Monday, October 12, 2009

Did someone grant me three wishes that I wasn't aware of?

I don't know if any of you have noticed or not, but lately I have been drifting, aimlessly. I had no center, no direction. Sometimes it felt as if I were merely existing, rather than living. Well, I finally figured out what was missing in my life. A girl? A family? Motivation? Ambition? A social life?

No! Seinfeld!

It was revealed to me a couple of weeks ago when I saw a commercial for the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. And what were they promoting but a Seinfeld reunion!

Of course. How did I not see it before? In the eleven years since the show went off the air, I still haven't moved on. Oh sure, I have a pretty steady thing going with The Office now, but I've never really gotten over my one true love. To this day I still reference Seinfeld every chance I get, to the delight of all, I'm sure. And somewhere in that deepest part of my heart which holds my most secret desires and dreams, I clung to the past, and a tiny shred of hope that someday there would be a reunion.

Now the day I have been waiting for, lo, these many years has arrived. My ship has finally come in.

Of course, Curb Your Enthusiasm comes on HBO, which I don't have, but thankfully you can watch everything online these days. Not that I wouldn't have ordered HBO or found some way to get it illegally. That's not to imply that I'm getting any channels illegally right now, nor have I or would I ever. What I meant to say is that maybe I could get a free trial period of HBO from my cable or satellite provider--whose name happens to be Mason. As in, jar, or Dixon. He can also start your car or get into your house without any keys. And he only accepts cash, or ammunition.

Now if this had been the only piece of good news I received all year, that alone would have been enough to make this one of the best years of my life--right up there with the year I got an Atari, the year I discovered Clorox disinfectant wipes, and the year I stopped peeing the bed. But more good tidings were yet to come.

Days later, General Hospital posted a message on Facebook that Jonathan Jackson would be reprising his role as Lucky Spencer beginning in October.

This had been my dream! For years, I told the Darryls and anyone else who would listen that I wished the original Lucky would come back. (Also, that Frisco and Felicia would come back, and Robert and Anna and the WSB, but let's stick to one dream at a time here.) I could scarcely believe my eyes. I even Google news'd it to make sure it wasn't a hoax. It wasn't. No more weird middle Lucky or lame third Lucky. (Sure, third Lucky has lustrous hair and rugged good looks, but I need more. The character had become about as exciting as an all-day scoliosis screening.) At long last, the original Lucky is returning!

I simply cannot believe my luck. It's as if a genie visited me while I was in a deep sleep one night and granted me three wishes, two of which have already come true. I'm bursting! We're talking Tom-Cruise-on-Oprah's-couch happy. No, happy as a lark. I'm a lark jumping up and down on Oprah's couch.

So let this be a lesson to us all. People may tell you not to cling to the past, but clearly that has been proven wrong. And sure, most hopes and dreams die hard, never having been realized or even chased, but... uh, I need something uplifting here. Hmm..... well, anyway.

As for my third wish? I have considered several obvious possibilities: A Wham! reunion; that Tab would make a comeback; that just once I could play the word QUETZALS in Scrabble covering two triple word scores and get the maximum 347 possible points.

But in the end, I passed them all over. Now I don't want to jinx anything by telling you what I finally decided on, but I will give you a couple of clues.

Clue #1. Two words: Brandon. Walsh.

Clue #2. Blank-0-2-1-0.

Happy sleuthing!

"I'm a genie in a bottle. You gotta rub me the right way. If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true..."


  1. I too think I am drifting aimlessly. Time seems to have stood still for me for the last 20 years. Not that I haven't achieved anything yet it feels as if nothing has changed. Maybe all of us feel that way. Some say it. Like you. Like me. I think most don't even think about it.

    Maybe I have very big expectations as for as I am concerned.

    However, I liked this post of yours. Despite not knowing what you are refering to. Remember I live in India!


  2. Having played Scrabble with you, I cant believe that you HAVENT in fact, played QUETZALS! Not at all shocked that you know its even a word, and I do believe that you could probably even define it if asked to do so! lol

    So do you think you're having a bit of a midlife blogging crisis?

    To lazy to sign in... Helene =]

  3. sleuthing?! you think I'm that out of it?! no sleuthing needed. That one is instant recall - right at the front of the brain. Right. There.

    Brandon. Brandon Walsh that is. The one who resided in zip code 90210.

    Hollywood, baby. The hills. The cool people. The plastic, the money, the . . .

  4. As someone who was also in love with the same show as you, I hadn't known that. One show reunion or one season reunion? More details please. I've always told myself that I would buy the box set on DVD when it came out but to this day, have not checked because I know it would cost me a lot of money that I wouldn't want to part with but would because I loved the show that much.

    I think that I've told you my theory before but it in case I haven't, I have a Seinfeld-Simpson Theory. It states that there is an episode or part of an episode that deals with any topic of which you can dream. I have yet to have it proven wrong.

  5. so you're telling me that there will be even more to the Seinfeld reunion? I figured that was the end to it...especially since Larry didn't get the right ex wife for George.

    From what I hear there's a chance Brandon could come back...but there's also a chance that he's moved on to better Malibu? ;o)

  6. Gautami - I would guess it is fairly common to feel that way at least occasionally.

    And of course, I remember you live in India :) I am never sure whether or not my references translate, but thanks for reading anyway.

    Unseen Rajasthan - Thanks.

    Helene - Oh, I forgot that you had seen that side of me--my Scrabble side :) Yes, it is a lifelong dream of mine. Sigh. Maybe someday.

    Hmm, that's possible. My blog is going on seven years old. I suppose that would be considered mid-life in blogging years, if not down right old.

    Shelby - Well, I'm glad it's front and center in your mind. That made me smile. So you didn't even need the second hint? :)

    Ed - I should have been a little more detailed. I went back and added a link to the story. From what I gather, the Seinfeld reunion is going to be a story arc in season 7 on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Here is a link to the first reunion episode:

    I've never watched the Simpsons much, but I definitely have found I can relate virtually anything to something from Seinfeld.

    Renee - I think so. I skimmed through part of the next episode this morning. They only briefly mention the reunion, but none of the Seinfeld actors appear.

    Malibu? Really? Please provide details. Last I could find (at leaset, according to the Wikipedia for Brandon Walsh) he was in Belize and may have gotten married to an unknown woman.

  7. just once I could play the word QUETZALS in Scrabble covering two triple word scores and get the maximum 347 possible points.

    You are undoubtedly the biggest nerd I know :) And that's saying something!!

    I'm glad that you found what you were missing. Just don't go looking to Scientology, ok?

  8. Only the universe could have granted these three wishes!

    Kinda makes you hard to shop for!

    Glad your happiness has returned, and didn't go into the pigeon hole- forever CANCELLED.

  9. What if the reunion is not as good as the original? Would it taint your memory of Seinfeld forever? I'm not saying it will be bad - but it could be a huge let down like Dumb & Dumberer. Don't mess with perfection is what I say!

  10. Bone what i love about you is your high aspirations.
    Now if this had been the only piece of good news I received all year, that alone would have been enough to make this one of the best years of my life--right up there with the year I got an Atari, the year I discovered Clorox disinfectant wipes, and the year I stopped peeing the bed
    Only a very sick mind could write this paragraph which I love

  11. I'm slightly disturbed that you want a Beverly Hills 90210 reunion. Does this mean you're watching the cheap knock-off on the CW? Oh say it's not so, Bone.

    I do, however, have a longing of my own when it comes to the past, but I doubt it'll ever come to fruition. I would love to see a motion picture done concerning the most dramatic and endearing tribe of warriors man has ever known. I'm talking, of course, about The Thundercats. Surely, Michael Bay has it in his heart to bring my precious Lion-O, Panthero, and Cheetarah to the screen. I can dream, right?

  12. You would be a Brandon fan and not a Dylan one. Along with Seinfeld, that's another box set I would love to own (but one I would never admit to having and never display publicly).

    I now just take comfort in the Sex In The City movies and knowing that Melissa Gilbert is now playing Ma in The Little House on the Prairie Broadway show.

  13. TC - OK, so I admit that when it comes to Scrabble, I *might* be considered *slightly* nerdy.

    Daily Panic - Nah, I'll eventually need this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on DVD. And a Wham! Anthology always makes a great stocking stuffer :)

    Small Town Girl - Haha. No, it wouldn't taint my memory anyway. It would actually be a good thing since I didn't like the series finale all that much. They actually go into some of that on the episode of CYE. Jason Alexander tells Larry that by doing a reunion, they could make up for the finale.

    I never saw Dumb & Dumberer--when I realized Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels weren't in it, I had no desire to. But I have heard horrible things. The original Dumb & Dumber, meanwhile, is one of my favorite movies of all-time.

    Pia - I know you mean "sick mind" in a good way :) Thank you.

    Hermione - Oh no, definitely not! I've seen previews here and there and it looks pretty much as you described it, like a cheap knock-off. Nothing can compare to the original, with the original actors and characters--Donna, Kelly, Dylan, Brandon, Steve, Brenda, David, Andrea, Nat. That was magic.

    Ha, Thundercats! That's right, get it all out there. You never know.

    Murf - Yep, Brandon was always my favorite. I liked Steve, too. Dylan was OK. I just didn't really care for that whole Mister AA vibe. I was more of a school-newspaper-worthy cause-girlfriend-setting-things-on-fire type of guy.

  14. I literally had the following conversation just last week.

    "I need to start pretending to like shows on tv."
    Friend: "Why?"
    "Because I'm still a Seinfeld girl. Everything I reference is from Seinfeld."
    "So it went off the air in '97 and"
    "IT WENT OFF THE AIR IN 97?!?"
    "YES! See my point? No one can relate to me anymore. They are all Lost people or The Office people. I really need to find a new show."

    But then I heard about the reunion as well. Thank you world!

  15. So you're telling me there's a chance....

  16. I had to stop lurking. You're playing my song :)

  17. nope. no second hint required.

  18. I know you will be shocked, are you sitting down. I never understood Sienfeld so I stopped trying.

  19. You just made my life complete! Lucky!?!?!? GREATEST NEWS EVER!!!

    But I TOTALLY agree about Frisco and Felicia!

  20. I've been adrift for quite awhile now, so I'm impressed that you've found your groove:)

  21. bone I am so happy your (whacky) dreams are coming true! I for one DO delight in all the seinfeld references that you cleverly know how to pop in to most posts I write or scrabble games we play.
    as for The Q word...If anyone could do it.. u can!
    I've never followed GH.. but since our tv taste seems the same.. should I start looking for the dvds?
    as for
    Tab and Wham?.. gee.. maybe those two should stay retired.

  22. I had weird dreams about General Hospital last night, which I'm blaming on you and this post, as I haven't caught an episode in weeks.

    I just ask that you take care with what you blog about next: there are some TV shows I would prefer to keep out of my dreams.

  23. I heard something about the Gliding Light finally being snuffed out--I remember that show from when I stayed with my grandma... I thought about you and wondered how long it'd be before General Hospital was acquired by a conglomerate. Enjoy your Seinfeld reunion, I'll watch Mash reruns over on the Hallmark Channel

  24. The Hallmark channel?!? You?! I think it's time for an intervention.

    Gliding Light?!? Were you watching that "special" channel after Grandma went to bed, Sage? :-)

  25. I'm a Dexter, True Blood kind of girl, dipping into the caverns of Masterpiece Theater on my way to lullaby land. I get the thrill of discovering Clorox Wipes though, and I'm happy to be able to feel your anticipation.

  26. Charlotta - Everything I reference is from Seinfeld

    We'd get along well. Even if no one else understood what in the world we were talking about.

    Small Town Girl - *grin*

    Genie - LOL Yes, indeed.

    PennyCandy - That's OK, I know a couple other people like that. My sister, for one.

    Cami - Glad someone is as excited about that news as me :)

    Actonbell - Being adrift has its advantages, too.

    Lucy - I love knowing a fellow blogger is also a Seinfeld fanatic. Makes my comments seem much funnier :)

    I never actually tried Tab, but I always liked the distinctive pink can.

    TC - Wow, I haven't dreamt of GH in months.

    Sage - I never got that into MASH. Think I starting getting into TV just as it was going off the air. I do love the theme song, though.

    Murf - ROFL I'm thinking Sage never made it back to see this comment. Which is a shame. Maybe someone should forward it to him.

    Cooper - Unfortunately, I don't get HBO or Showtime. But if I did, I figure I'd probably like Dexter. Have you ever seen Burn Notice on USA? It's pretty good.