog. But I did put up a Facebook status about trying to get some gum out of my sock last weekend. So there is hope :)

    Daily Panic - Tell you what, just for you, I'll occasionally post some bogus Tweets to throw you off and keep it a challenge.

    Madeleine - Actually, I have received two invitations to Google Plus. So I would guess I'd be on there in six to twenty-four months.

    J Adamthwaite - I'll email you. Actually, I already have :)

  14. obvs haven't checked blogs in a minute. bc you know I AM SO EXCITED #coolkidstweet