Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nothing but chicks and basketball

I hope you all had a good Easter. Apparently, the word is out that I like Peeps, as I received no fewer than four packs of marshmallow chicks and bunnies this weekend. That's in addition to the one pack I bought myself before Easter, just in case everyone else forgot. I couldn't risk it.

In other weekend happenings, Jamie and I played golf Saturday, my first time on the links in 2008. I'm proud to say I only lost two balls, which as you may know is how I truly keep score. It's kinda like that peg game at Cracker Barrel. If you leave only one peg, "yore a genius." Well, if I lose only one ball, I'm... whatever the golf equivalent of a genius is, in my mind anyway. I'm not sure what losing zero balls would equal. But as that's pretty much like the three minute mile to me, I probably shouldn't waste a lot of time pondering it.

The highlight of my day, yea, my weekend, was holing a 25-foot par putt from the fringe on the 13th hole. It was a big breaker to the right. And probably the single greatest moment in my life since I hit a homerun in a softball game a few years ago, which didn't end up counting anyway because we'd already reached our alloted home run limit of one for that game.

Should it disturb me that I consider athletic acheivement among the greatest moments in my life, when I've not played any organized sports--other than the occasional softball league--since high school? Tell you what, let's not even analyze it. If we dig too deep, it could just become sad. And who would want that.

After golf, I headed over to Axl's to watch basketball. Ah yes, March Madness. When seeds and brackets aren't just gardening and hardware terms. When Bryant becomes the "other Gumbel brother" for two and a half weeks. And when your wife or girlfriend is babbling on about being upset, and your response to her involves the phrase "five-twelve."

I have Kansas, UCLA, North Carolina, and Texas in my Final Four. Out of curiosity, I was looking back at my March Madness post from a year ago. Oddly enough, two statements I made then are applicable again this year. And I quote: "The good news is, my Final Four all made it thru to the Sweet 16... The bad news is, my Cinderella team, Winthrop, lost in the second round."

The only difference is that Winthrop lost in the first round this year. Note to my 2009 self: Do not pick Winthrop.

I had three different stops to make yesterday for Easter. At Mom's, she of course still boils eggs. And dyes them. And makes us hide them and hunt them. In her living room.

I should probably mention here that there was no one under the age of twenty-seven among those gathered at Mom's. Anyway, you really have to get creative with hiding places, especially by the fourth or fifth go round. I think my best was when I unscrewed the light bulb from the lamp and replaced it with an egg.

Meanwhile at my Aunt's, I got into an existential discussion about the Easter Bunny with my nine-year-old cousin. I asked what seemed like a harmless enough question, "Did the Easter Bunny come to see you?" She replied with, "The Easter Bunny is fake. But my momma came to see me." She's nine! I was driving before I figured out the Easter Bunny.

I decided not to even bring up the Velveteen Rabbit. I know he's real.

"Closer than my peeps you are to me, baby. Shawty, you're my angel, you're my darlin' angel..."


  1. You still believe in Santa but not the Easter Bunny? What about the tooth fairy? Please illuminate.

    Sounds like a wonderful holiday weekend. I hope your family is all doing well these days.

    The bad news for you is I have the same final four. Which is almost a guarantee neither one of us will be right. I will, naturally, be cheering against Kansas on Sunday, so if they lose, I won't be upset or anything O:)

  2. DD got peeps this year cuz she really wants to try them. Unfortunately they do not sell peeps in individual packages so if she doesn't like them we're in trouble...should I mail them to you? (they're blue chicks)
    I think perhaps we hide too many eggs cuz by the "end" of the hunting it's DH & I finding the eggs and telling DD where to find them.
    Glad that you had a great holiday. I hope your dad is doing well.

  3. I laughed outloud at the Velveteen Rabbit reference. Ahh...

    Well, you can eat a peep for me. I prefer to never, ever eat another one again. or hotdogs. Anything with potential to blow up in the microwave is out.

  4. TC: Come on, there's no way one bunny could lay that many eggs! Santa is magical. Have you never seen Miracle On 34th Street? Or Elf?

    I have Kansas winning it all, which probably bodes well for their opponents.

    Gautami: Thanks. I'm hoping to get back in the routine of posting more frequently.

    Renee: Yeah, Peep packaging is a problem. They usually come ten or fifteen to a pack. Once you break the seal, they're fresh for maybe two hours.

    We only hid a dozen in Mom's living room and would forget where we'd hid one or two almost everytime.

    Charlotta: Uh oh. Sounds like someone had a traumatic microwave explosion incident.

  5. Um, I hate to be the one to give you an obviously much needed lesson on rabbit reproduction (Renee, wanna help out here?!?!?! You're the bunny guru.), but... IF a bunny is laying ANY eggs, that's pure magic right there.

    Since I'm sure you'll require proof, I wiki'd it. Scroll down to reproduction.

  6. Wait. You hide the eggs you have to find at your Mom's?

    Yes the light bulb was truly creative. Did you find it also?

    I'm in a truly not great mood and I laughed out loud several times while reading this

    I don't understand why you were only alloted one home run.

    Are you saying that if some chick offered you at least six packs of marshmallow chicks and bunnies she might win your heart?

  7. I saw something on t.v. that the average American spent $150 or so on Easter candy. I spent zero dollars I'm happy to say. I wish I would have known you when I was kid and got peeps in my Easter baskets, I would have been happy to share. You know, they're made about an hour and a half away from me. Just Born Candy Co, Bethlehem, PA...look it up!

  8. Sounds like you had a good Easter weekend. I had no Easter candy whatsoever.

    No reason really.

    I don't know if I've ever tried Peeps. It's on my list of things to do.

  9. The Velveeten Rabbit is real

  10. TC - Well, see for yourself.

    I rest my case :)

    Pia - We take turns hiding them. The hunter has to go outside while the eggs are being hidden.

    A lot of leagues have home run limits to keep a team from loading up with ringers and just hitting twenty balls over the fence. It kinda helps keep things fair.

    Carnealian - I can believe it! I didn't spend near that much, but what candy I did buy--other than the Peeps--was like $5 per little tiny bag.

    Man, you live in a candy paradise up there. Are you neighbors with Willie Wonka? :)

    Shelby - Yeah, it was a good weekend. A much needed one. I hope that you had a good Easter, as well.

    Genie - Thanks. I know. I mean, how can it not be!

  11. Big smiles while reading this post. I can tell my 18-year old would love to hang with you. He loves March madness, draft season, whatever ESPN is reporting. For a whole year he never missed Around the Horn.

    I knew someone who used to burn Peeps. Does that seem like a heretical act to you?

    Mamma Bone is a trip! I love her tradition. I wish I did that. I dyed no eggs this year. :( Shame on me!

  12. Go Carolina and don't get sick on all those peeps!

  13. Oh my. If you believe that kind of cinematography, I guess you're just going to believe anything.

    Still though, you're trusting YouTube over wikipedia?!?! *er* What has happened to you???

  14. Awww, you quoted one of my favorite songs at the bottom there! I friggen love that song.

    Peeps are nasty. My 5 year old won't even eat them. We only buy them to cook them and watch them explode.

  15. Another Peep fan! My kids hate them. Surprisingly they always end up getting them in their Easter basket. Convenient for me! :) I too will always dye eggs. When the family is together for the egg decoration we let the kids do their share and have a whole stash just for the adults. Then we let the real contest begin.

  16. Christine - Ah yes, Around The Horn and PTI are always on here on the days I get home from work in time.

    Sage - I've liked Carolina since the Jordan days. And was so glad to see Duke go out early again this year.

    TC - I trust my eyes over Wikipedia, just slightly though.

    Dirty Pirate - What is the deal with burning Peeps? Does something cool happen?

    Kontan - Haha. How clever. Maybe my kids won't like Peeps either, should I ever reproduce.

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  18. Sad that the 9 year old seems a little cynical about the Easter Bunny. Even after I found out about the Easter Bunny and Santa we still made my mom get us presents from Santa and Easter baskets.

  19. we rant for Butler here.
    They're out, now.
    Season's over.

    About the golf thing...
    Lose no balls? Hey, Springtime you go try out for the US OPEN!
    I know I'm gonna....

    one of these days....

    OK, maybe not.

    About yer young cousin? Doesn't she know the Easter bunny'll be mad at her if she keeps saying that?
    'Course here, if Steve can just get his hands on the "Easter bunny" that's been ripping into his veggie garden, there's gonna be fresh meat served up

    Hide 'em and find 'em, eh?
    Give me a few months and I'll think one up for you....

  20. Oh, I love peeps, too! There's an annual peep eating contest somewhere in CA (Sacramento?) as well as a diorama contest-some of them are hilariously creative.

    LOL, egg-hunting in the living room:) Actually, I confess that when Mike and I went to visit my sister in MA a few years back, we did do the egg-hiding thing, but at least we could claim a couple teenagers. Who were not as amused as we were. This year, it was all about eating.
    I WISH that I could get into sports. Golf sounds like torture to me.

  21. For the past 2 years, the Washington Post has been sponsoring a Peep Show diorana contest. It's quite funny. Peep Show II.

  22. Coconut: Oh yeah, we did, too. Well, still do, actually :)

    Boneman: Butler, really? They had a good team, according to all the experts.

    And I could never be a professional golfer. I get nervous if even a couple of people come up behind me.

    Actonbell: A peep-eating contest? That sounds like it would be right up my alley.

    Yeah, I still haven't completely figured out the allure of golf. I just know it's there.

    Xinh: Thanks for the links :) I'll check it out.

  23. I hope the lamp was unplugged, or the egg at least not refrigerated and damp.

  24. you just made me happy with the Shaggy quote.
    I knew I loved you. Confirmed.