Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What's my age again?

Happy birthday, LiLo!

Recently, a blogger friend of mine inherited something worth far more than rubies or pearls. She received an Xbox. So as she relayed to me the joys of playing Tiger Woods Golf and beating the likes of Stuart Appleby and Stewart Cink, I began to get the fever.

I considered renting Tiger Woods Golf, but then the thought of a 34-year-old man renting a video game crossed my mind, and I decided that's just not the public image I want to present.

So instead, I hooked up my old Nintendo. That's the original NES, with the familiar, classic two-button pad controller. And I began playing Tecmo Super Bowl.

So far I'm 13-0 in the 1991 NFL Season playing with the Dallas Cowboys. Emmitt Smith was kicking tail, leading the league in rushing until he got injured two weeks ago. Hopefully, he'll make it back soon. If not, that could really put a damper on our run to Super Bowl XXVI. Alonzo Highsmith is just not getting it done as his backup.

Anyway, these past couple of days (yes, you can play 13 games in two days, relatively easily) has brought back some great memories. Sore thumbs, 8-bit graphics, and having to blow on the game cartridge repeatedly when it blue screens. I never really understood how that worked, but it always does.

I feel like I'm 13 again. And in a sense, I probably am.

"No one should take themselves so seriously. With many years ahead to fall in love, why would you wish that on me? I never want to act my age. Whats my age again..."


  1. You're 34???

    I had you pegged quite a bit younger than that, my dear Bone. You have such a youthful exuberance. So I'm NOT old enough to be your mother. Only your babysitter...

    I feel a little better. Not much, but a little.

    I find nephews are very useful when it comes to lusting after toys that you are far too old for... you can always blame it on them. "They made me do it. I was just keeping them company, trying to be a good Aunt, don't you know." That's why a 46 year-old mom has seen (sans her own child, mind you), X-Men, all the Spiderman movies, Fantastic 4 (but not the new one yet), and had skateboarding lessons. The youngest is threatening to give me Wii elbow this summer. We'll see.

  2. when I saw someone wearing that t-shirt as a party, it took me a second to get that the picture was of a nintendo game and then I thought it was the best t-shirt I had seen in a long time.

    I never understood how to blowing worked either, but it ALWAYS did.

  3. I l-o-v-e-d my Atari. I rocked Pac Man and Frogger!

  4. Yes, I too think an xbox is worth far more than rubies or pearls {some of them anyway}.

    How is the world did you manage to play 13 games in two days?
    I'm about 80% sure I couldn't play 13 different games in two days, even if I played for 48 hours straight.

    Also I've never rented a game, every game I've ever played [ ~200] I own.

    And I will refrain from listing a bunch of really good {in my opinion} xbox games which you will surely miss if you never go renting games, or something.

  5. ..is = in....

  6. Age is just a number. I guess someone some where is keeping track, but I know that I'm not. When we celebrate birthdays, we are celebrating life and being here, not how long one has been here.

  7. Gay: You have such a youthful exuberance.

    Now see, I'm not going to be able to convince anyone that I did not pay you to say that :) Thanks!

    DCChick: If only everything was as easy to fix as a Nintendo cartridge.

    Sizzle: Ooo, Frogger! Man, I wanna play some Frogger now.

    GirlFPS: Well, the games don't take quite so long on Nintendo. Probably one football game takes 15 or 20 minutes. Which, multiplied by 13, means I've spent... You know what, let's not even worry about the math :)

    Michelle: I agree wholeheartedly. My mind still feels 19, even if my body doesn't always.

  8. Your age is 13? I thought it was 14 downgraded to seven, because....oh right, you have such a youthful sense of humor

    Not that that's a bad thing :) Well, maybe, sometimes

  9. Wait..you're how old??? ;-)

    I played Super NES the other night with my brother. Super Mario Brothers continues to be one of the best things ever. Oh that and Aladdin. I was in heaven.


    I went and purchased the new Atari hand console (which is the old games all rolled up in one joystick). I played pac man forever!!!

    aaahhh.. the good old times!

  11. I have a sun drop just for you at my place . . . (well it's diet)

    promises to be as refreshing as a cup of coffee :)

  12. My Ex took the PS2. I haven't played a video game in years. But I remember how I loved Super Mario Brothers. That game rocked.

  13. If I had an Xbox, Wii, Atari whatever, I'd be glued to the tv. Don't feel bad, it's addicting. You did just hear that it has been determined that there is a clinical diagnosis for being addicted to video games. They're fun. Don't forget to go outside once and a while!

  14. I used to play super mario brothers for hours on my friends nintendo! lmao... I still am hooked on this silly Runescape and have even paid for the membership for over a year now! Its addictive! There are PLENTY of adults that play computer/video games! Its a great escape and a fun little zero calorie/legal rush! *wink

  15. Pia: I prefer "youthful exuberance." Thanks :)

    HB: I'm thirty-four in Earth years. Oh yes, I loved all the Super Mario Brothers games! Especially that one where the Princess could levitate for a few seconds.

    Kerry: I love those things! Um, I mean, I think I've heard of those O:-)

    Shelby: I'm not sure I can do the diet :) I've never had a diet Sun-Drop.

    Lass: I still have SMB. I have Duck Hunt, too, but I no longer have the gun :(

    Carnealian: I saw something on the news the other night about that.

    Outside? What is that? You mean that place with all the heat and humidity? Yeah, right! :)

    Kate: What is Runescape?

    OK, I just googled it. LOL Thanks. Now I don't feel so bad about playing my Nintendo ;-)

  16. What about Zelda on the old Atari systems - I remember my sis & I saved up all of our allowance money & bought our Atari for like $99 back in the day . . . oh those where the days

    BTW, came via Shelby & her Sun Drop post :)

  17. Why am I not surprised you remembered LiLo's birthday? *er*


    I find nephews are very useful when it comes to lusting after toys that you are far too old for... you can always blame it on them.

    What Gay said :-)

  18. . . . and I decided that's just not the public image I want to present.

    Oh, dear Bone, you continue to crack my stuff up on a daily basis. What public image, exactly, would you like to present?? Hmmmm . . .

    I loved all the Super Mario Brothers games! Especially that one where the Princess could levitate for a few seconds.

    OMG! I'd forgotten until just this second that I have that game. Yes, HAVE, in my possession. As well as the Super NES to play it on. Oooohhhhh. My birthday is this weekend . . . I wonder if I can convince the man in my life to hook up my Super NES and play a few games with me?!?! Let's hope he has that childlike innocence that you possess, Sir Bone.

    Thanks for giving me such great ideas! That's why I love this blog! Always an inspiration of one form or another!

  19. I love the original NES!! When I was prego with Ty I bought one on ebay so I could play it while on bedrest. Good times :-)

  20. Sara: I actually had typed the line, "Anyone know where I can get a used Legend of Zelda?" in my post and then took it out :)

    Thanks for visiting.

    TC: I could never forget Lindsay. Even more shocking, Larry David's birthday is the same day. I think you see where I'm going with this.

    Avery Laine: What public image, exactly, would you like to present??

    Augh. I was afraid someone would ask that. Let me get back to you :)

    You mean, you and your significant other aren't already playing video games on a regular basis?

    Arlene: I've had my Nintendo since back in the day. I did buy some used games a few years ago though.

  21. Playing those old video games is fun...I think my library has them for check out and we have self check out...so no one would know. ha ha ha

    Ya know, you're only as old as you feel...there are days when DH (my old man ha ha) acts like a 7 y/o and I join in...but then there are days when our bodies remind us that we are NOT that young anymore...sometimes it's much too quickly for us. Owch!

  22. Bone - I do hope you don't mind, but I stole your 3ww idea since you hadn't done it yet today. I did change it up just a bit so it's not so blatant. I promise not to do it again (unless you approve).. you can play if you want! :)

  23. lol I guess the only thought that would cross my mind if a 34 year old rented a game and/or player would be that some nephews were coming to stay and you wanted to be the "cool" uncle....;) If blowing stops working giggling it before pushing down helps...after youve pushed it most of the way in...wow that sounded bad!!!!

  24. giggling = jiggling...;)

  25. Happy 4th of July Bone!

  26. yeah, but do you have the robby the robot???

  27. Christmas 1987, I was 4 when I got a Nintendo! Complete with the power pad and track game. I had the super cool Nintendo with a three game cartridge Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt (w/ clay shoot) and the Track game. However, those were the only games I had for years. My parents had the philosophy of “you pay for half if it isn’t your birthday or Christmas” and I never wanted to part with my money for a video game. Then, when my birthday or Christmas rolled around there were other things on my wish list.
    Luckily for me, My Nintendo still works great! Flea Markets are the best place to buy used video games, but only buy from the places with TVs hooked up so you can make sure it works. I bought Donkey Kong from a booth without a TV *sigh* no luck, it will work for about 10 seconds. I guess in the almost 20 years that I have had my Nintendo, it has been hooked up and played with for at least 18 years. It currently resides in my bedroom with the tv I have had since first grade. Those two are inseparable ;) Last night I cheated on Nintendo with a friends Wii :( Sonic the Hedgehog is much more difficult than I remember : /

  28. I always hated trying to keep my NES working (remember... I got one from my mom [again] when I turned 23)... but it's sooooo worth it when it keeps up!

    By the way, Bone... YOU kick tail.

  29. Ah yes, the good old NES. Whenever I am around one I always beg to play 2 games...Bubble Bobble, and Paper Boy. :)

  30. Renee: there are days when DH (my old man ha ha) acts like a 7 y/o and I join in...but then there are days when our bodies remind us that we are NOT that young anymore

    Exactly. You said it.

    Shelby: No, I didn't mind. I'm taking the week off from participating, though. 3WW will return next week.

    Tagster: If blowing stops working jiggling it before pushing down helps...after youve pushed it most of the way in

    Um, I'm talking about Nintendo. I'm not sure what you're talking about ;-)

    GirlFPS: Happy 4th of July to you!

    QuestionGirl: No, I don't have Robby the Robot. I don't remember him.

    Melanie. Haha! The power pad! My sister and I were talking about that the other day. Anyone who says kids who play video games only get fat never had the power pad. Now that was a workout!

    Ooo, Donkey Kong was a classic, too! I'll have to look for it.

    Blondie: You got another one when you turned 23??? Cool!

    Aww, thanks deary.

    Jen: I don't remember Bubble Bobble. But I definitely remember Paper Boy. After awhile, I'd try to break people's windows, just for fun.