Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter Cranberry

My hands smell of "winter cranberry"
These halls, an "ocean walk"
Sixteen candles?
If only there were that few

There are photos in frames
And not the ones that came in them from the store
These throw pillows are nice
But why must there be so many
And so pastel

The refrigerator
Once a bastion of pizza boxes, flat 2-liters, and... ketchup
Now boasts of celery, beef broth, cream cheese
And unexpired milk!
(Which I've learned most of the world refers to simply as "milk")

Once prized possessions--
My favorite shirt from college
My Stars of Baywatch poster
Seem to be missing

So long, CJ
Farewell, Stephanie
Vaya con Dios, Mitch
I sob (inside)

The work of petty thieves?


There is a woman in the house!


  1. Strangely, this poem makes me miss my "Beauty and the Beast" poster that I lost 25 years ago. Vincent...

  2. A poem hinting at a change in living arrangements for Bone!

  3. Lovely poem...and a female touch. Congrats, Bone. :)

  4. Ahhh ha!! The feminine touch! Sweet poem ! Did she also bring a collection of dolls? Maybe one who looks like your mom?? 😳

  5. Heidi ~ Was David Hasselhoff in that, too? ;-)

    Sage ~ Anything's possible :)

    Sherri B. ~ Thank you.

    Lucy ~ I haven't seen any dolls yet. I just hope there's no Mister Marbles!

  6. A woman entered my house
    I came home
    To rearranged furniture
    I went to work
    I came home
    Something was missing
    I couldn't place exactly what
    Until I saw it in the garage
    I went to work
    I came home
    More stuff in the garage
    I went to work
    I came home
    There was a garage sale
    All my stuff now gone
    All that is left is OUR stuff

  7. Bravo! I love it. And if this means you've experienced a happy merger, congratulations :)

  8. By the way, I sent you a Facebook friend request. I'm not sure if you will recognize my real name and not my pseudonym.

  9. I sure hope you aren't complaining about walls looking like "ocean walk" - that sounds lovely! #ILoveTheOcean

    And unexpired milk!
    (Which I've learned most of the world refers to simply as "milk")

    Indeed lol

    This was good :)

  10. Joey taught Chandler to love Baywatch. Well he put the TV on....

    Ocean Walk walls are lovely

    As is this poem!


  11. MarkD60 ~ Must be some universal handbook they go by. If only we could locate a copy.

    Ed ~ Are you allowed to buy your own stuff back at the garage sale?

    Actonbell ~ A happy merger, I like that. That should be a Facebook status option.

    Ed ~ I did not recognize it, so thanks for the heads-up. I was like, I have no friends in common with this guy, must be some spam account :)

    TC ~ Um, "Ocean Walk" is actually one of the candle scents...

    Pia ~ Thank you. I had completely forgotten about their (completely normal and healthy) obsession with Baywatch!!! "I say always keep them running! This is the brilliance of the show."