Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Grand Opening of the all-new location of Bone's Blog

(big long sigh...) My blog has now been suspended like 9 times in the past three days on ANGELFIRE, so I have decided to join several of my friends in moving to BLOGSPOT. It has taken me a little while this morning to get set up and get the blog looking somewhat like I want it, but hopefully you will enjoy. I hope my time here on BLOGSPOT will be well-spent. I hope you find my blog entertaining, informative, uplifting, interesting, and inspirational. So here we go...

I had a pretty productive day Tuesday. Went and vacuumed out the human vehicular transporter, went RUNNING, and I filed away about two or three months worth of stuff that needed filing. Did the dishes, too. Wasn't that a movie, "Bone Does Dishes"? Well I'm not even sure what that's supposed to mean. lol Nothing else was happening, so I ran up to APPLEBEES. No one was working. Sat with CHARITY for the first time ever. She apparently hasn't been briefed on proper service procedures for us. I had the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich. It was decent. But I had to pay for my lemonade. That's always bad. So she's out of the rotation. See, last night was kind of like Rush Week for her, to join the sorority of chicks we sit with. And she failed. Sorry, Char. So currently in the rotation, we have: Donna, Davina, Kristina, Beth, Natalie, and Tonya. I think that's all. The Super Six. They all know how we are.

KYLE came up there too. We sat and made video game noises for a bit, as we are prone to do. ROFL We talked about our mission statement, plan of action, and other things. If your goal isn't clear, then how do you expect to achieve it? Set your goal, then keep your eyes fixed on it. Also discussed Halloween plans. Looks like he's got some sort of band competition that night. So I may have to come up with somethin' to do. If all else fails, I may just invite a chick over and rent some scary movies. Wait, why isn't that my first option? Oh yes, because of "the reason."

BIBLE STUDY is tonight. Looking forward to that. Should be home from that and my second job around 9:30. I could go running again today. Or start on the Pilates. Or catch a quick nap. Hmmm.. what to do, what to do. Wow, I just heard a loud noise outside. I hope the solar blast isn't already here. TIFFANY called last night right before I went to bed, and then I ended up having a dream about her.

I want to go to GRACELAND. I haven't been since I was little and went with my parents. I wanna go back. Seems like I remember a room we weren't allowed to go in. Why was that? Was "he" in there? Makes you wonder.

"So scream you, out from behind the bitter ache. Heavy on the memory, you need most. You still want love. Love's ugly, smooth and delicate. But not without affection, not alone. And instead of wishing that it would get better, man you're seeing that you just get angrier. And it's good, that I'm not angry. Well I need to get over. And I, I'm not angry, anymore..."

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