Wednesday, September 12, 2007

3WW #52

Welcome to Three Word Wednesday. Each week, I will post three (or more) words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. I'll also attempt to write something using the same words.

Leave a comment if you participate. Many fun and interesting people might visit your blog.

This week's words are:

The original plan had been to pick up Marsha and bring her back to his house to listen to his new Manfred Mann album on the Hi-Fi. But things began to go awry when Woody put on the record and the needle skipped right to the end.

He tried again. Same thing.

Woody glanced nervously over at the blonde girl sitting on the sofa. There she was, the head cheerleader and bank president's daughter, looking like something out of a magazine he'd looked thru for the pictures but had never read. This date was a huge deal. At least that's what his friends kept saying.

Woody fished around in his pocket, retrieving a penny, which he put on the turntable arm. It was still skipping.

Darn that Clarence, Woody thought to himself, certain his little brother had been using his records as frisbees again.

"I'm sorry, Marsha. I guess the record got scratched. Do you want to listen to something else?"

"No. I really had my heart set on Manfred Mann."

"Oh, uh, I see. Well, would you like a soda or anything?"

"No. Could you just take me home?" She seemed put off by the whole episode. "If we leave now, I can still make it to Marcy McRae's party."

"Sure, I... guess so. Just let me tell Dad I'll be back in a few minutes."

Halfway across town, his parents' twelve-year-old Studebaker began making an awful racket.

"What's that noise?!" Marsha asked, covering her ears, a pained expression on her face.

"Uh, I'm not sure."

Woody stopped the car. He got out and opened the hood but had no idea what he was looking for. He walked around to Marsha's window.

"I guess we'd better walk the rest of the way to your house."

"That's eight blocks from here! It'll mess up my brand new shoes. I'm not walking that far. Besides it looks like rain."

Woody looked to the sky. She was right. About that time, Archie Wilson happened by in his new Mustang.

"Hey Marsha, need a ride?"

"Oh, I sure do," Marsha responded. "Thank heavens." As she got out of the Studebaker, she turned to Woody. "Thanks for the worst date ever."

She got in the car with Archie and they sped away. Woody rolled up the car windows and locked the doors. Then he began walking slowly towards home, disheartened. He barely noticed the soaking rain that had begun to fall.

It would take him three weeks to save up enough allowance to buy another Manfred Mann album.

"I could've been a good man, mmm yeah, a good man and not a jerk. If things could've been different, we coulda had some changes made. But you went away child. Lord knows you should've stay-ay-ayed..."


  1. Hi everyone,

    A complete nonsensical conversation today called "Pride and Joy".

    Have a great day. :)



  2. Sorry, that's "Radio Noise". Don't know what's happened to my typing lately :(

  3. This is my first contribution to 3WW.

    Domestic Bliss

  4. Here's my attempt:



  5. Boy, you like giving us a challenge! Every week I start out wondering what I could possibly do with the three words I have to work with, and then every week something unexpected flows through. :) Thank you again for creating this wonderful community!

    Mine for this week: A Question

  6. still not first, but, better late than never, eh?

  7. OK,I have totally lost it now... I wrote a letter, and only because I had to, I ended it in less than novel length... or short story.

    The Original Game

  8. Tonight begins the Jewish New Year and they go through next week--I am, and once accidentally began a war because I didn't celebrate so...

    If anybody is L 'Shanah Tovah

  9. I know it's only September but I thought I'd share a rough draft, never before published, to the well loved classic:

    Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
    Mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,
    Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap.

    When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
    I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
    Away to the window I saw what made the RACKET.
    An ORIGINAL T Ford going Clickety Clacket.

    (...then SKIPPING a few stanza...)

    I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
    "Happy Three Word Wednesday to all, and to all a good-night!"

  10. Hello

    Here's mine! Along Red River (Pantoum).

  11. Skipping stones against the currents, he hesitated posting a link to his site. To do some would constitute the ultimate betrayal to the original intent of this exercise. What kind of ponzi scheme would he unwittingly unleash if any anonymous blogger was emboldened to misdirect traffic to their site under false pretense? He wanted to part of that racket.

    As the stones in his hand dwindled to dust, he contemplated his next move, staring off at the distance ships on the horizon sinking beneath the setting sun.

    Suddenly, a stiff wind from across the bay gust forth, strengthening his resolve. He knew his story was too important to conceal.

    With a deep exhale, he clicked on the send and tossed his iprone out to sea.

  12. So....? Is your submission like a super secret surprise for the end of the day, pal?

  13. charlotta, that was GREAT! I am with Heather... where the heck is the captain of this ship?

    Hey... off the golf course you have women to write to! lmao... oh and boneman too! =]

  14. ok so i finally have it finished...remember if you hop on over that this is the third section of the story...good luck on your writing!!!

  15. Here's my thoughts on the three wednesday words.

  16. I'm afraid you caught me in a melancholy mood today...

  17. To atone for past sins such as skipping 3WW, I have posted a triplet 3-WW post (don't worry, they're all short).

  18. Thanks to all participants this week!

    The captain of this ship? :) That reminds me of that song The Captain Of My Heart. Who sang that?

    Anyway, I plan to be around to read all your entries eventually.

  19. I think my hunch that this story was going to go awry started with the name “Woody.” And I won’t even mention Marsha. Marsha, Marsha, MARSHA! (OK, so I won’t mention it again.)

    looking like something out of a magazine he'd looked thru for the pictures but had never read.


    I loved the twist from the normal “I only buy it for the articles, honey, I swear” line there.

    By soda, he really meant to offer her a pop, right? I bet if he’d said “pop” she would have stayed O:-)

    (OK, so probably not, but it sounded good.)

    Maybe it’s because of how well you described Marsha’s character, combined with my knowing girls just like her (or so I assume), but I can hear her saying “Thanks for the worst date ever."” in my head. It’s like surround-sound.

    While part of me is tempted to say “Poor Woody” at the end, I honestly think he’s better off without her. And while it took him three weeks to buy a new Manfred Mann CD, it probably took three more years to learn that lesson. But I’d be willing to bet he did learn it. Or maybe I’m just being optimistic today :)

  20. Loved the whole date from hell thing which I guess means the whole story

    It's every teenager's nightmare and you captured it so perfectly--even the obnoxious little brother and the father's car that broke down

    Manfred Mann!! :) Any girl in any decade who wanted to listen to Manfred Mann has something wrong with her

    Though loved the description her--said so much in few words--could picture her perfectly--would probably have hated her. And she'd probably be my bff now

  21. You nailed it. Superficial girls who drop guys like a bad habit just because a better offer comes along. Jerky guys who get the girls 'cause daddy had enough money to buy him the latest car. And all of us just going along with it because we didn't want to disrupt our social status.

    *shudder* This took me right back to high school and, as much as I loved that time in my life, it's not a place I like to visit too often.

    Oooh, if I had it all to do over again I think I'd tell some of my friends what witches they were. And maybe a few of them would say the same to me.

    Poor Woody. :( He deserves so much better! I'll console myself with the belief that he got it.

    And Marsha, well, Marsha deserves Archie. I'll just let you picture how I'm imagining that little scenario working itself out. It's not pretty.

    I'll be up before Monday this time. I swear!

  22. Hi Everyone! I'm a day late -- sorry about that. Here is my poem:


  23. Hi Bone! Your story is terrific -- I felt so bad that Woody's date was going so terribly, and that the girl was being so mean to him. He seems like such a nice guy! You really captured his discouraged feeling and how much that music meant to him.

  24. Hey just a couple of days ago, at the beach, I saw a guy tossing a record at his dog like a frisbee.

  25. Thanks to those who provided feedback on my first 3WW.

    Here's another:

  26. Enjoyed your 3WW #52 Bone.
    Things just didn't go according to plan...poor disheartened Woody (appropriate name choice)!

  27. TC: I loved the twist from the normal “I only buy it for the articles, honey, I swear” line there.

    I'm not familiar with that line O:)

    Ooo, my first post in surround sound. Thanks! And I don't think it took Woody three years to figure it out.

    Kathryn: Thanks for participating.

    Pia Savage: Any girl in any decade who wanted to listen to Manfred Mann has something wrong with her

    Now, now, I think perhaps you need to re-listen to some MM stuff. They were more than Do Wah Diddy. Or maybe they weren't.

    Thanks. It's important to have bff's.

    Ther: Yes, better late than never, and thanks for playing this week.

    Avery: Here I was thinking the female character might have been a bit far-fetched, and turns out you girls knew girls just like her :)

    Clare: Thanks. I think you got exactly what I was going for, that he was more disheartened about the scratched up album than the girl.

    GirlFPS: Was it a Manfred Mann album? :-D

    Jujee: Thank you, and thanks for participating again this week.

  28. Interesting way to incorporate all the words, Bone.

    I can't help wishing bad things for Marsha for being such a selfish and entitled girl.

  29. I am playing catch up at 3WW. Last week was the first time I participated. This week I wanted to jump in again but, so far at least, I haven't been able to create a story I like out of spinning, racket, and original.

    I went back and did an old prompt. The one that offered subtle, linger, and corridor. Hope that is okay.


  30. oh! I so dont like Marsha!!! What a *itch! I loved how you detailed the date Bone!!! It was like I was sitting there watching his frustration.

  31. He is better off without Marsha. I have a feeling he was not much worried about losing her. Manfred Mann album was more in his mind.

  32. i'm up - but late.. ya gotta scroll down..

  33. Well Bone, if Woody wants to give me a call, I'll listen to his records. ;)



  34. I didn't get a close enough look at it, but I'm 99.999999% sure it wasn't.

  35. I thought that this was one of Bone's best 3WW's.

    The story was from a high school boy's POV. The girl seemed like a bitch and was the bank president's daughter, head cheerleader, and wanted to leave

    But it was all told from his POV

    One thing I have learned in a year of reliving high school is that sometimes the cheerleaders and other girls who seem to have it so together don't

    He might have done something obnoxious he wasn't aware of.

    She might have grown into the world's greatest person. She might have had a really bad period to be blunt--he might have had buggers coming from his nose--I had a date in my 20's who did, and couldn't see past that

    Unfortunately we stick with high school perceptions for decades after the fact

  36. Great story, Bone. I felt like I was watching one of those old after school specials -- but a rare great one at that.

  37. Romancewriter: Thanks. And I think it's more than OK to go back and get words from a previous 3WW. I struggled with this week's words myself.

    Tagster: Thank you. I guess anytime you write a fiction piece, you hope to put the reader right there.

    Gautami: I think that's probably a good feeling you have.

    Shelby: I need a sign: Will scroll for 3WW's.

    Rose: A Manfred Mann fan, are we?

    GirlFPS: So you're saying there's a chance :)

    Pia: I laughed out loud at your next-to-last paragraph. Wow, I'm glad I was never labeled Cloudy Nose Guy in high school. That would be a difficult tag to lose. Seems like it would just "hang" around.

    Herb: Thanks. Actually, I think I may have been channeling Wally Cleaver for a few seconds, at least.

  38. You weren't labeled cloudy nose guy in high school? But I thought...

  39. I didn't feel sorry for Woody, not like y'all, he chose his date by her status, not who she was... but I did feel a little bit sorry for him... He should have picked the girl next door instead of Ms. Supposed Perfect... Thank goodness you spelled her name the way you did, Bone.. .

  40. Pia Savage: Um, no. I was labeled Elvis one year, but never cloudy nose guy.

    Marcia: Truthfully, I actually had it spelled like your name at first, but then remembered you and so I changed it.