Thursday, January 17, 2008

Since I've no place to go

To me, snow is truly a wonder. There's a magic to it. A beautiful quietness that can only ever be matched by the next snowfall. Snow brings out the the kid in me, the dreamer, and the believer. It restores hope. I figure if it can still snow here, anything is possible.

It reminds me that God is still there. And for a few all too brief moments, it feels like nothing very bad can happen with the world...

It snowed!!!

No, I'm not on vacation in Greenland. It snowed here! In Alabama!

Our forecast for yesterday didn't mention snow. It called for rain possibly changing over to sleet. So naturally, it started snowing around 2:00. It began as light flurries and looked for awhile as if that's all it would be. But by the time I left work, it was--to quote a lady who called the office yesterday--"snowin' like crazy."

When I got home, I opened the blinds and watched it for awhile. Then I put on my gloves--which quite possibly might be the first time I've ever worn them even though I've had them at least two or three years--and went outside to play. I mean, um, to take pictures. And make snowballs. Or, a snowball, which I managed to construct from snow that had accumulated atop my grill.

It was a little vexing as to why no other kids in my 'hood were outside playing. I considered having a snowball fight with myself, but again, I just had the one. So I came inside and put my snowball in the freezer alongside the artificial boutonniere (don't ask). I then made some hot chocolate, drank it too fast and scalded my tongue. I guess when you don't drink hot chocolate that often, you kinda get out of practice.

Our local TV stations were breaking in every ten or fifteen minutes with snow updates. Sure, we barely got a dusting and there was never any snow on the roads, but it doesn't matter. In the past, schools here have actually closed just because there was a possibility of snow. Nevermind the fact that we've had exactly two snowfalls of more than an inch in the past seven years.

I know the amount of snow we got might not amount to a hill of beans in a lot of places. But this is our hill, and these are our beans. (Bonus points if you know what movie that's from.) Even the smallest amount of snow is a big deal here. We call friends and relatives to see if it's snowing where they are. There's a buzz in the air, a tangible excitement seemingly shared by everyone. It's snowing. And for awhile everything seems to revolve around that fact alone.

My sister called to tell me she was "getting" to drive home from work in the snow. When I told her I had made a snowball, she started laughing and said, "That's funny. I just talked to Dad. He was making snowballs at work."

A grown man making snowballs. Who ever heard of such.

"Remember me when you're out walkin'. When the snow falls high outside your door. Late at night when you're not sleepin', and moonlight falls across your floor. When I can't hurt you anymore..."


  1. I'm going to really try and pretend you didn't quote Lt. Frank Drebin and instead focus on the beauty of the first few paragraphs of this post: The first two paragraphs are astounding. I can't even find words to express how I felt reading that. It's perfect. That is exactly how I feel when it snows here. I suppose it will be a little harder for those frequent snow receivers to understand but . . . it was perfect.

    No kids were playing!?!?! That should be illegal. It's certainly criminal. I would start in on how these generations behind us are lacking, but then I will sound old and stodgy. :)

    Keep making snowballs, Sir Bone. Everyone should make snowballs.


  2. My high school yearbook from my Senior Year features a landscape photo of my high school and the grounds covered in snow. It's very picturesque but completely fake because anyone who was around during that time knows that it snowed maybe 2 days the whole winter and after the 2 days, the rain washed all the snow away.

    I myself am not a fan of snow (or of the cold). I've lived in Germany and Denver and New York so I'm very familiar with snow. I made snow angels, went sledding, built snow forts, had snowball fights, etc. Fine when I was a kid, but as an adult, I'd rather be warm and dry.

    But I can see how people who like to have actual seasons would like snow.

  3. I'm so glad that you're enjoying the snow I sent you. Sorry that it couldn't be more, but folks here were complaining about all the wind. ;)

    Happy Winter Bone! I'm sorry you didn't find anyone to play in the snow with you.

  4. oh and I remember when we lived in Louisiana and it would snow...even if it was like 1/4 of an inch we would be out there trying to make a snowman. One year I had worked really hard by myself to make a really great snowman and then my little brother came and knocked it down!!! Yeah, I kicked some butt after that!

  5. i get SO excited at the slightest bit of snow. it's still a novelty to me. enjoy it, no matter how little it snows. it's so pretty!

  6. It was a little vexing as to why no other kids in my 'hood were outside playing.

    LOL Maybe they were afraid the “big kid” on the block wouldn’t play much with them? Maybe they just weren’t as excited by it as you were? And maybe they just didn’t have a clue what they were missing, wrapped up in their Xbox or Wii games, too busy to play outside.

    A grown man making snowballs. Who ever heard of such.

    Indeed :) I make it a habit to play in the snow at least once a year. Seems that, before this winter, we’d had quite a few “dry” spells – at least for Wisconsin. So even for me, it was a magical event, something I really appreciated.

    (And shh! Don’t tell anyone, but it still is.)

    I’ve decided that between this and another Southern man’s blog that I read, stories about snow in the south are officially my absolute favorite things to read. :-D What can I say – I like the proof that the only difference between men and boys really is the size of your feet.

    Thanks for a post guaranteed to make me smile.

  7. Oh and Renee? I sent the snow... I can even prove it O:)

  8. Snowballs? .. You should be making snow angels! That's where it's at! hahaha I hear we are getting 2 - 5 inches tonight! I can't wait to get back home and see what happens! I should be gettin' in around 8 PM. I hope we get a good amount, but not until I get home! You know those crazy drivers!

  9. I know how you feel, they are saying if everything works out right we could see 1-3" of snow tonight and saturday morning. I know the odds are stacked against it, but one can dream!

  10. Love The Naked Gun- nice quotage! love it!

    we were in SEVERE WINTER WEATHER WATCH here in Atlanta. luckily, there were no extreme tragedies. all we care about here is "will it mess up traffic".

    it did. but not because anything was wrong with the roads. but because we freak out if anything is falling from the sky. raining in atlanta? just stay at work. you'll be in about 2 hours worth of traffic.

    love snow!!! it's SO fun!

  11. Lillith: Wow, right off the bat, someone knows not only the movie, but the character's name. You must be an avid Naked Gun fan, as am I :)

    Xinh: Yeah, that's how it was here. Oddly, the snow turned to rain after sunset and it washed away.

    Ooo, a snow fort?! I've never made one of those. Sounds cool.

    Renee: Thank you so much. Now if you could just check on the status of my thin mints :)

    Love your Louisiana story. We definitely take full advantage of any snow we get.

    Sizzle: It warms my heart to hear someone else genuinely excited by the snow :)

    TC: And maybe they just didn’t have a clue what they were missing, wrapped up in their Xbox or Wii games, too busy to play outside.

    Or maybe they didn't have a grill on their patio :)

    Thanks. I've wondered if I'd love the snow as much if I lived in a place where it was common. Your comment makes me feel confident that I would.

    Java Boo Boo: No, not snowballs. SnowBALL :) Yes, you better get home and stock up on milk, bread, and eggs.

    Melanie: Yeah, you kind of get jaded here, as they seem to predict snow at least once a week and we get it maybe once a year.

    I hope you get some snow, though! I think you're required by state law to make a snowman if you get more than an inch ;-)

    Cami: Wow, another Naked Gun fan! To think, I could have been dropping in Frank Drebin lines all along.

  12. is that snowball made from all the snow on the hood of your car???

    You should've told me you wanted snow, I could've sent you some from Chicago before Christmas. They had plenty.

  13. I love love LOVE snow! But then Buckeyes are supposed to. I do get disappointed when it decides to snow at night and I cannot watch to my satisfaction those beautiful falling flakes of goodness. Lucky you! We got maybe a half an inch during our last go round on Wed. NIGHT. *sniff*

    But the season is young and hope springs eternal...

  14. When you and your father get together what do you do for fun :)

    Loved that last part

    Signed: one of 10,000

  15. Snow is pretty cool. It is really cold and rainy today in Texas but no snow. :(

  16. It snowed here in Georgia. I was very excited!

  17. I'm glad you got to enjoy it! I don't have gloves...and wouldn't wear them if I I kept my hands out of the stuff. My kids enjoyed it for a few minutes after church, in the dark...and were disappointed when it was all gone the next morning.
    Our schools have closed at the mere possibility of snow in the past, too...we Southerners don't handle the white stuff well!! :)

  18. DC Chick: No, from the snow on top of my grill.

    Circe: Yeah, I'd prefer it during the day so I can see it. I'm sure you guys get a bit more than us way up "north" in Oklahoma :)

    Anonymous: Am I allowed to divulge such information here? I don't think so :)

    Hotpinksox & Charlotta: Thanks for checking in. I could start up a nationwide blog weather report.

    Jennifer: It seems like I'll get a pair of gloves for Christmas maybe like once every five years. But yeah, I never wear them.

  19. Naked Gun.

    They usually won't cancel for snow here, but the tiniest bit of ice, and North Texas turns into one giant ice rink.

    Snow makes everything clean, even if just for a brief moment. And snowballs are for every age and everybody!

  20. sent that snowfall special to you from Nevada. Because if you can't play in the snow what is the point.

  21. "and these are our beans."

    Never saw Naked Gun.. But I love how you used the phrase.

    We're getting snow right this very minute in Birmingham. It is so peaceful to watch it fall. It is so quiet. It is calming. And it brings joy in the moment.

  22. Somehow I have trouble getting excited about snow. Maybe cause we get 200 inches of snow a year here. Or maybe cause it's -4 right now. Either way, glad you're excited.

  23. I haven't seen snow for years. I'd say close to 20. The one thing I don't like about living in Texas is that I can't drive a couple of hours and be in the mountains - something I could do growing up in Phoenix.

  24. So glad you got to actually enjoy the white stuff instead of living vicariously through me.

    Actually, I'll trade ya. It's like 10 degrees here. And I'm not kidding. That might well be the high for the day too.

  25. Like you, I grew up in the south--near the coast so we only got snow ever few years and then it was almost always gone by 2 PM--but since I was in my mid-20s, I've lived in snow country and even after a quarter century of watching it snow, I still love it and make sure I'm in at least a couple snow ball fights a year... Enjoy It!

  26. Oh, as for kids not being outside playing, they were probably inside having a snowball fight on their wii, or whatever that new craze is called

  27. Don't eat the yellow snow. lol

  28. You have already had more snow than we had all last winter and this winter combined.

    It's freezing but something is very wrong

    Signed: I want a one day blizzard--just enough to stop the city in it's tracks and the next day men who never do anything for anybody help old ladies around snow banks

  29. lol ok ok I have to admit I wasnt sure I even wanted to read another thing about it is falling STILL outside my window and the possibility of getting OVER that 6 inches today is high. If I could I would rent a truck and have them unload it in your back yard....:) Glad you all got to enjoy the day with your inner child ;)

    I remember a guy from jamaca, 40ish, that wouldnt leave the covered porch when it snowed in AK that summer. He had never seen snow. He stood there and shook as 2+ inches fell.

  30. Ah, Bone, your writing makes me feel so make me smile.

    You do not need anyone to play are so good at entertaining yourself and I see it even runs in the family. :)

    quietly falling
    each one unique


  31. Long time no comment from me, Sir Bone of 'Bama.

    Glad you got some snow. All we got here in the mountainous East Tennessee was a thin, seemingly docile yet utterly harsh sheath of ice.

    Make those snowballs, sir. Then gather some up, and make some good, old fashioned snow creme.

  32. I've never seen Naked Gun, but I like that quote, too. And I dread snow because I'm not in Alabama. As a young child, I lived in Southern California and looked forward to sitting on the porch and watching it rain. It hardly ever rained, so I do understand this excitement, I really do. I just don't want to have to get out that 7-horsepower snowthrower thingie that's been sitting peacefully in the garage all this year:)

    Great post!

  33. not lovin that quote... (but its your blog not mine, so I'll let ya slide! hehehe)

    Dont tell anyone... but I actually have missed snow a bit. There is a feeling when you get hit with a huge snowfall... you know no one is going to be able to get to work... or school... or anywhere they were scheduled to go... so you ALLLLL have a free day! The internet has cut into that a bit as you can still do a lot of work from home, but its great when seemingly the entire world is playing hookie!

    Now I will deny it if you tell anyone or bring it up next year with I am living back in Philly Bone... so dont try! lol

    I am going a'looking for the 3ww words... wonder if snow is on that short list!?!?!

  34. I'm so happy you were able to experience snow!

  35. Snow is a way of life for me being from Canada. Reading your post was a reminder of the beauty and excitement snow can bring to the young and the young at heart. For me the first snowfall of the season is always something magical but by mid January I am ready for it to all to go. Loved the write!

  36. I begged Leon to drive me up to Alabama to play in the snow, but he reminded me it would be gone by the time we drove from South Florida... I only had three snow winters in WA, and I remember every detail! You are so lucky to have had an Alabama snow, I can't even think of anything silly to say, except, at least you didn't try sticking your tongue on a telephone pole.

  37. just came by to say hi...
    Hope you are having a great weekend! Any more snow?

    PS you know that when you put a snowball in the freezer it becomes an ICE ball right?!?!? just be sure you dont throw it really hard at someones face!

  38. You know...I haven't heard from you in a few days...and am a bit worried. Is everything OK over there in Bone-land? It's not like you not to post! (hugs)

  39. Why does Blogger comments work on your blog?

    This is driving me crazy. Most only have the sign in using any openID option and
    url without the nickname--which you click and get the url

    It won't even let me leave anonymous comments. Is this a conspiracy to make me stop blogging? is working

    Signed: lost the rest of my mind in NY today, hope to find it in another state

  40. It's great you went out and enjoyed the miracle of snow in Alabama. We got some here in Georgia too!

    BTW, do you post your 3ww here or on 3ww?

  41. I hope all this no-activity means that you've got a busy social life.

  42. PS. I gave you an award. My username link goes directly there.

  43. SNOW!! I want snow and we're in the north!

  44. This time of the year Delhi starts to get warm. We have winters for only a month or so. However, this year, Delhi is having longer winters. No, we don't have snow. as yet. However, the temperature should be around 15-20 degree celsius. Now it is below 5.

    BTW, you come and pick your award from my blog. Just click on my name here to reach there.

  45. Excellent post, i can so relate as we don't get much snow here yet early January it snowed and it stayed on the ground and we had a snowy wonderland! It is both exciting and peaceful and I like the way your post captures both those

  46. Oh I still would make snowballs if I get the chance, there's no age limitation as far as snow is concerned...but I wouldnt mind at all if it vanished after my little fun...! Havent seen you in a long long time, whatever happened to your posts on the prompts?