Thursday, November 06, 2008

Have you Scene It?

It was your typical weekday afternoon. I was fighting to stay awake for another hour or so of work, trying to get over the shock of seeing Sonny Corinthos stabbed and dropped in the river with cement blocks chained to his feet. (Fortunately, Carly happened by the waterfront, dove to the bottom of the river, somehow picked the locks on Sonny's chains, unchained him, and swam him back to the surface, all while holding her breath.) A commercial break came on, and that's when I heard it.

"General Hospital, brought to you in part by Scene It Seinfeld."

Wait. Did I hear that right? It couldn't be, could it? Two of the very cornerstones of my life coming together? Apparently, the answer to those questions is yes. Yes I did. Yes it could. And yes they have.

My initial reaction was probably not unlike many of yours--after all this time, my Nuvaring post was finally paying off! At last, they've begun marketing to the 25-39 year old straight male soap viewing crowd. And why not? There must be dozens of us out here.

Next, a Vagisil commercial came on and my thoughts turned to this new product: Scene It? Seinfeld. They've done it! It's been done.

The problem here is the same problem I always face with Seinfeld-related releases, especially around the holidays. Either everyone will get me one and I'll wind up with like four, or no one will get me one because they think everyone else will be getting me one. It can be quite the conundrum.

It didn't take long for people to start contacting me. I must say, there is something quite comforting about friends--even those I've not heard from in awhile--knowing me so well that I'm the first person they think of when there's news regarding Seinfeld, Matchbox Twenty, or Lindsay Lohan.

The female half of Kywana IM'd me one morning to see if I'd heard about it. We discussed what a great addition this will be to this year's Festivus celebration. Then Friday, a girl I've spoken to maybe once in the past year called to tell me about it. She also raised an issue I had yet to think about, saying, "No one will want to play with you because you'll know every single answer."

Drat! She had a point. I would dominate. It'd be like Kramer fighting children in karate. After careful consideration, meditation, and asking myself what would Jason & Jerry do (WWJJD), I came to a decision.

I've decided that I'm perfectly fine with always winning.

"Master of the house, doling out the charm. Ready with a handshake and an open palm..."


  1. So are you buying it? I would kick your butt at the game...just FYI.

  2. At last, they've begun marketing to the 25-39 year old straight male soap viewing crowd. And why not? There must be dozens of us out here.

    Or at the very least one of you? :)

    I'm so glad your Nuvaring post finally paid off! I mean, since making your readers laugh isn't pay off enough, obviously.

  3. When I saw that commercial last night for the first time I thought of you right away!! How funny!

  4. But what are you going to do with seven copies?

    This is such a Bonehead post :) I'm not sure what that means but it sounds good

    Oh and you still give great synopses

    Maybe you can make that into a career

  5. OH BONE!! You are my kind of guy!
    We already Own it!! I got it for my son on Oct. 15th, his 16th b.d.
    Let me tell you, I consider myself a seinfeld trivia expert, but there are some really hard questions!! They have one category where they want you to name the Actors name, Not characters name of extras that were on the show!! Im good but Not that good!! Like the Jackie chiles attorney guy.. do you know his REAL name??
    haha It's so funny that you put up that les mis song that george couldn't get out of his head... THat was the answer to a question I got!! ( and got right of course!)
    Toys R us had it for a good price!
    wish we could play together! :)
    (thanks for visiting me today)

  6. OK Chick - Hopefully, I won't have to buy it. Hint hint. Oh, you wanna play me? Bring it! It is so on!

    TC - Yeah, it took awhile. I was beginning to give up hope. I mean, there are still plenty of birth control, feminine hygiene, and ED ads. But for one day at least, there was a little variety.

    Jennifer - See, this is exactly what I'm talking about. I love it!

    Pia - But what are you going to do with seven copies?

    Well, I'm not for certain. But I do believe that after many years, DVD's eventually wear out :)

    Lucy - Mmhmm, sure it was for your son ;-)

    Those do sound tough. But that's a good thing. I was afraid it might be too easy. Now I know what to study up on. Thanks!

  7. I feel so left out, I don't watch soaps and don't play games. Well, at least not seinfield games :)

  8. you are too much .. I always laugh when I visit here.

    ..and Sonny C.. he's still and always will be getting almost killed. And Carly will always be angry. What a couple.

  9. This has nothing to do with your post. Carnelian and I are commenting live, from our hotel room (yes, I said OUR to tell you we've been out, we've had beers, and we're taking pictures. So there! That's what you get for not booking your flight early. Mwah!

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  11. Every time I see that Seinfeld game commercial, I do think of you because I know of no one else who would love that game more than you.

    And I would totally play against you because I'm competitive like that. I might lose but I think it would still be fun to play.

  12. Sage - No sweat. I have Cheers Trivia around here somewhere :)

    Shelby - It's always good to know I made someone laugh. And who knew Carly was such an expert swimmer!

    Lass - LOL Oh, I needed that. Thanks for the call, too. Hope you girls had fun. I can't believe I missed it.

    Xinh - I dunno. Everyone would be expecting me to win, so all the pressure would be on me :)

  13. You might want to think about expanding your interests...I'm just sayin...

    Yeah right. Can you believe Sonny dodged death yet again?? And when is he going to figure out that the Zaccharas are behind all the shootings? He really is a dumbass.

  14. okay, this is so not fair. I go away for a measly 4 days and come back to not one but two Bone posts...and now that I've finally caught everything up you probably won't even read my long worked on thoughtful comment. sigh!

    Perhaps the smart Bone shopper should go to where he has thoughtfully registered for his gift giving wish list so that they would know how many copies Bone has requested and received. Just a thought. ;)

  15. I'm sooooooo excited about the game! I'm hoping that someone in my family gets it for me. :)

  16. Hello Bone, are you there? Why haven't you blogged? Did you buy Scene It and are busy playing? Did you meet some awesome woman and get married? Did you go on vacation? Are you being lazy? Are you still celebrating AL's win over Georgia?

  17. Scarlet Hip - LOL Expand my interests? I've got Seinfeld, Bama football, GH... what else is there?

    I don't know. When did Michael get shot, like 2004? And they still haven't figured out the Zaccaras are behind that.

    Renee - I guess I could do an wishlist. I've never done one before. Hmm, I can't believe I'm saying this, but that's actually not a bad idea :)

    OK Chick - Hey, quit stealing my lines!

    Redneck Girl - You and me both, sistah.

    OK Chick - No, I'm not here. Yes, I blogged and you didn't comment on it. No, I didn't get married. Yes, I went on vacation... a vacation from myself. No, I wouldn't call it being lazy, just an extended period of decompressing. I was watching White Shadow.