Thursday, October 30, 2003


Looks like our weekly BILLIARDS exhibition will occur this evening at approximately 1930 hours CST. I want to invite everyone who wants to/can to come. Should be a lotta fun, as usual. You can BYOC (bring your own cue) or just play with a house cue. lol

"Escape from Alcatraz" is on this afternoon. You know, I never realized before now that Eastwood was in that. Can't get anything by me. lol

Wow, I was just reading this story.
Parking Garage Collapses

Look at that picture. Doesn't look too stable to me.

In other news... the wildfires keep raging. I just read today where they have burned an area about the size of RHODE ISLAND out there. Keep in your thoughts and prayers the people affected by this disaster, and also those fighting to contain it.

I was thinking today as I read that another soldier was killed in IRAQ, ever since BUSH announced the end of major combat, it seems like that has gotten pushed to the back of the news and the back of our minds. But we lose people nearly every single day over there. I don't know if we didn't plan ahead as to what we'd do when the leadership was overthrown, but I just wonder when will it end? I remember talking to a man one time who'd been in Vietnam. He said kids would come up to them asking for help, and be carrying hidden grenades. It seems similar in some ways. It seems more dangerous now than at first, because at least then we could see the enemy. I just hope we have some working plan or purpose, because things really don't seem to be getting any better from the news we read. I'm sure most of us know someone over there or at least someone in the military, and it weighs on our hearts.

OK, I need to go running.. or play videos games or something.

"If you should find you miss the sweet and tender love we used to share. Just go back to the places where we used to go, and I'll be there. Well, how can I forget you, girl, when there is allways something there to remind me? Always something there to remind me. I was born to love her, and I will never be free. You'll always be a part of me..."

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