Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Seven degrees... of something

It is 19 degrees here at the moment. That's one of two reasons I'd rather be in Pasadena. The low Friday night is supposed to be seven.


Seven is a lot of things -- how old you are when you're in the second grade, the number of abominable sins, what George Costanza wanted to name his firstborn. It should never be a temperature.

I have the intention to do some sort of year-end post, eventually. Of course, the road to sparse blogging is paved with good intentions. I'll be the only person to do a decade retrospective in March. Apparently, I've resolved to procrastinate even more in 2010. And be even less productive. Sort of anti-resolutions, I guess you could say.

In the meantime, the new decade got off to a rousing start with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert in Birmingham Saturday night. Great balls of fire! No, I mean there literally were balls of fire shooting up from the stage, along with smoke, lasers, fireworks -- it was like a rock concert.

The best part of all? There was no opening act. TSO played the whole time! Two-and-a-half hours of auditory and visual delight. I wish more artists would take a cue from them. The ticket prices were reasonable. Granted, we had to duck to avoid hitting our heads on the ceiling of the arena, but still.

The only minor disappointment of the evening was that there was no "guest maestro" segment where they let a member of the audience come on stage and conduct a song. Is there any doubt I would have turned that mutha out on Mad Russian's Christmas?

Next up, we have the national championship game on Thursday night--the "other" reason I wish I was in Pasadena. I don't want to say anything else about that for fear of jinxing something. But combine those two events with the fact that I have signed up to run a 5K at the Nashville Zoo later this month, and I'm hopeful I may have finally found the formula to ward off the Januarys this year.

If that doesn't work, I'll just revert to my usual hibernatory self.

Also, I should probably take down my Christmas tree at some point. Ah, but those pesky anti-resolutions doth preclude me.

"I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A. California dreamin' on such a winter's day..."


  1. 3 things:

    Cold - yes. Bitter cold. It's like12 or something in Bhm this morning. Couldn't believe it.

    Pasadena - Alabama. What other news is there in Alabama these days .. well, the cold I guess. The legal world is shutting down. Judges, lawyers and anybody else with lotsa cash is headin' west. Courts are just about closing down.

    Christmas tree - Mine's still up too (although I have refused to turn the lights on it this week.so it sits like a lame luck in my living room..looming).


  2. It was 36 here last night and that feels like another planet. But seven. That's just not right.

  3. OK, I'll give you that seven is cold. But since are your weather forecasters right? It'll never get that cold :). It hit 27 here yesterday: heatwave!!!!!!! (Why do I live in Wisconsin? It's a mystery no one can solve.)

    They played the whole time???? That's incredible! Most opening acts suck.

    Today is Epiphany (no, not the RN on GH), the end of the 12 days of Christmas. I believe it's a great day to take down a tree. Because we all know you aren't doing it tomorrow night!!!! :)

  4. I think tomorrow our high is supposed to be 1 degree.

    I excuse you for the lack of posting. You are a southerner and it is cold. All things south of the M-D line slow down when it gets cold like this.

  5. LOL! Like TC, we're having a heat wave here. I think somehow the temps got switched...we have your warm temps (if you can call 25 warm).

    Our tree is still up too, but I leave it up past my birthday...it's a tradition. I need to come up with some sort of Epiphany tradition... but I haven't figured that out yet.

    That concert sounds awesome. I wish arenas would stop selling nosebleed section seats. I can watch the concert on TV and get a better view. sigh

  6. I got confused and thought the championship was tonight. Tomorrow my surround sound is being installed and I guess I thought one huge event was enough :)
    Tom Waits--plays for 3 hours--no opening acts. He's a Broadway rock musical in a way
    But now you have me into TSO--can't wait for the Surround Sound

  7. Shelby - Yep, and the University cancelled classes for three days :)

    I haven't turned my lights on either the past couple of days.

    Jeaux - But seven. That's just not right.

    I could not agree more. Thanks for stopping by.

    TC - It's a mystery no one can solve.

    That cracked me up for some reason.

    Yep. I usually wind up missing the opening act at half the concerts I go to, so I was glad we got to this one an hour and a half early. (What? I misunderestimated traffic, OK?)

    Ed - A high of 1? I would refuse to leave the house. Well, at least you get snow up there from time to time. I don't think it should be allowed to get this cold if it's not going to snow at least a little.

    Renee - Well, my birthday is in mid-February. That could get little awkward when I have visitors. And by "when I have visitors" I mean "when the pizza delivery people come by."

    Pia - Nope. Wait, let me triple check. OK, nope. It's tomorrow night. I'm already working on a national championship viewing contingency plan in case there's a power outage.

    Glad you're getting into TSO. They're great, aren't they?

  8. I heard a song this morning for the first time and immediately thought about you and the big game. You may already have this one on your ipod, but its new to me....kind of catchy too. I even caught myself singing "Roll Tide Roll" if you can believe that!!!! Anyway, Trace Adkins “Ala-freakin-Bama.”
    Give it a listen and Good Luck!

  9. What do you mean? I was down in Alabama only a month ago and there was snow on the ground!

  10. Nothing wrong with 19 degrees, and an overnight low of 7 is cool but just means throw an extra blanket on. Oh? 7 degrees Fahrenheit? As in 14 below zero. Yeah, that's cold. In fact that's Brass Monkey weather, that's what that is.

  11. 1. I am freezing. Three shirts and a fleece. Inside. Cold. UGH.

    2. Roll Tide.

  12. Ah HA! I knew Nashville wasn't too far from you. Just trying to figure out all the places I have to visit and the best route. Be afraid...be very afraid. :-)

  13. It is going to totally suck if the snow/ice junk causes a loss of power in AL tomorrow night.

  14. Bone, I just flew back home tonight--from NC where they complained about the cold, to MI where it ain't that cold... that said, the plane from Atlanta to Detroit (I then had to take a jump across state) was filled with Alabama fans who were transfering in DET to LAX... That is all of them except the two guys sitting next to me, a father and son team who both went to Texas! I hope you do have power tomorrow night.

  15. If Bone does not have power tomorrow night he is going to blame it on y'all for bringing it and jinxing it.

    7 degrees, ugh that should not be allowed below the MD line ever. We are going be have a low of 16 tonight, I am so not happy.

    Enjoy the game tomorrow.

  16. It's cold here too- might even snow tomorrow (lord the grocery store was a nightmare!) but I think we'll be in the 20's tonight- whoo-hoo...lets break out the bathing suits- NOT.
    Happy New Year to you Bone! The count down to 24 is on at our house, and I never think of Jack without thinking of you a few seconds later :)
    Hope all is well with you and yours, keep warm ♥

  17. Small Town Girl - I still haven't heard it, but I did see a little blurb about it a few weeks ago and so I googled the lyrics :) Thanks!

    Ed - Well you must have been here during the 90 minutes before our quarter-inch melted.

    There actually is a chance of snow tomorrow. Most schools have already been canceled for tomorrow, just on the possibility that it might snow.

    Capn John - Yes, Fahrenheit. Not Celcius or Kelvin. I should've been more specific. Seven degrees Fahrenheit. I *think* that may be the average temperature on Mars.

    Cami - Three shirts and a fleece.

    At least you didn't say Snuggie :)

    Roll Tide!

    Murf - Uh, define "too far" :) I've long had the fantasy of doing a Blog Reality Tour, and visiting people on my blog roll.

    It's possible I need better fantasies.

    Kontan - Suck is not even the word for it. I will drive South until I find a working TV.

    Sage - Love it! Oh how I wish I was going with them.

    PennyCandy - I'll enjoy it as much as I am able. I don't know if my nerves can take it!

    Mayden's Voyage - I never think of Jack without thinking of you a few seconds later

    LOL You're probably one of the only people in the world who can honestly make that statement.

  18. I can't think of a better fantasy than one that involves TC and myself. Meeting us, I mean. :-)

  19. I just about spit out my cereal at Murf's comment. But I agree-what could be better than meeting us? :)

  20. I will be cheering for AL tonight. You can count on my support. Also, the high is 17 today. Friday, it's suppose to be butt freakin' cold, which translate to 8.

  21. I'm so jealous you got to see TSO. They play in Hershey but it's sold out before I even realize they're going to be there.

    I see the Tide is up at this specific time, hope they stay there.

  22. Woot, Bama Boy! How does it feel? Should I ask you this on FB?
    a new convert to football

  23. Bone - I have a post today dedicated to you. You simply HAVE to visit. It has to do with - oh I don't know - football.

  24. Oh, Bone! It's been ages...how are things (or I guess I could just read your blogs!)? Sorry it's 7 degrees over there. I'm in good ole southern Cali and it's wonderful right now! Well, a couple hours ago. About 68 with a slight breeze. Not bad for January. Good luck with the 5k. I'm training for a marathon in August. Who knew?! p.s. note the new blog. :)

  25. Ouch... I had to convert that to Celsius before I understood it, but now I do and I feel your pain. I think it's about 0 (Celsius!)here and that's quite cold enough. Not that I'm complaining - London doesn't know how to cope with this weather so I've had two days off work this week! I'll take any temperature that's going in exchange for that!

  26. What did you have two days off for Jen? It really hasn't been that bad here and usually we are in for it by about January.

  27. Michelle: about two inches of snow! :-D To be fair, the problem was that it kept melting and then freezing again, leaving solid ice over the school grounds... it was quite hazardous... but Wisconsin would probably have coped much better!

  28. 7 is a heat wave. We haven't been above 0 in 2 weeks. I'm jealous of you now.

  29. Jenny- I was thinking about what you wrote... and here we would just throw road salt all over the ice. But I suppose you probably don't have a ready supply of road salt at the school. If you don't have ice issues but once in a blue moon- I doubt the janitor would have a couple of bags of salt around to throw on the ice.

  30. Michelle - exactly! Everywhere round here has suffered salt shortages recently. We had some of course, but not enough to cope with the amount of ice. As you say, we're just not used to it.

    Bone - sorry to hijack your blog here! :-)

  31. I wish not concur on it. I think precise post. Especially the title-deed attracted me to read the sound story.

  32. Murf - I'm not touching that one.

    TC - You gals are in neighboring states, aren't ya? I can't believe ya'll haven't met yet.

    OKC - Thanks for your support! And I like your description of the weather. Maybe you should be a weathergirl.

    Carnealian - I'll make you a deal. You invite me to the Caymans next time and I'll invite you to the TSO concert :)

    Pia Savage - I think my next post describes how it feels, as well as I'm able anyway.

    So I'm Bama Boy now? I kinda like it.

    Shelby - Aww, thank you so much for the dedication! I'm headed that way as soon as I get done here.

    Sun Protection Factor - 68, is that a cold spell for Southern California? :)

    Took me a few seconds to figure out who this was, then I got the initials -- SPF.

    J Adamthwaite - Yeah, neither does Alabama. Most schools were closed Thursday and Friday, and there was hardly anything on the roads. A couple of schools even opened late on Monday.

    Jen - 7 is not a heat wave! lol 7 is come home and get under a blanket every day and pray the cold is over soon.

    J Adamthwaite - Oh, it's no problem. I'm glad that even when I don't blog for a few days, my blog is useful as a chat room at least :)

    Anonymous - You're not from around here, are you?

  33. Good response! I think everyone should start talking to their spammers!