Saturday, February 21, 2009


This came in the mail today:


  1. Did you call to reschedule? :)

  2. Wow. You must have some good stuff in your veins...or since the handwriting looks like that of a female, maybe you just have an admirer.

  3. If you don't make an appointment ASAP, I guarantee that their next tactic will include lots of phone calls. And trust me... they won't be from the cute phlebotomist. ;)

  4. so how fast did you call?

    I got a card from the hairdresser that I haven't gone to in over a year! @@

  5. I'm O. Everyone wants my blood. At first their reminders started off nice and friendly, but as I ignored more and more of them, they got increasingly more cranky. I might have considered going back, if they hadn't put me through an hour of torture.

    Or if there'd been at least one cute guy there.

  6. Pia - Not yet. But I'm sorry, "as soon as possible at undefined AM/PM" is not going to work for me :)

    Murf - Perhaps. I do recall a cute phlebotomist being there last time. I always like to chat them up while I'm lying there. Always just a little afraid they'll forget to check me and take too much.

    R8chel - Well if anyone would know, it would be the girl who's on a sort of first name basis with her phlebotomists.

    Shelby - That's good because there wasn't much else behind it :)

    Renee - Not very fast. I had to blog it first!

    Blood banks, hair salons...I guess everybody's trying to drum up business in these hard times.

    TC - An hour of torture? Did you have a previous bad experience, or are you referring to the two hundred questions they always ask?

  7. lol
    are you an unusual blood type (idk why I ask,,, of course you are! lol)

    Hope you had a great weekend...

  8. ha! That's pretty funny, but I can't think about this too much. I'm hemo-PHOBIC.

  9. Users like me will thank you!

  10. Bone, only you would have a tag for "cute phlebotomist."

  11. Ummmm.....I dont even know what blood type I am

  12. ArtistFormerlyKnownAs - I prefer unique to unusual. I also would have accepted one in a million :)

    Actonbell - Yeah, I never look towards the area where the extraction is taking place. I'm not sure how well I'd do watching that little bag slowly fill with my own blood.

    MamaZen - Around here, they usually offer a free t-shirt if you give blood. It always makes me wonder, is there really anyone who otherwise wouldn't donate, but that promise of a free t-shirt is just too much for them to resist?

    Sage - I can't argue with that. However, it's just another part of my self-fulfilling prophecy strategy.

    Amber - I can never remember mine, either. It's either A-positive or A-negative.

  13. Bone unique doesn't begin to describe you--not just your blood type maybe
    I did take up moderating comments but in case I don't
    I was eleven when I watched those shows. They were the height of sophistication to me
    77 Sunset Strip is most famous for the line "kookie, kookie lend me your comb." It was in a song. As I said the height of sophistication. They were dramas though I'm sure people older than 14 found them very funny

  14. I've never gotten a personal card in the mail- lucky. However, I do get weekly phone calls. You're allowed to be jealous. I understand.

  15. That was good for a smile.

  16. I agree with Murf. The lady digs you.

  17. Pia - Hmm, I'm pretty sure Baywatch was the height of sophistication to me. Also, Knight Rider. Anything with Hasselhoff, apparently :)

    Cami - Color me jealous then.

    Cooper - I'm glad. It sure was for me. Also good for thirty minutes of trying to think of funny captions for it.

    OK Chick - Alright! Two votes. That's good enough for me. Now I just have to find out her name.

  18. I get these types of notes allllll the time....

    I have rare blood.... they can't get enough of me.

    Have you gone, yet?