Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Music Monday: Winter plods on

Alas, with football out of the way, now there is nothing.  Winter plods on.  And will for six more weeks, that is if you're inclined to believe a rodent from the Quaker state, or the creator of the Gregorian calendar.

Most of the things that have been on my mind to write are rather heavy.  I feel I'm in danger of entering the blog equivalent of Picasso's Blue Period, except with less fame.  Some fame, just less.

Wanting to ward that off for your benefit, I offer instead some lighthearted fare.

For once the Super Bowl was, well, super.  I actually had a nice little Super Bowl party, for one.  But it was catered.  By Domino's.

Everyone's talking about "the call."  Might I suggest Seattle change its name from the Seahawks to Mitt Romney?  That way, the next time they decide not to run, no one will be all that upset.

And can we stop making the Super Bowl commercials "a thing?"  They're annoyingly lacking in creativity and let's be honest, they've been going downhill for the past five years or more.  Which, strangely, is not unlike this blog.

Making it worse, I felt like the ads were super depressing this year -- childhood deaths, Cats in the Cradle, Jeff Bridges trying to salvage a once-passable career by begging people to visit his new website.  Thank God for Doritos and Lindsay Lohan!  Which, strangely, is not the first time I've uttered that sentence -- or as I usually refer to it -- sincere prayer of thanksgiving.

Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, why must the Super Bowl always make you think of your ex-girlfriend, amirite?

At least January has abated.  February isn't worlds better, but it's short and close to March.  I mean, it's not related to March or anything, but they know each other.  January and March have never even met.

I was involved in a 20-some-odd email thread about General Hospital today, so things are looking up.  I mean, what if Fluke really is the old Luke and he was hallucinating and fighting with himself in the basement?!?!  What if Helena has brainwashed him like she has Jake/Jason?  I know, but then why would Eckert's grave be empty?  Unless real Luke wanted to throw everybody off.  But then why did he seem so upset when the grave was dug up?  I can't take it!

Oh, and Harper Lee is releasing a new book!  I can think of no better news than that for a cold winter's day.

This week's Music Monday offering is one I've had on repeat quite a bit the past few weeks.  It's by Adam Cohen, who is the son of Leonard Cohen.  The lyrics just kill me.  Every time.

"I know the kind of thing that makes you laugh / The way you tilt your head for a photograph / What other guy knows you like that?"


  1. I cannot fathom why that Nissan commercial that used Cat's In The Cradle to sell its car. I mean, what?

    And that Nationwide commercial about the dead kid was HORRIBLE. Thanks for making any parent who lost a child feel it ALL. OVER. AGAIN. Maybe (and this is a HUGE maybe) if it had been a PSA (like the domestic violence one) it would've been different but it was a commercial for an insurance company, not a company that helps to prevent childhood accidents.

    Overall, I found almost all the commercials to be disappointing. I didn't even find the Doritos commercials funny.

    Can I just say, I find it hilarious that you capitalized everything in the Labels except Winter and Lindsay Lohan.

    And that's a great song.

  2. There were maybe five commercials, tops, that I enjoyed this year. And the childhood death one was HORRIBLE! There was nothing ok with that - nothing.

    So in a town near the one where I used to live, their groundhog BIT the mayor holding him for the town's GHD shenanigans. No joke.

  3. That's beautiful.
    Helena said she made sure the grave was empty. I know so embarrassing that I know this.

  4. Xinh ~ It's hard for me to imagine that gained Nationwide even a single customer. Well, seasons aren't supposed to be capitalized. And I have no idea why Lindsay Lohan wasn't, except that it was a tag I had used previously and it was already in there like that.

    TC ~ I saw that story. Hopefully, the mayor doesn't find himself in some Bill Murray movie where he gets bitten every day.

    Pia ~ I guess I'm partly responsible, since I was your GH -- what's the opposite of AA sponsor -- enabler?

    Did you see where they are letting fans vote on which character to bring back???

  5. The Mayor might prefer the Bill Murray scenario to the PETA one he has himself involved in...

  6. I vote that you unleash your less-light-hearted thoughts. We can take 'em.

    And, as Ellen Degeneres tweeted: "They're publishing the sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird. Exciting! I can’t wait to read what kind of trouble Katniss gets up to in this one."

  7. My daughter and I play of game of trying to identify the product the commercial is pitching. Neither of us got the Nationwide one so I feel they probably personally made that commercial for us just to stump us.

    I saw the video of the mayor getting bit by the groundhog. He deserved it! He did a good job of acting like he wasn't hurt but I bet he had some choice words as soon as the camera turned off. He may even be eating groundhog steak as we speak!

  8. groundhog steak

    I have to wonder if you've had such a thing, Ed :)

  9. I agree the commercials were bad, not to mention all shown before half time! Shame on Nationwide for that commercial content... though we are all talking about it still.

    I like the song... If you like that song, I am assuming you are a closet Taylor Swift junkie? ..."'Cause she doesn't get your humor like I do
    I'm in my room
    It's a typical Tuesday night
    I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like
    And she'll never know your story like I do'..."

  10. TC ~ Now that I've pondered it for a bit, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. I mean, you pull me out of my hole at the crack of dawn when it's twenty degrees outside, I'm not gonna be happy about it.

    Jocelyn ~ As long as Jennifer Lawrence continues to play her in the movies, I'm all for it.

    Ed ~ That seems to happen quite a bit with commercials, in general. I'll be like "I like that commercial with that guy and that dog." "What was it advertising?" "I have no idea."

    Helene ~ I wouldn't say a junkie. I like some of her music. Have a few on my iTunes. Good call, though. Those are similar.

  11. 1. I am very nervous about the Harper Lee book.
    2. Cats in the Cradle is the worst song of all time because it is the saddest song of all time. I cannot think of one instance in life where I would want to hear that song.
    3. Lindsey looks good for your college friend that did drugs for a while, but then got pregnant and decided she would give being a mom a go and is doing pretty good except that her daughter is a mini-slut.
    4. GH4life.