Monday, January 26, 2015

Music Monday: Remember me?

Congratulations!  For the past four months, you have unknowingly taken part in a sociological experiment I like to call, "Could you survive without Bone?"  I don't know how you did it, nor am I sure I want to know.  But somehow, against all odds, you have done it.

Others were not so lucky.  Some turned to Facebook.  Some resorted to more extreme measures, such as interacting with other people, face to face.  But even as we mourn those less fortunate souls, we must move on.

I am going to attempt to begin posting on a somewhat regular basis again.  In fact, my goal is 3 posts per week.........

Why are you laughing?  (I'm pretending I still have readers, just go with it.)

One might wonder why I am even telling you this.  My hope is that by making such a public statement, it will hold me more accountable.

Think of me as you would an absentee father you've not seen in years.  Just as you finally pull yourself together and accept that you will never have a relationship with him, he shows up and wants to be part of your life.  He promises this time will be different.

Will he keep his promise?  Not likely.  But I gotta think he feels a bit more guilty breaking his promise than he would having made no promise at all.  (It occurs to me this might not be my best analogy ever. I knew I should have gone with my "I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block/I'm still, I'm still Bone from the blog" idea.  Now I blog a little, used to blog a lot, etc.)

So where have I been?  Working?  Watching countless episodes of "WKRP In Cincinnati" on my new DVR?  Spending every free moment reaching Level 90 on Trivia Crack in only five weeks (in all likelihood a world record)?

Sure, I could blame it on any of those things.  And while all have some validity, the bottom line is if I wanted this relationship to work, if I truly wanted to be a part of your life, I would have made time to be here.  There are always a million reasons not to write.

In closing, and because I am fresh out of segues, here is my promise to you.  Actually, it's just a song called The Promise."  Originally done by the British band, When In Rome.  This is a fairly recent version by Sturgill Simpson.  The words don't entirely apply to our situation, but Sturgill has been scratching me where I itch lately.  Figuratively, of course.  (Am I using too many -ly words?  Probably.)

Here's to blogging more (and to hoping I'm a better father someday than I've been a blogger). 

"I'm sorry but I'm just thinking of the right words to say / I know they don't sound the way I plan them to be..."


  1. Welcome home, Bone. We missed you.

  2. Glad to see you're still here, I'd thought some dog had taken you out and buried you. Welcome back! And thanks for the laughs.

  3. I think binging on WKRP may be a valid reason for not writing, but only once in a lifetime. So I'm expecting the three a week posts, or else I'll have to stop going easy on you at Trivia Crack.

  4. I just figured you died in some tragic random accident that had the doctors all taking pictures and whispering how it had been a one in a million shot!

  5. I am looking forward to those 3 posts/week... and don't be surprised when we start hounding you for them ;-)

  6. Robyn ~ Thank you, my child. (Was that weird?)

    Sage ~ Thank you, sir. I think I was quite near the point where "I have a blog" was about to become "I had a blog." Nonetheless, it's good to be back.

    Heidi ~ I assume your victories over me at Trivia Crack rank just below motherhood amongst your life's greatest accomplishments.

    Ed ~ I can only hope to go like that some day.

    TC ~ I wouldn't expect anything less. Now, when should I expect to see a new TC post?

  7. Welcome back. I've semi-recently discovered Trivia Crack also. Kinda fun.. ish.

  8. Now, when should I expect to see a new TC post?

    Do I even still have a blog?

  9. Hilary ~ It is addictive, for me at least. Thanks for stopping by.

    Pia ~ I know. It's quite ambitious. But I figure if I shoot for three and manage to write one or two, that'll be pretty good. Whereas if I set my goal at one, ya'll would probably never hear from me.

    TC ~ I know you "had" a blog. I suppose to "have" one you'd have to start updating it again. So get to it!

  10. Gee if memory serves me is I who got u hooked on trivia crack!! Sorry tbone followers! But thankfully boney from the block is back!

  11. I'd enjoy this song more if the guy didn't swallow words. Knowing the words and listening to him sing them half-assedly (is that even a word?) is making me mental.

  12. Luckily for both of us, we now communicate via all mediums, so we didn't have to spend time apart. I cannot imagine the mutual horror.