Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Hello friends. BUSY day at work!! All the while I have been trying to get my new blog site set up, looking decent, and submitted to search engines and blog directories. So I haven't really had time to meditate and come up with my normally enlightening thoughts. lol Thanks to everyone who has updated my link on their sites. I know it's a pain. Had BURGER KING for lunch. How was it? Well, good as it gets from there. BK usually makes my stomach a little woozy, but I feel fine so far.

In other news, looks like the solar blast scare was just that. It never hurts to be prepared though. Guess I can take down the plastic sheeting and duct tape now. What? I have now found myself in a quandary, very similar to others I find myself in from day to day--- go RUNNING or play NES emulator. Why must everything be so difficult? lol I do need to do a good bit of studying this afternoon, too.

In good news, Blue Cross covered all but $48 of my medical stuff from a few weeks back. They took care of the ULTRASOUND completely, which is good because it was a little over a thousand bucks. I haven't given a health update recently, but I am feeling MUCH better. One of my neighbors asked how I was doing today and it made me think of that. It's so easy to take our health for granted. But I think I learned a lot during this recent ordeal. Going through health problems can help set our priorities back in order. I know mine can get out of whack real easily. Things that seem so important in our lives sometimes, we realize really don't matter when we are faced with things like that. And that's good. I think that's one reason we are put through trials. Anyway, I'm thankful for the insurance.

"All of my life, where have you been? I wonder if I'll ever see you again. And when that day comes, I know we could win. I wonder if I'll ever see you again..."

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