Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Football, poker, and more

I took off work yesterday, because I had to work Labor Day and well, that's just not fair. I mean, because I wasn't feeling well. Yeah, that's it. *cough cough* And I took a break from the computer, too.

It's nice to remember there is a world outside the parameters of my flat screen monitor and my bed. And that occasionally, if one doesn't look too closely, it can appear that I have some semblance of a life.

Haven't been around blogs much the past four days, but things should be back to normal soon. And you can look forward to more of my witty, insightful, and/or sensitive comments.

To recap, let's try and hit the high points of the weekend... Alright, well thanks for reading :)

Lots of football was watched this weekend. I went to the Bama game Saturday. Then watched the last part of Texas/Ohio State when I got home. Not sure where Larson Buckyeye Fan has been lately, but I was pulling for OSU.

My Cowboys lost Sunday, and I know more than one of you are happy about that. Then Sunday night was Manning bowl. Which, if I must pick one Manning, I pick Peyton. (Sorry, Heather, but it's true.) Actually, I pick the third brother who doesn't play football. That's kinda like asking who is my favorite Judd. I gotta go with Ashley. She's hawt!

Then there was Monday night football. Which is now on ESPN. And has apparently been divided into two games. Also known as the ESPNization of Monday Night Football. Oh for the glory days of Cosell, Meredith, and Gifford.

Then there was poker. Playing and watching. Playing heads up Monday night, I had a King-four. A King, Queen, and Jack came on the flop. So I went all in. Unfortunately, my opponent had an Ace-ten, and therefore she flopped a straight and immediately called. Fortunately, the turn brought me a third King. And I got a four on the river for a full house! Unfortunately, that would never happen to me at the World Series of Poker.

And when I got home from work today, I had a missed call from the eye place. Yes, I got my new frames. Now, I'm not sure how I feel about them yet, but the girl who worked there and the girl I brought along really liked them. So what does it matter what I think? In poker terms, if you're wondering, that's a pair of Queens beats a King high :)

That's pretty much my weekend. Nothing but football, poker, and... eyeglasses.

"If I'm bettin' on a loser, I'm gonna have the devil to pay. But it's the only game I know to play, it doesn't matter anyway..."


  1. Wow, Bone, you made my weekend sound positively exciting.

    Agree about Ashley, if I were into girls, I mean.

    About the insight: Good blogging, keep it up.

    And really your weekend sounded like fun. No computers, no blogs, no...sounds perfect actually

  2. So does the Ashley Judd analogy mean you pick Peyton because he's the hotter Manning?

    The Giants loss was the one disappointment in an otherwise great sports weekend with the Yanks, Notre Dame and OSU all winning. Woohoo!

  3. hope you *cough cough* feel better. :)

    football and poker sounds like a good weekend to me!

  4. A single queen usually beats a king in the game of life. Usually just b/c she's "hawt" and a king can't resist her. That's just life. ;o)

  5. Sounds like a good time! My sis-in-law got her brothers (one of them my husband) hooked on Texas Hold 'Em. THey play over at her house on Thursday nights and she has tournaments every so often. Do you watch the World Series of Poker stuff on TV? Lots of interesting characters there!

  6. Yay for the full house! Poker rocks. I need to go find a game...

  7. I'm a "peytiepie" fan too. (His momma calls him that.)Not that Eli isn't talented, he's just not as accomplished yet in my mind. The first time he stomps him might bring a different opinion.

    Came by for my three words...they aren't here.

  8. Genie: That's why I'm here. To make all your lives sound more exciting. It's good to get away for a few days once in awhile.

    Lizzie: No! I do not think Peyton is the hotter Manning. I have trouble finding beauty in a man.

    Carmen: Thanks. It must have been a 24-hour thing. I feel much better :)

    Grooviechick: Yeah, yeah. We all know. But do you have to rub it in? :)

    Chickadee: Yes, I watch the WSOP every week! My favorites are Hellmuth and Negreanu. But there are some very interesting characters indeed.

    Lass: We should get up an online game for bloggers :) Although I guess that takes away some of the reading other players.

    Dorothy: I just never cared for Eli after the I-don't-want-to-play-for-San-Diego crap he pulled on draft day.

    Three words will be up in a moment :)

  9. whoa there. Eli is the hotter Manning and seriously Sir Bone, you'd go with the one who doesn't play football? Seriously? Cooper? The most unattractive of all Mannings ever.

    after reading this I don't know if we can be friends anymore. Sad, but true. ;-)

  10. I'm glad you got to have some time out of the house and away from this fantasy land. Real people are fun to be around sometimes, aren't they? :)

    Can't wait to see pictures of your new glasses (Cause you WILL post some.... right?)


  11. Don't even tell me you didn't bother to watch PSU get stomped all over. If that's the case, then I know it's over between you and I. (sigh) Can I just say my throat hurt for the remainder of the day. There was plenty of hollering and clapping at my house. And I was here mostly by myself...well and the animals that thought I was just crazy.

    And as everyone else has asked...we'll need to see some pics of you and the new glasses...preferably nekkid too.

  12. Bone, I have missed your pithy, insightful commenting on blog! And good for you about rooting for OHIO STATE....yeah!

    I have Peyton for QB on my FFB league...yessssssss

  13. HB: I don't rate Mannings by attractiveness.

    PS: Were you browsing thru my archives yesterday? ;-)

    Blondie: I don't know. I took one yesterday with my camera phone and it looked like a driver's license picture. Ugh.

    Carnealian: I like how you end things between us in one sentence and ask for nekkid pictures in the next. lol

    I would have watched if I hadn't been at the Bama game.

    Circe: You like OSU and the Browns? I'm guessing you used to live in Ohio? :)