Friday, January 04, 2008

3WW: Frozen

(This week's words are button, luck, & pretend)

i wish i could leave
but i feel stuck in place
with this same expression
always frozen to my face

i'm not all that happy
think maybe i'm just cold
the scarf is nice but not much help
when it's twelve below

i don't mind the sun
it's better than the rain
maybe with a little luck
i'll just melt away

i don't mind this button
but pretend my eyes are blue
who thought it a good idea
to give a statue a broom

i'm off to the village
and there's that silly cop
like me, does he ever wish
this carousel would stop

"We start out loudly and go in circles, all things converging. We find an end to each day, slowly melting..."


  1. I totally totally relate. It's hard to pick out a favorite line or even explain how and why I relate so much to this

    I think that's part of its beauty--the pretense we all exhibit in day to day life and the wondering if anybody else feels anything like we do

  2. I'm such an idiot... I didn't get it until the button, lol.

    I think it's because the first few lines really spoke to me... you could have been writing that about my thoughts and feelings.

    Welcome back to 3WW :)

  3. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on too. Maybe I'm just slow this year. :o)

  4. I love the way you lasso the reader in right from the get-go by writing something that we can all relate to. Neatly done!

  5. Alison: Thanks :)

    Pia: I think that's part of its beauty--the pretense we all exhibit in day to day life and the wondering if anybody else feels anything like we do

    Wow. I like that, though I don't think I could've ever said it that way. Thank you..

    TC: That's fitting, as "button" is the word this all started with.

    Thanks. It's good to be back.

    Charlotta: That's OK. The year's only four days old. You'll catch up :)

    Linda: Thank you. I was hoping the first stanza, at least, was easy to relate to.

  6. I feel stupid for not saying that I got it,but chose to see it as a metaphor as i believe it is and am totally crazed and needed a nap and now need to have a brain transplant this weekend so a person with a more organized brain can move me--the transplant being reversible of course--just the organizational skills left

    signed: one of the 10,000

  7. what a pretentious world we live in these, not knowing that a meltdown is all we need to find happiness which we are forever searching for...nicely brought out the sentiments. Beautiful, thank you.

  8. I really enjoyed this, but must admit that due to fatigue I did not get the analogy until reading the comments. Even without that little piece of the puzzle this is still a piece of the poem, and can reflect any given moment of my life.

  9. Frosty from a Zen perspective. Thought-provoking, Bone. I hope you go to the beach, where you can melt completely!

  10. Bravo, Bone so very well done. I love a poem with mystery. Of course I had to re-read it several times to "get it."

    Shame on you for making us think so early into the year. LOL

    Wishing you and your Mom the best for this coming new year. I truly hope your Mom takes care of herself and does not take her recovery for granted. I have been through the same thing as she but my recovery has been very very slow.


  11. I really thought the first part really pulls you in - it says so much and probably could have gone in a different direction.

  12. Like the others, I understand the Snowman metaphor, but I get so much more from this. You've caught so much emotion in this.

    I hope you don't take this derogatorily, but it felt like you were channeling a little Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20 here. Strangely enough, they have very deep and touching lyrics that people seem not to notice because they're so commercial. This was very 3 A.M.

    I loved it. Excellent rise to this week's challenge, Sir Bone.

  13. 1 of 10,000: Brain transplant? I hope you're not letting Colliding Worlds collide with your real life :)

    UL: Thank you. At some point while writing this, I definitely got into thinking about how people see us and assumptions we make about others.

    Square1: Well, I didn't want it to be too obvious at the start. But I figured the broom or the village would give it away for sure :)

    Mariacristina: Frosty from a Zen perspective.

    Well said. Thanks. One day I might just go to the beach and not come back :)

    Sandy: Thank you so much. I wasn't aware that you had gone thru the same thing :-/

    I think it at least has made Mom realize she has to slow down and take care of herself.

    Lissa: Yes, it easily could have. But I couldn't get that button nose out of my mind :)

    Lillith: Well, they are one of my favorite bands :) Thank you.

  14. Bone, I'm laughing out loud here because I totally looked at your poem from a different perspective altogether. But, I definitely get it. What a wonderful way to open one's eyes to that which is frozen. Thanks for dropping by my place tonight. Have a wonderful weekend, what's left.

  15. Yes, you may laugh, I knew it was Frosty, though every time I thought of button, I thought of carrot noses and got confused... and then you said statue, and it totally had me questioning myself... I never think of something so fluid as being a statue. Silly me, it was. I loved that I could read other things into it as well. Over thinking, I was.

  16. Stuck in a place..

    Why does that feel familiar?

    I loved the broom thing..:D

  17. not sure how, but I got it from the first stanza...must be having a good day.
    It is funny/odd how our lives are so much like old Frosty.

    DD is bummed that we haven't had good snow this year yet...we've had snow, but it's all powder and you can't make Frosty from that!

  18. Nice job.

    I've been lazy and haven't attempted last week's or this week's words.

  19. i wish i could leave
    but i feel stuck in place
    with this same expression
    always frozen to my face

    ahhhhemmm....who is great at this...;)

    I hate when it gets that cold out! brrrr!

  20. Michelle: Thank you. That's what I was hoping for, that it could be taken from different perspectives.

    Marcia: I'm not sure where I would have fit in "button" if Frosty had a carrot nose :)

    Gautami: Thanks. I thought I needed at least a touch of humor in there.

    Shelby: Actually, I was never sure if it was a full broom, or just a broomstick :)

    Renee: I think maybe if you gather around the fire and recite this poem over and over as a family, the snow will come.

    Xinh: Thanks. I know the feeling. This was my first 3WW in a few weeks.

    Mad Kane, Littlewing, & Christy: Thank you all.

    Tagster: Well, as it has been in the 60's and 70's here for a few days, I was having to imagine the cold :)

  21. It's nice to be back. Here's my contribution TEXT GOES HERE

  22. oh oh bone that is so not funny!!! Having to imagine the cold!!!! did I mention it feels like 2 degrees outside right now!! :(

    oh where oh where as my fair summer gone!!!