Friday, September 29, 2006

The Cows

I'm guest blogging again today at Courting Destiny. It's a post many of you have probably already read, as Pia picked her favorite story out of my archives. And it's about eight thousand times better than what I'm posting here today.

I think I started writing lyrics sometime in high school. There is a red folder in a bookshelf at my house which long ago came apart at the seams. It contains hundreds of these handwritten lyrics. And a very large majority of them are, admittedly, crap.

Today, I've decided to share one of these early lyrics with you. It's your basic story of small town love lost. Hopefully, it will be good for a laugh. And hopefully, my writing has shown at least slight improvement since... this.

Now, for your reading pleasure, I present Bone, before he was famous. It's called "The Cows."

One little phone call, and I took the big fall
In love with the girl of my dreams
Her name was Julie, she was a cutie
Sweetest thing I'd ever seen
One night in the pasture, I turned and I asked her
How long her love would go on
She promised she'd stay, until the day
The cows finally come back home

Well the cows will be comin' home tonight
She left me today, just drove out of sight
She never said forever
But I thought her love was gonna last that long
And now that she's gone
I guess the cows will be comin' home

One little mistake, was all she could take
She was gone in the blink of an eye
She didn't cry, gave no reason why
Never even told me goodbye
Thought we'd stay together, forever and ever
But she said I took it all wrong
She said she never, did say forever
Only till the cows come home

And the cows will be comin' home tonight
She left me today, just drove out of sight
She never said forever
But I thought her love was gonna last that long
And now that she's gone
I guess the cows will be comin' home

It'll be good to see 'em
I've kinda missed those bovine since they've been gone
I won't be alone for very long
Cos tonight, the cows are comin' home...


  1. Reminiscent of Trace Adkins"Every Light in the House is On" or was it the Cledus T. Judd (no relation) hit "Every Light in the House is Blown".

    I used to write lyrics too. Green Notebook. Spiral bound. Ink bled through the pages years ago.

  2. that was cute.....I agree with Dorothy...definitely country! Happy Friday....have a wondermus weekend!

  3. This is a great Friday post. End the week on a laugh. Is it true? *L*

  4. The cows have come home to say that Bone used to be a country song lyrcist, but now the country has a decided edge,

    But what about the bovine?

  5. Dorothy: Fortunately, I wrote mine on loose leaf paper. And filed them away in the folder. Or unfortunately, as the case may be :)

    RedNeckGirl: Thanks. I plan on it. The weather is gorgeous here!

    GroovieChick: No. It's not true. I was in a pasture with a girl once, but that's another story for another day.

    Pia: Very astute, Miss Pia. That was definitely written during my country stage, when I often wore boots and Wranglers.

  6. Cos tonight, the cows are comin' home...

    LOL! I sure do love you, Bone!

  7. larsonbuckeyefans9/29/2006 06:38:00 PM

    Thank you for pulling for us Bone,how bout those Buckeyes now,huh? Nice that you gave us a mention.I have been having computer/dsl problems lately but hopefullly that is all behind us and on to the hawkeyes now for the Bucks.Hope you'll be watching tomorrow nite.I'm just catching up with your blogging and so about that list..well I had the advantage of a failed marriage in which to make a list. And believe me,every time we had an argument I would mentally compile qualifications just in case as in "if I EVER get married again my next husband will....". # 1. Like to camp,hike and fish and all things outdoorsy.#2. Like the same headbanging music I do and like to go to concerts of same. #3. Understand the importance of family and enjoy large family gatherings. #4. Be a cat person. #5. Be fully engaged with me as a person and not 100% wrapped up in their career.#6. Enjoy doing stuff with me even if thats just sitting on the porch watching squirrels.#7. love to play in the snow. Marriage # 2 going strong at 4 yrs and it was our mutual love of the Ohio State Buckeyes that brought us together.Go Bucks !

  8. That's really impressive! And I love that you worked the word bovine into song lyrics too. You don't see that enough I think.


  9. Your writing has definitely improved B-Dizzle!!
    How ya doin?

  10. You should've gone to Nashville with me ;) We could've co-wrote. Made it big. Been rich. Now, we need a band name.

  11. Blondie: Back atcha, Blondie.

    Buckeyefans: Welcome back. Never underestimate the power of a mutual love for college football.

    MappyB: I think you could be right. You don't see that enough. Come to think of it, you don't see that ever :)

    Arlene: I'm getting by. If nothing else, that was the one thing I wanted you to get out of this post :)

    Carmen: I can't play any instruments though. Maybe I could just stand there and play tambourine or something. Or cowbell :)

  12. larsonbuckeyefans10/02/2006 10:04:00 AM

    Amen, Bone.My advice to every guy is pick a girl who gets butterflies in her stomach the night before every game and sits next to you the entire game cheering along with you.We do exist.And sometimes we are hot....

  13. I hadn't been visiting cuz blogroll wasn't telling me that you had posted...guess I better check everyone else's blog too.

    Cute song...did you try to sell it or your others? I'm sure that someone could turn it into a HUGE hit, or if you sing as well as you write you could make a hit out of it.

  14. Buckeyefans: Good call. Then she should understand when I don't want to speak for 45 minutes after a loss, right? :)

    Renee: No, I've never tried to sell anything. And I don't sing well. Nice to see you back.