Friday, November 05, 2010

How 'bout getting off of these antibiotics

The week started out well enough. It was Bone's first-ever attempt at an Halloween party. Though there was some pause given on whether to have the fiesta on Saturday or Sunday night, as Halloween fell on Sunday and I don't know how it is where you're from but in Alabama Sunday night is church night. As is Wednesday night. So towns, cities and churches debated on whether to declare Saturday the official night for tricks and treats. With no clear consensus reached, confusion reigned.

Fortunately, I thrive on confusion. OK, maybe not, but it sounded like a good thing to say there.

So the party was set for Saturday night and up until Saturday Noon looked like it would be about as well attended as a Dick Cheney hunting seminar. Then I guess no one could find anything else better to do -- which in itself is just beyond pathetic -- and we wound up with several late commits and a party of twelve.

There was pumpkin carving, pumpkin cupcakes -- which I did not sample, blech -- and the newest Halloween tradition of them all, a few games of Spoons. I don't know how familiar you are with the rules of Spoons, but my goal is to be in the final two, NOT get the four-of-a-kind, yet still manage to grab the spoon first. I mean, that would by far be the ultimate amongst all my relatively useless competitive accomplishments. I will retire from Spoons when that happens. And possibly do the late-night talk show circuit.

Perhaps the highlight of the evening was the costume contest. There was an adult costume contest, which wasn't as fun as it initially sounds, and a children's contest. Dressing up for Halloween for the first time in over twenty years, I managed to win the adult contest, barely outdistancing Lil Bootay 3 votes to 2, which was even odder ("even odder?") considering she wasn't wearing a costume.

So the party was a qualified (and inexplicable) success. Then things began to go downhill.

I got a sore throat Monday night. Normally I'm over anything in a day, two max. But things kept getting worse. I went to the doctor Thursday, but instead of antibiotics, he gave me some sore throat mouthwash, which didn't really help my sore throat but did function somewhat well as a weight loss pill as it soon brought my vomitless streak to an end.

I started running a fever Thursday night, which for some reason always makes me think of the time on Little House On The Prairie that Albert had a fever and they put him in a tub of ice. Or was it Almanzo? And why do I always think of that? It's not like I could ever actually do it. I can't even stand a cold shower.

Also -- and I don't think I've ever noticed this before -- but it's possible I'm a bit of a whiner when I'm sick. This occurred to me sometime amidst the three days of lying around randomly making groaning noises and occasionally moaning things like "I'm dying" and "Why me, Lord?"

Hard to believe any week that began like this could actually go downhill:

But alas, things are finally looking up. I went to the walk-in clinic today (you just cannot make that sound classy) and took two shots in the buttocks (that either). On a positive note, they were administered by a female.

So I've got some antibiotics. I have something else in common with Forrest Gump (besides hailing from Alabama). And best of all, McRib is back! Who wouldn't wanna be me?

"It'd be easy to add up all the pain, and all the dreams you sat and watched go up in flames. Dwell on the wreckage as it smolders in the rain. But not me. I'm alive..."


  1. "as well attended as a Dick Cheney hunting seminar"

    Great line, but not nearly as good as the photo! I hope you're getting better as I write.

  2. sorry to hear that your non-vomiting streak is over. :( That's always a bummer.

    Honestly I can't really remember how long I've gone w/o's been a good long while though.

    Feel better soon, did the nurse give you a lolly pop after the shot?

    Oh LOL my word verification is ejectups

  3. The photo is classic. So was the Cheney line, and all the lines you put yourself down in
    pumpkin is great in cupcakes. Now I'm hungry for them!!!!!!
    Spoons sounds about your maturity level!
    Walk in clinic=urgent care (something I never heard of until I moved down here--for your edification)

  4. I've been sick all week too! Not fun- hoping for an Alabama win to make me feel better


  5. LJR - Thanks for stopping by.

    Sage - I take great pride in being able to slip a nearly-five-year-old reference into a post. And it's still funny today.

    Renee - Eh, it's OK. My current streak wasn't that long anyway.

    No, I got no lollipop! No ice cream like Forrest got in the movie. Nothing. Just an "OK, pull your pants up." Wham, bam, thank you ma'am... er, sir.

    Pia - I put myself down? I don't think I even realize it anymore it just comes so naturally :)

    Yeah, I had to laugh when I wiki'd Spoons and one of the first things it says is "Spoons is a popular game among children and teens."

    Cami - I'm sorry to hear that Camilia. I highly recommend getting two shots in the buttocks.

  6. ugh. being sick sucks. worse even when you're single and there's no one to baby you.
    Hope you start feeling better soon.

  7. Ouch! I don't remember ever getting a shot in the rumpus. I hope you're feeling better. And there's no such thing as whining when you're sick.

    Hehe, funny post as usual:) and I love the hotdog costume. I've never played spoons, but I'm always up for a new card game.

  8. Oh no, Bone...I'm so sorry. But your week definitely started on a high note with that winning costume. And my week starts on a high note with the smiles you gave me in this humorous post. Even when you're sick, the humor remains strong and true. *impressed* :~)

    Coincidentally, my poor daughter had a rough week, too, and also ended her "vomitless streak" with a severe case of food poisoning and an ambulance trip from her college dorm. :~/ (Thankfully, she's all better now.)

    Here's to the upcoming week - may it be a much healthier time for everyone. Feel better soon!

  9. 2009 was chaos up here. The 31rst was on a Saturday but the police chief, who decides such things, thought it was inviting trouble. Of course Nov 1 was a Sunday and church night so we had Halloween on Nov 2! His house got egged once too often I think because we had it on Saturday this year.

  10. Bone, I hope you feel better, and I hope you never go outside the confines of the family compoumd in that hot dog outfit.

  11. LOVE the costume!!!!!!! :-D I feel that everyone should dress up for Halloween. I just don't get why other people don't feel the same...? Either way, good for you!

    However... just how many times a week do ya'll go to church? Sunday mornings are enough for us Midwestern heathens.

    as well attended as a Dick Cheney hunting seminar

    LOL I can't fathom why your friends wouldn't want to attend a Halloween party at Bone's. Crazy :)

    Hope you're (physically) feeling better now. I'm sure emotionally you're still pretty down after yesterday.

  12. Hope you are feeling better.
    cute costume! remember to recycle and wear it in your next marathon!

    Surprised you didn't go with the southern elixor that will fix what ails you, of downing 1/4 cup 'o warm whiskey and a pepermint stick.
    It certainly makes whatever is stuffing you up, come unstuffed.

    later Senior. - I know it will hurt you to know, but I will tell you anyway, I have a crush on Cam... and the scandal is heartbreaking.

  13. I've been trying to think of something witty to say about you dressed up as a hotdog but nothing's coming. Dammit! Well nothing save for a sudden craving for pork product (or beef if that's the kind of hotdog you desire and always, always grilled).

    You look adorable, Pal.

  14. Being sick sucks.
    on another note I love Halloween costume parties. They are so much fun.
    Love the costume.

    : )

  15. Hot dogggggggg! =p You my friend, are a freakin riot! lmao

    Hope that you are feeling better by now (I think its 5 days since you wrote this so you should be better.. yea??)

    Happy almost weekend! =]

  16. put yourself down? 'who wouldn't want to be me?" for starters. You're the only person I know who is passive/aggressive about himself in a good way. A nicer way of putting it is "self deprecating." All those Seinfelds must have paid off!!

  17. Xinh - I've often said being sick is the worst part of being single. Would it stand to reason then that it is also the best part of being a couple? :)

    Actonbell - I think those were my firsts.

    Spoons is great fun! A good game for when you have a group of eight to ten.

    Sweetest In The Gale - Aww, thanks. I figured if my attempts at humor fell flat in this one, I could at least blame it on the sickness :)

    Food poisoning? Ugh. I don't imagine that is any fun at all. Glad to know she is better.

    Ed - Halloween on November 2nd? Wow! I have never heard of that.

    Cooper - Thanks, Miss Cooper. But, uh, how did you know about the compound? :)

    TC - I think three times a week is fairly common here.

    Thanks. I think I forgot to mention that this was also my entry for Least Flattering Photo Friday :)

    Daily Panic - I've heard of the whiskey+peppermint cure all my life, but have never tried it.

    Senior? Senior?!?! I'm going to assume you meant to say "señor." And I'm choosing to ignore the rest so we can still be friends :)

    My Pal - Thanks, pal. Actually, I prefer turkey dogs. And I'm more of a dijon guy than yellow mustard.

    Kitty Cat - Thanks. So what did you dress up as this year? :)

    Helene - Good to see you around, stranger :)

    I'm doing much better. Thanks all for the well wishes.

    Pia - Oh I wasn't denying that I do it :o) Just saying that I don't even realize it most of the time.

  18. hahaha I mistakenly read your line as 'I am a bit of a weaner" and then saw that picture!!
    between your humor and my 12 year old sense of humor, I am still giggling.
    BUT .. sorry you were sick! hope those antibiotics worked!

  19. I'm sure you are well by now, hopefully you are. Love the costume. Just think, if your day job doesn't work out, you could always be one of those guys that stands on the side of the road promoting some fast food joint.

    I'm praying your day job works out. :o)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Lucy - Weaner, whiner, either one works :)

    Charlotta - That IS what I look like! Maybe I could be in the sausage race at the baseball game.

    I'm praying your day job works out.

    OK, that made me laugh.