Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This post is brought to you by the iTunes Store. Now with 145 selections from Howard Jones. The iTunes Store, because after all, it's just money.

Today is Post Your Top Ten Most Played iTunes Day. OK, not really, but it could be. We could make it that. It's one of our inherent rights: life, liberty, and the permission to create obscure seemingly pointless holidays. You think the person who created International Talk Like A Pirate Day cared what people thought or that no one seemed to be observing or wearing a patch over their eye? Arrrgh! I think not, ye mateys.

There was a bit of sad news musically in the world of Bone recently. The Format broke up. I know what you're saying, "Bone, who is The Format?" Well, they were a band.

So in honor of The Format, and also to mark this newly created holiday, I present Bone's Ten Most Played iTunes.

1. She Doesn't Get It - The Format (57 plays)

Looking back now, the odds were enormously long that our paths would ever cross. I was flipping channels one night and for some reason, or more likely no reason at all, stopped on Carson Daly, which I never watch. And there they were.

To say the song they sang was catchy would be like saying Steve Jobs has done OK for himself. I dare you to listen to it and not have it stuck in your head. If you've not heard of The Format, don't worry. Not a single person I ever mentioned them to had heard of them previously.

Their relative anonymity combined with their recent breakup left me feeling a bit like a line in the song: "It never caught on. I was the only one who got burned."

2. A Long December - Counting Crows (42 plays)

I was a little late to the Counting Crows party, as Mister Jones came out while I was still in my skin-tight-Wrangler-wearing-heavy-country-music phase of the early nineties. (No, there will not be pictures.) But I'm here now. I've always been lyrically inclined, and these are amazing. One of my all-time favorite songs.

And some good news: They have a new album coming out March 25th.

3. Just Like Heaven - The Cure (41 plays)

The Cure always had great melodies. Here, the lyrics rise like a mountain to meet the friendly musical clouds, resulting in a wondrous skyscape of sonic perfection. A little aside: I had the cassette single for "Love Song." And by had, I mean, have.

4. All Your Reasons - Matchbox Twenty (40 plays)

You might think that when the new album came out, I did nothing but listen to it nonstop, over and over and over. Hmm... I forgot my point.

5. Loss, Strain, and Butterflies - Tabitha's Secret (37 plays)

This song has the distinction of having the single best line I've ever heard that I have no idea the meaning of: "Did you know with the rain in your pockets you can change the weather."

I ponder it for hours sometimes. So far, I've come up with 36 possible meanings. I think it may have its origins in one of the five houses of Zen.

6. Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms (36 plays)

So for like ten years I thought they were saying "Hate Jealousy." So what?

7. How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty (36 plays)

This would be much higher if you combined the number of plays with the number of times I watched the video online when it came out. Or no higher if you multiplied the number of plays by the number of people my age at their concert, which I roughly estimate to have been one.

8. Valerie - Steve Winwood (36 plays)

"Valerie, call on me. Call on me, Valerie." Brilliant.

9. American Girls - Counting Crows (35 plays)

I once sang this song at karaoke.

No, wait. That wasn't me. Come to think of it, it wasn't even this song.

10. You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol (34 plays)

Here's a little known fact: They are #1 on my list of Favorite Bands or Artists with "snow" in their name. Just ahead of the guy who sang "Informer."

"I am reminded why I don't do this. I fall in love far too quickly. I never want her to forget me. When you're gone, will you call? Will you write?"


  1. Oh, how completely sad is it that I read It's one of our inherent rights: life, liberty and the permission to create obscure . . . and before I even finished reading the sentence I thought "I so know where he's going and I'm going to comment about those morons who made up Talk Like a Pirate Day." Love how your mind went the same place. :)

    You certainly have some wonderful music tastes; even if they are all from relatively the same genre! I'm so completely surprised that you don't have some country (Mr. Skin Tight Wrangler Boy) and some rap (I know you roll that gangsta lean sometimes) thrown in there somewhere. Plus where are the Milli Vanilli and Wham! and New Kids songs?!?! Color me surprised and a bit appalled that those various aspects are missing. They must all have 33 plays. :)

  2. I was so glad to see that I actually know some of these songs. Sometimes I feel so out of the loop listening to just Christian music...but apparently we hear enough of the other stuff to still look like we're with it. LOL!

    I guess I need to look up the Boggle reference...I'm sure I've seen it, but it's not coming to my muddled brain. And these kids are in danger of not getting confirmed. lol

  3. It's official, I am STEALING your idea. I love it. It's not only a good idea, but it allows us, The Readers, to gain more insight into the brilliance that is, well, YOU. :) And vice versa.

  4. This post grew on me. Some very funny lines

    Especially pondering the meaning of life

    Am very sorry about The Format--but I think you were their biggest fan :)

  5. I think it may have its origins in one of the five houses of Zen.
    Brilliant. I should really stop lurking and comment more

  6. Lillith - Well, that's pretty scary that you were already thinking of Talk Like A Pirate Day.

    Well, I didn't get Milli Vanilli on there until this past Christmas. Rest assured, Rob and Fab are climbing fast.

    Renee - No one's ever out of the loop here. I'm pretty mainstream.

    It's when Elaine goes to Lippman's son's bar mitzvah and gets him Boggle as a gift.

    Sean P - Go right ahead. Once I create the holiday, it is no longer mine. It belongs to everyone. Thanks.

    Pia - Yeah, my writing can slowly grow on you sometimes. Like a fungus.

    There's probably a pretty good chance I was their biggest fan. Maybe their CD will be worth something someday since so few were sold.

    Genie - Thank you. You really should. Commenting is fun. Wheeee. See how much fun we're all having.

  7. I have Coldplay stuck in my head now. And I'm glad you chose "You could be happy" instead of "Chasing Cars".

  8. I think you turned me onto the Format.

  9. Aww, I LOVE the format! They remind me of my Sophomore year of college! (2004) I think we have very similar music tastes.

  10. I may have to get turned on to the Format.. never heard of them tho (I don't think).

  11. Charlotta - So Coldplay is in your top ten? Or should that be obvious from your comment? I kinda got burned out on "Chasing Cars." You know because they played it like every twelve minutes for two years.

    HotPink - Hear that Format? I was bringing in the fans! And what did it get me?

    La Mode - Yes! Someone who's actually heard of The Format. Now, has anyone heard of Tabitha's Secret?

    Shelby - As I was writing about music, I couldn't help but think about those three song posts you used to do :)

  12. Sorry you lost The Format: I know that depresses you. I, however, am going to be annoyed with that song in my head for the rest of the night.

    So um, maybe I misunderstood, as that's been the case a few billion times in my life, but I thought we were supposed to give our top 10? No? Too bad, you're getting 'em anyway.(Oh and I apologzie profusely in advance for the sheer amount of country on the list: believe me, there is lots of other stuff on here.)

    10. Heads Carolina, Tails California, Jo Dee Messina, 86 plays

    9. Wal-Mart Parking Lot, Chris Cagle, 86 plays

    8. You Look Good in my Shirt, Keith Urban, 87 plays

    7. Everywhere, Tim McGraw, 88 plays

    6. Teardrops on my Guitar, Taylor Swift, 88 plays

    5. On a Night Like This, Trick Pony, 90 plays

    4. Accidentally in Love, Counting Crows, 90 plays

    3. Telluride, Tim McGraw, 96 plays

    2. Two Princes, Spin Doctors, 96 plays

    1. Sweet Southern Comfort, Buddy Jewel, 131 plays

  13. wow, that steve winwood reference took me back...I would have never suspected...I recently got an iPod Nano and I am iTunes happy these days...and strangely there's a bit of country in there (though no Wranglers!). I'll share one day.

  14. Creative post! I love "How Far We've Come". Guy #3 went to their concert a few weeks ago, I was alittle jealous.

  15. OH and I'm all about Talk Like a Pirate Day. OK, I won't talk like a pirate, but it will be fun to listen to everyone else talk!

  16. Never hard of Format...hmmm, I learn something new every day here...:)

  17. TC: OK, I know all but three of those. I really like your top three. Now I wonder why Spin Doctors aren't in my top ten.

    Jeri: That's what Winwood can do for you. His songs become soundtracks for moments in time :)

    OKChick: Thanks! Yeah, and you can still wear an eye patch.

    UL: I'm afraid to ask what you learned the other days :)

  18. TC_ I love your #1. I always sing that song at the top of my lungs with the sun roof open. I don't know just seems fitting.

  19. OK Chick: It is a perfect sunroof-open, top-of-your-lungs, sing-along kinda song. :)

  20. Hey Bone, this is a great idea! I can learn as much about you through this list as you can about the contents of my bag!!! I may need to borrow this idea!!! no worries I will give you credit! Thanks for stopping by my site! I hope you liked my 3WW response this week! I'm off to look for yours!

  21. Out of your 10 songs listed, I know 4 by title alone (and I'm sure I would probably know the other songs if I heard them).

    I find Snow Patrol to be the most emo of all the emo bands out there and I just can't get into them.

  22. Karaoke is a lot like ice fishing, a poor excuse to drink...

  23. I can't believe GNR SCOM isn't on your list!

  24. Amerrotogirl is so right. Though very hypothetically I could only have in my bag what I want the world to see. I could never fake loving Question Mark & The Mysterians 96 tears more than any other single

  25. I've been lurking around here for a while now, but the time has come, I think, to say hello and tell you I really like your writing style.

    I found you by googling 'if you only read one blog this year', or words to that effect, because I thought that might point me in the direction of some good reading material. Good title choice!

  26. ....ok, I don't get it.
    (then again, I'll betcha y'don't know why my face is painted pink, either, do ya?)

    Can we listen to music there? Is it like listenning to the Dr. Dimento shows?

    Am I a dinosaur dropt into modern times?

  27. I did a blog post that I know you'll like. :)

  28. So how are you?

  29. Amaretto: Thanks. I figured it would give a little insight into the man behind the blog, for better or worse :)

    Xinh: Yeah, you probably would. I'm pretty mainstream when it comes to music.

    Sage: Depends on which side of the microphone you're sitting on, perhaps :)

    Java Boo Boo: That's a valid question you raise. I think the problem is, all their songs are like seven minutes long and iTunes only counts it as played if you play the whole thing. So when SCoM gets to all the music at the end, I skip to the next song sometimes.

    Pia: Good point. iTunes doesn't lie.

    J Adam: Well, hello. I'm glad you decided to comment, and I appreciate the nice words. Thank you.

    Boneman: Your face is pink? I'm not familiar with Dr. Dimento. I do, on occasion, listen to Coast To Coast with Art Bell, however.

    OK Chick: Oh definitely. I'm all about some Milli Vanilli.

    Gautami: I'm doing OK. I keep meaning to do an update post on Dad and things. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. Thank you for asking :)

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