Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Me in twenty-five years?

The afternoon was much like any other. I was lounging in my underwear working on an email to Axl about how to make the Reds into a contender this year when the phone rang. It was my sister. She was speaking in a hurry.

"Turn on Channel 48 news!"

"OK... why?"

"Just turn it on. Hurry!"

"Alright. It's on, but all I see is a weather forecast."

"Wait until the weatherman comes back on and look behind him."

"What? Why?"

"Dad's on there."

"Why is Dad on Channel 48's weather?" I was completely clueless at this point as to why my father would be at the TV studios.

"They're at the fire department programming weather radios for people. And Dad's up there." Ah, well now it all made perfect sense.

The weatherman came back on and sure enough, there behind him amidst a crowd, was he who reared me. It appeared the only two people who were even cognizant of the televsion camera were the weatherman--you know, because that would be his job--and my Dad.

There he stood, lingering just over the weatherman's right shoulder, looking at the camera but trying to look nonchalant at the same time.

And then... he waved.

It was both hilarious and incredibly embarrassing. And OK, maybe a tad exciting.

Sometimes I think he has discovered my blog and now he's just trying to do things to get mentioned on here.

"I'm seein' my father in me. I guess that's how it's meant to be. And I find I'm more and more like him each day..."


  1. This is a perfect family vignette.

    Your father found out and is both embarrassed and proud

    I have to go back to seeing if I can actually clean out files without throwing away the one and only most important thing

  2. Oh--yes you--quite definitely

  3. hee hee.

    i always crack up when people wave on tv. it's ridiculous and cute and i am sure they can't help themselves. i'd probably do it too.

  4. and maybe he was just proud to be on the tv... getting that 15 seconds of fame.... hi daddy bone!!!!!!

  5. :-D

    Me in twenty-five years?"

    Sorry Bone, but this is you already I think. You're a total goof-ball of a grown man, just like him.

    And really, could you hope to be anything more? :)

    P.S. I LOVE that Paul Overstreet song! I'm going to have to visit the iTunes store to see if they have it now. Thanks, thanks a lot.

  6. My dad was on the news last May. He was that random-guy-pulled-out-of-a-crowd that answered a few questions. My parent's friends heard that he would be on the 6pm news and threw a party. I'm not joking. Ice cream, popcorn, and the 6pm news.

    at least all your dad did was wave. Imagine him mouthing "HI BONE!" or something else incriminating.

  7. I'm laughing over here. My dad, whenever he's interviewed for tv, makes some stupid *ss comment that they have to edit out. Embarrassing, yes. But hey, he's my dad.

  8. Yeah, the older I get... and ESPECIALLY now that I have a family... I am becoming more and more like my dad the older I get, and I'm only 33! Frightening!

    Oh, did I tell you? We are having a baby boy!! (Me and my wife, not me and you. lol WOoo!) Anyways, the pressure is off , and I've got someone to carry on the family name!

    Anyways, it's always cool seeing your family on TV! Sweet!

  9. that's so cute! At least he didn't do something that will end up on "TV's Most Embarrassing Moments."

    I was on TV the background trying to look non-chalant too...kinda hard as I was 6 months pregnant at the time. LOL! We were protesting.

  10. Pia: And to clarify, perfect modifies "vignette" and not "family", right? :)

    And fyi, I would never do anything like that! Going to have a weather radio programmed. Pffft.

    Circe: Yay! Mz. Circe's back!

    Sizzle: Yeah, it's fun to laugh at those people. Not as fun when they're related to you :)

    Hotpinksox: That's exactly what my sister and I were doing when we saw "the wave."

    Paisley: He was certainly enjoying his 15 seconds, though I'm not sure proud was the first word that came to my mind :)

    TC: Good lyric recognition. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you'll be the only person in the world downloading Paul Overstreet music tonight.

    Charlotta: We don't get much excitement around these parts, apparently. I only wish I would've taped it.

    Jen: Glad you could share in the laughter. Looking on the bright side, at least he wasn't mouthing "I'm Bone's dad" at the camera :)

    Java: Yes, you sent out a mass email to everyone :) Congratulations. The Java name lives on!

    Renee: Yes, it could have been much worse, I'm sure.

    Protesting? What were you protesting? Being pregnant? :)

  11. I love it!! That TOTALLY sounds like something my dad would do!!!
    That reminds me of something that I saw on the news a few weeks ago. It was just after those tornadoes hit...and they were interviewing this one redneck guy whose house had just blown away. He's talking away to the reporter and his call phone rings, and he ANSWERS IT and IGNORES THE REPORTER!! I have never seen anyone answer a phone in the middle of an interview was hilarious!!!

  12. It wouldn't really read well as a family perfect vignette

  13. you know those moments when you laugh outloud in totally silent surroundings and you're not alone.
    just happened.

    love it :)

  14. tag, you are it.

    Check out my blog

  15. Jeri & Sage: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Jennifer: Oh, I'm glad Dad's phone didn't ring at that moment. He yells when he talks on it.

    Pia: What about a perfect vignette of family? I'm kidding. It was worded perfectly. I just wanted to clarify :)

    Cami: I love when my blog causes one of those moments to occur :)

    Hotpink: Will do.

  16. Yeah, I just had the same experience as Cami. Read your blog, laughed out loud, which caused my co-worker to ask what I was laughing at so I read the entry, which caused her to laugh as well.

  17. Do not ask to whom your dad waves, for he waves to YOU. That's really sweet:)

  18. HA!! That's awesome!

    BTW- I changed my mind about the TMK.. I totally think it's Devlin.. You?

    My web addy has changed. Here's the new one:

  19. That's a great story. Your dad sounds like a good guy.

  20. oh that's really exciting Bone innit? I am so bad at things like this...I would go to the extend of taping it all!!! :) Nuts, huh! And it will not only be if my dad was on telly! Anyone whom I know even a little bit, friend or foe, I would! uh-uh I better stop before you classify me as a lunatic..

  21. Dude, as they say here in California -- and this is serious -- you crack my shit up! "And then...he waved." LOL! Too much. My dad, unfortunately, abandoned me at 8 and disappeared (I'm cashing in the sympathy chips right about now..sniff) so I was luckily spared such embarassing moments. Or exciting. Whichever. Anyway, HI!

  22. Xinh: I love it! :-D

    Actonbell: Hey, any takeoff on Hemingway is always welcome here!

    Burg: Well, I was thinking that, too. Or Jerry. But after today, not so much :)

    Thanks for letting me know. I'll change my link.

    Writerkat: Yeah, he has his moments :)

    UL: Haha. Well, as I commented to someone earlier, I did kinda wish I would've taped it. If only so I could have YouTubed it and shared it with ya'll :)

    Sean: Oh, official California speak. Cool! I love California. Thanks for stopping by.

  23. Awwww. I keep telling myself that this isn't going to be you in 25 years. Genetics can't possibly be that strong, can it?? :)

    Then again, I can just see your dad back there: trying to appear all cool and collected, then bursting out in a frenzied wave like a kid on a parade float.

    Your dad's a character, to be sure. Consider yourself lucky if you're that excited about the little things (and capable of embarrassing your kids) at that age.

  24. At least your dad only waved. When I was a kid, my dad took my sister and me to a parade (we're twins and we were dressed in identical outfits--you can say it now, "Aah, how cute...") and the cameraman decided to capture it on film. What did MY dad do? He made bunny ears with his fingers behind both our heads.

    All our friends saw it, too, on the 5 o'clock new, and the ones that missed it tuned in at 6 because their other friends called them to tell them about it. Thankfully, no VCRs back then... just painful memories.

  25. Lillith: Honestly, he looked like he was stealing something :)

    Gay: Bwahahahaha! Ah yes, that definitely puts mine in the category of "it could have been worse." :)

    Marcia: You know, I'm not sure. I think I may have. Of course, the difference being, no one could see me.

  26. It's funny how something as simple as that can be so increbily exciting.