Friday, July 13, 2007

Larry, Darryl, & Darryl go to the beach

No, it's not a Newhart reunion movie, unfortunately. I'm off to the land of sun, sand, and waves with Wolfgang and Little Joe for the weekend. Hopefully, I shall return with many fun tales, and a tan.

Have a fabulous weekend!

"I took off for a weekend last month, just to try and recall the whole year. All of the faces and all of the places, wondering where they all disappeared..."


  1. I'm so proud of the official announcement.

    Have been waiting for a title like that for how long?

  2. I am so looking forward to another post about sunscreen ;) Will you head our advice from last year and find a cute girl to rub your back? Will you be able to gage the ages of the ladies you come across? Have fun Mr. Bone, and stay away from the jellies!

  3. I'm off to the land of sun, sand, and waves with Wolfgang and Little Joe for the weekend.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, rub it in. Just don't forget to rub the sunscreen in too :-P

    Y cuidado nadando con los tiborones, no?

  4. So, are you Larry, Darryl, or Darryl? ;)
    I'm so jealous...think of us while you're on the beach, eh? It sounds awesome...ah!! Be safe :)

  5. Remember to apply sunscreen liberally and at regular intervals.

  6. have fun!!! and dont do too many things that are overly stupid...;)

  7. Have fun--use sunscreen and watch out for sharks (and don't become one). I too have been in and out and haven't done a 3WW in a month, what's wrong with me?

  8. A tan, not a burn. No more 4 SPF sunscreen Bone.

  9. Have fun.. I'm stuck here in the land of no sun and buckets of rain. Woo-frickity-hoo.

  10. Beware of shrinkage

    and the sun too...maybe you should just keep your shirt may be blinding white.

    Who's girlfriend was that who ran around topless at the beach?...was it George's and he was the only one who didn't get to see it? I'm sure they weren't real. (but that was another show ;-)

  11. I implore you to have fun but hurry back because I have SO MUCH to tell you, pal.

  12. Have a fun weekend Bone!

    Also hopefuly you won't come back with red fried lobster skin :)

  13. Thinking back to the last Sunscreen Incident, I'm hoping you learned your lesson. If you didn't, I found a brush on powder that works great and won't run into your eyes (that's important when you ride horses, like I do), so it won't interfere with your view, so to speak.

    Have fun.

  14. I'm jealous. But have fun, anyway:)

  15. First time visitor at your blog! I think it's interesting that you listed "Seinfeld" as one of your "Interests." He's a little more than an "interest" to me, for I would regard him as my mentor (well, inspirations, really.) I'm a standup comedienne in NYC blogging about the life of an up-and-comer newbie. Nice coming across your blog!

  16. Yes. A TAN!
    Hope you had a great weekend, Bone. You deserve a few days away. :)

  17. I'm jealous. I have to sit in an office.

  18. Pia: I'd say at least a year :)

    Melanie: Thank you, ma'am. Well, I've pretty much given up on gauging girls' ages at the beach. I have no clue.

    TC: Uhh, que?

    Jennifer: Oh, I think I'm most definitely the Larry of that trio.

    Lass: Well, I did so liberally, if not at regular intervals :-/

    Tagster: Thanks. And I would never O:-)

    Sage: It's summertime. I think a lot of people are busy and away from home and such. Hope to see you back on the 3WW train soon.

    Jen: Um, well, about that. I used an 8 and a 10, and still got burned. Guess I gotta go higher with this milky white skin of mine.

    Burg: Thank you. Hope you get some sun soon.

    Renee: Beware of shrinkage


    Wait a second, I didn't think women knew about shrinkage. And yeah, that was George's. Same episode as the shrinkage, I believe.

    Kerry: Thank ya!

    Heather B: Well, I'm back, so tell away, pal.

    GirlFPS: Thank you. I did get burned a bit, but it's already gotten much better since I've been home.

    Gay: A brush on powder? Umm, is that to prevent sunburn, or to treat it?

    Actonbell: Thanks. And I'm always jealous of your snow :)

    Lucy: Thanks for visiting. I look forward to checking out your blog.

    Blondie: Thanks. It was a much needed mini-vacation. And I think this burn might turn into a slight tan after all.

    OK Chick: Hey, you've been taking road trips all over lately ;-)

  19. Oh nothing important. I just told you to be careful of swimming with the sharks is all.

    Guess I should've said:

    Cuidado comiendo en los lugares que Wolfgang sugiere.