Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Today's hurdles, tomorrow's "goals"

So what does Bone do all day?

Perhaps this is a question you've found yourself asking before.  Perhaps it is even a question I have found myself asking before, when several hours seemed to have disappeared with not a trace of anything tangible to show for them.

Today, we begin to answer that question. For today, Google unveiled it's latest interactive doodle: the hurdles.  Go ahead, click over and play for an hour or so.  This post will still be right here when you get back.  It's not like I'm gonna blog again tomorrow or anything.

So I played Google hurdles today.  And -- and this is an important "and," for without it this post would be over now -- I tweeted about it.  (Don't worry, I'm still watching the Olympics, but occasionally I need a break.  I mean, there's only so many hours of Greco-Roman Wrestling a man can watch.)

I believe my day can most accurately and succinctly be summed up in these 140-characters-or-less bits of social media goodness.  Therefore, with apologies to J. Adamthwaite and anyone else who follows me on the Twitter and may have already had the misfortune of reading these once, I present today's tweets:

/begin Twitter log
Oh I'm gonna be doing this Google hurdle thing all day now.

Just shaved 3 seconds off my hurdles time! That's gotta be virtually unheard of in Google-ympics, right?

I don't wanna work. I just wanna play Google hurdles all day.

Someone should video me playing this. Teeth clenched, face in some sort of odd contortion. Don't tell me this isn't a real sport.

My guy is slow! Where's the option to select the Princess from Super Mario 2? She could float right over these hurdles.

I kept getting tripped up by the first hurdle for the longest! That'll ruin your whole day. I mean, race. (I meant day.)

11.3 seconds! They need some Easter Eggs on here, like hurdle invincibility, or "break twelve seconds and unlock the Usain Bolt character."

Amazing stat: Every 2.5 seconds today, someone has tweeted about #GoogleDoodle... And that someone is me.

Remember the Laff-A-Lympics?  I loved that!  The something Yogis, the Really Rottens, and... can't remember the other team.

FYI, I'm using both index fingers to run, and my left pinkie to jump. Requires extraordinary index-pinkie coordination.

Get your arms up! You run like you're about to do the vault.

I think I would do better if there were music playing like they have in gymnastics.  Maybe "St. Elmo's Fire." Or "Ride Like The Wind."

11.9. Crap! And why isn't Google showing the Olympic and world records in the bottom left corner while I run?

Oh!  The Scooby Doobies!  Duh.  #LaffALympics

Could one say that I am easily entertained? I think at this point it's at least conceivable.

Why do people keep walking in?!! You think Missy Franklin's boss keeps coming into the pool place every five minutes while she's practicing?

This requires like twelve seconds of absolute concentration and focus. Which is the longest I've focused on any one thing in five years.

11.3! BOOM! #GoogleDoodle OK, my hand is cramping. Seriously. #athleteproblems

Tomorrow on the Keyboard Olympics: Modern Pentathlon. YESSSSS!!! I'd better do some finger limbering exercises tonight.

11.0! OK, I think I'm done. Thanks to all of you who did not unfollow me. Today, and always.
/end Twitter log

And that's what Bone does all day.  At least for today.  And no, I'm not gonna spend all day tomorrow again playing the hurdles. Don't be silly.  Give me a little credit, would you?

There's a new doodle tomorrow: Basketball!

I'm gonna spend all day playing that.

"It is the night / My body's weak / I'm on the run / No time for sleep / I've to ride / Ride like the wind / To be free again..."


  1. Bone, it is time to rename you muscle or maybe ligament. What do you say?

  2. It seems I'm much better at Google basketball than Google hurdles. It's good to know these things, I think ;)

  3. you make your loved ones proud!

  4. Hilarious :-)

    Can we expect updates on today's goals as well?

    FYI: I never beat 16.1.

  5. So who are you on twitter? I'm @markd60

  6. And I'll be keeping away from google hurdles.

  7. lol...does this mean you've left your Olympic Napping aspirations behind?? Please say it ain't so, Bone! I'm getting the impression you may have actually skipped your nap practice yesterday - get your priorities in order! :D

    By the way, you made me laugh with your comments at my blog yesterday...no offense taken whatsoever at the "distant neighbors" comment. As an introvert, I understand and highly approve! :)

  8. Gautami - I'd be up for a new nickname. Bone has served me well for many years. Speaking of muscles, I think I may have strained an interossei yesterday.

    J Adamthwaite - Well, it's hard to be an Olympian in every sport, so maybe Keyboard Basketball is yours :) By the way, it took me 4 or 5 times before I realized the guy was scooting back every few shots!

    Renee - No doubt. What would be great is if we could mic my parents during a race!

    TC - Nope. No blog entry is planned for basketball. My high is 39 so far though, just FYI.

    MarkD - I am now following you. On Twitter, that is. Not in real life. That might be creepy.

    Sherri - Drat! I did skip napping practice yesterday. How did you know? I promise to make up for it today. Thank you for holding me accountable.

    I figured you would :) By the way, I read the article you linked to. I definitely have a lot of the characteristics of an HSP.

  9. I don't get it.Why have you been posting so much? To make me feel like a slacker?

    Great sentence: This requires like twelve seconds of absolute concentration and focus. Which is the longest I've focused on any one thing in five years.

  10. You played the "ride like the wind" song through your head while I was riding the wind this afternoon on a lake only to rush back for a trivia night at a local pub... and I didn't treat about any of it except here! :)

  11. HAHA! This post made me smile. I'm happy to have a report of what you do with your time.

  12. Sage, it's kayaking today! That's up your alley, no? :)

  13. I ended up like the Chinese guy and got tripped up on the first hurdle. I couldn't find the option to hop on one leg to kiss the last hurdle.

  14. Pia - Yes, that's exactly why. To shame you into making a grand return :)

    Sage - Trivia and sailing. That should be the new Biathlon. Well, trivia anyway.

    OK Chick - You should join Twitter. You'll get more reports of what I do with my time than you can stand.

    TC - TC posting multiple comments. I feel like it's 2007 again :)

    Ed - I hit so many hurdles I'm surprised my guy's knees didn't start bleeding.