Monday, October 05, 2009

Twenty-seven days hath Blogtober

I've gotta make some changes in my life. A total of four blog entries in September? I'm embarrassed. Coming here after each seven-to-ten-day absence feels like calling to wish your mother a happy birthday a week late. I think it's got to be all or nothing for me. I'm not a person who can be happy doing things halfway. Well, other than relationships.

And so, I hereby do proclaim this the month of Blogtober. What does this mean? It means that I am going to make myself spend at least thirty minutes writing for the next thirty-one days. Except that I'm four days late--that's what she said--so make it the next twenty-seven days.

Will I post everything that I write? No. None of you have done anything terrible enough to me to deserve that. But I do hope this will result in a few more posts this month anyway.

For those who make it to the end of the month, rumor has it there will be a big celebration across the United States as well as the Motherland, where not only will you be able to dress up in costumes but apparently some people will be buying up candy by the bagfuls and just giving it away.

So welcome to Blogtober. Now get ready to read some crap!

In other news, I went to a county fair last weekend. My favorite part of the fair is the food. On this particular evening, I enjoyed a corn dog, fries and lemonade, with a caramel apple for dessert. My least favorite part of the fair is when I see some adult--excuse me, over-grown kid--hogging the rides and dominating the fishing game, playing against children. Then later you see him on the merry-go-round, making horsey noises. It's just sad, really. For example, this guy:

Caption? "The Almost-NASCAR Driving Experience wasn't quite what Bone had expected." Feel free to come up with your own.

"Well baby you know I just love the sound of that pipe organ on the merry-go-round, baby down at the county fair..."


  1. I'll be back to comment on the hilarity of this post after watching Monday Night Football, but for now, I've just gotta know: is this blogtober thing open to anyone or do you have to be part of a select fanclub or something to participate?

    Please advise accordingly.

  2. Love the first paragraph. Glad you admitted that last line

    Except that I'm four days late--that's what she said--so make it the next twenty-seven days.
    A bit of subtlety in that I truly like

    May I participate in Blogtober? When I'm not doing whatever I do to get out of doing....

    How do you count the 30 minutes? Can it be one moment more or less?

  3. LOL.

    But have you seen the posts of those bloggers who write daily? Believe me there is no comparison.

  4. Cooper took half my second comment. The other half is that we go through cycles

    I know most of my blogging has been awful lately. I would have cared passionately once but a blog is a blog

    You're a writer A true essayist and it's not about how many posts you put out a week or even a month

    It's been over 4 years now and I still can't wait to see what you write--and yes I don't expect perfection each time. But there's always something a bit special

    And I have to go to bed because the past two days feel like an average year for me

  5. What was that? It sounded like you said you ENJOYED a corn dog. Do people actually eat them because they WANT to? I've never gotten up the courage to try one.

    I'm glad you'll be writing more. :)

  6. I'm so sad that I missed the LA County Fair for the last couple of years. I LOVE fair food. Corndogs are a MUST!! As is roasted corn. And then there's the weird deep fried food and something on a stick.

  7. so this explains the new profile picture! great!

    hummm 30 min per day? I suppose if I gave up bejeweled I could do that, but tomorrow is the launch of the new version. hummm?

  8. Except that I'm four days late--that's what she said--

    Okay, that's one of your funniest lines ever, even if I do think you're missing a "channeling Michael Scott" tag on this post :) Hopefully you being four days late won't have the same repurcussions as her being the same.

    Also, if there is photographic evidence of you on the bumper cars, is it safe to assume there is some of you on the merry-go-round? And if so, what must we do to see such works of art? :)

    Caption: Why are all these kids driving straight for me?

    (Yours was better.)

  9. Apparently I've got premature posting tonight.

    Ditto what Cooper said: "But have you seen the posts of those bloggers who write daily? Believe me there is no comparison."

    I don't think it matters how much you post, because what you write is always better than the rest. I'd rather read four posts from you in a month than 28-31 posts from these daily bloggers.

    No matter what you're writing about, there is always something that sticks out and makes it uniquely wonderful. Uniquely Bone.

    Even the "crap" as you call it. Which, I'm quite confident, is anything but.

  10. TC - Um, sure. You can participate if you want. I just didn't want to make it as big as NaBloSoThaDraWe because, let's face it, I can only handle one thing that big.

    Pia - Of course, you may participate. Well, I said at least 30 minutes, so no it cannot be one moment less :)

    Cooper - Touche, Miss Cooper. Tou. Che.

    Pia Savage - Wow. I will cherish that comment. Thank you.

    R8chel - Did I say enjoyed? I meant to say inhaled :) Yes! I find them rather delicious. I can't believe you've never had one. Not even at a Sonic?

    Xinh - Something tells me the L.A. County Fair would be slightly larger than the fair I attended. I usually go for the corn dog as my main course, then either cotton candy, caramel apple, or candied apple for dessert.

    Renee - Yeah, I don't see you giving up Bejeweled. Maybe you could cut something else out of your day, like your hour-long showers.

    TC - Ah, good point. I will go back and add the Michael Scott tag.

    Thank you. I do think there's something to be said for writing every day though. If I can start doing that, something decent is bound to come out a couple of times a week anyway. I hope.

  11. Blogtober... not to be mistaken for blahtober... hehehe jk =]

    I will be sure to par`te with you at the end of the month! I will rally some people and get a group to dress up here in Philly too... oh heck, I will take the North East and with a Grass Roots effort, get them to celebrate your success too Bone! This will be monumental!

    Ok and could you have looked like you were having any more fun in that picture! I hope you are a better faker with bad Christmas presents!

    Somehow even when you have nothing to say, you put together a histerical post. Its a gift Bone! Really it is! I will be back for some blogging inspiration! =]

    Have a great week!

  12. I like blogtober idea! Very creative. I hope you post everything you write. I always enjoy your writing.

    I didn't make it to the fair this year. I'm happy you were able to enjoy some fat fried food! :)

  13. Blogtober! I love it! oh and at the end of the month-
    Beggar-ween you will have to post your celebratory costume ;)

    planning to see the roller derby movie "whip it" and see how scary of a costume me and my girlfriends can come up with.(hopefully on Nov 1 it wont be a pic of a full body cast!

    Caption:"This is one sweet ride, wonder how I can drive it home and to work everyday..."

    Reminded me of an episode of "My name is Earl" one of the characters drove around in a bumper car- too funny.

    Our fair will be here at the end of the month and I will go EVERYDAY- Corndogs roasted corn and cotton candy and boiled peanuts until I am sick!

  14. Here's a photo caption for ya Bone: SWM looking for SWF that loves the beach, corndogs, Alabama football & bumper cars. {3 out of 4 ain't bad - War Eagle!} LOL

  15. Oh man, I should be ashamed of MY blog. I only wrote once in September. Perhaps I need to bring some of the blogtober festivities over to my site!

    And, uh, what's wrong with adults on kid rides? ...a 30 year old female in grad school friend of mine wants to know.

  16. I second what some others have said--I'll always take quality over quantity when it comes to blog posts. You never fail to deliver on the quality side.

  17. When I started reading this post in my reader I thought you were going to call it quits and that would be a travesty. You are a great writer and entertainer Bone. So I'm glad you've decided to do the Blogtober thing. Have a great night.

  18. I have a horrible memory from my one and only time in a bumper car so I was kind of grimacing through the flashback while looking at the picture that you?

  19. I'll chime in and agree that you shouldn't get hung up on how many posts you churn out. Quality counts for so much more than quantity. That's what makes yours a great blog.

  20. Okay blogtober does it also require at least one German beer with each 30 minutes that you spend writing?

    Can't wait to read what you write.

  21. I'll look forward to your Blogtober post... as for that photo caption, "Bone in a typical Alabama car: no tires!" After that one, you'll probably change you mind about no of us deserving all your writings...

  22. Except that I'm four days late--that's what she said--so make it the next twenty-seven days.

    BAhahahahahahaha, thank you.

  23. I think we all have months like that. Well, I do anyway. And it's hard to force it sometimes if you've got nothing there. And then occasionally - very occasionally - it goes the other way and you have something to post every other day.

    I like Blogtober though... interesting that it happened in the only month you can really attach the word 'blog' too without falling over the word. I can't see 'Blogember' or 'Bloguly' catching on so well somehow!

  24. Helene - Grass roots! Now you're talkin'! Taking it to the streets.

    Well, the ride hadn't started yet. You should've seen me once it got going :)

    OKChick - Thanks so much! Yeah, no matter how unhealthy it is, the fact that I'm eating it at the fair somehow makes it all OK.

    Daily Panic - It was a sweet ride. I bet it'd be good on gas, too.

    Yeah, I need a really good costume. Got any ideas?

    Small Town Girl - Haha. I like it! Although one of the four could be a deal-breaker ;-)

    Charlotta-love - a 30 year old female in grad school friend of mine wants to know.

    Mmhmm. Well, tell your "friend" that I don't believe there is anything in the fair and amusement by-laws prohibiting it, but she might want to be prepared for the occasionaly strange look.

    Susan - So... you second that emotion? Smokey Robinson!

    Michelle Johnson - Well, thank you. And I'm glad to report there's no travesty yet :)

    Murf - Maybe. What do you want to hear? Do you want it to be me?

    Actonbell - Thank you. Although I'm starting to worry that I'm going to develop performance anxiety issues now :)

    PennyCandy - Haha. That's Blogtoberfest. Very similar though.

    Sage - Nah, I've heard worse. Much worse. But that did make me think of a picture I saw. It was this compact car with a wheel missing, and under the corner of the car with the missing wheel is this four-wheel-dolly with a guy riding on it. I think I saw it on

    Cami - Thanks :) That was my favorite part, too. Please tell me you watch The Office. If you don't, you should.

    J Adamthwaite - It seems like I tend to either have lots of ideas and not much time to write, or no ideas when I do have time to write.

    Good point. Bloguary, Blogvember, Blarch... none of those work so well.

    Ooo! Blogust! That one's not too bad.

  25. I was afraid you would ask a tricky question like that.

  26. I'm so late to the game, but I love your Blogtober post. As others have said, Bone, no matter what you blog about, there's a warmth about your writing that draws people to it, like a waiting book in a cozy chair next to a crackling fire. So whether it's once a week, or once a month, I'll always be checking back!

    Nice NASCAR pic, by the way...I'm assuming your face is frozen in that expression of awe because of the neck breaking speeds reached by your state-of-the-art automobile. *lol*