Wednesday, June 06, 2007

3 Word Wednesday #39

Welcome to Three Word Wednesday. Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. I'll also attempt to write something using the same three words.

Leave a comment if you participate. Many fun and interesting people might visit your blog.

This week's words are:

As he felt his pursuers drawing nearer, Grahme bore down and concentrated. He had to guide his sleek, red speedboat swiftly across the choppy waters. Safety awaited on the other shore. He just hoped he didn't see anymore of those giant mutant ducks. Those things were scary!

About halfway across now, Grahme knew he could make it, but it would be close. He would just run the boat aground. There would be no time to worry about trying not to damage it.

Suddenly, a dark, perilous shadow moved across the waters. What was it? A huge storm approaching? Another killer pterodactyl?


No. Worse. He turned to see the keeper of his fate towering above him.

"Time to get out. You've been in there over an hour. You ought to be plenty clean by now."

Grahme didn't resist, knowing he would live to fight another day in this endless battle of good versus evil.

He parked his boat on the side of the tub and reached for the towel. As he emerged from the water, he caught a glimpse of the duck. It appeared so harmless and innocent lying there. Almost friendly, even.

But Grahme knew better.

"I love little baby ducks, old pickup trucks, slow moving trains, and rain..."


  1. Hmm, this time I am WELL on time!

    Another poem...a Sonnet from me!
    Click here:

    Wings of Tale


    copy/paste this permalink:

  2. Good morning from me as well. I wrote a post called "Drinks At Seven". The poem is entitled "Dual Citizenship".

    Have a great day, we may not have internet at work again today.



  3. I feel good if I am only behind Gautami and Rose! You may click here or follow this link.

  4. I wrote a poem this time. copy/paste this link:

  5. I'm up... thanks for posting early so I can do it on Wednesday :-) I heart you, Bone!

    Here ya go!

  6. Hi! I'm glad you are still alive.

  7. Wow... so it's only 8 am and I feel behind already!

    And um, none of you looked at the word "ought" and groaned??? :-/

  8. I groaned at "ought."
    I think people may be surprised at how hard that is to work in.
    Just sayin'.

  9. mine's up - happy Wednesday :)

  10. I'm not participating this week, but I never view this as a competition.

    I used to always post on 3WW on Fridays or Saturdays

    I love 3WW for being a place where I can write to a word prompt, and hope for some honest feedback

    Just my opinion :)

  11. it's wednesday? good thing you told me. i was thinking it was tuesday.

  12. I nearly forgot, I'm supposed to be OFF the computer today, but I sneaked (snuck) one in. Can't wait to read everyone's tonight!

  13. Thank you all for participating. I plan to stop by later today and read everyone's.

    OK Chick: I'm glad I am still alive, too.

    TC: Yes, I was momentarily stunted when I got on the computer this morning and five people had already participated.

    Avery: You really ought to be able to use "ought" very easily :)

    Pia: Feel free to post on Sunday or Monday, if the urge hits you. That'd be a first, I think: Three Word Monday ;)

    Sizzle: Why do you think I do 3WW? It's like the International Date Line for my mental clock :)

  14. Bone, had no idea you could write from a child's perspective. Should have known :)

    Love this: Worse. He turned to see the keeper of his fate towering above him.

    Ducks are the symbol of Myrtle Beach--now every time I look at them I'm going to think of them as scary killer pterodactyl?

    Whatever that means? Giant mutant ducks?

    You also have an unusual ability to make up great words.

    It's an adorable story for a hot almost summer day :)

  15. giant mutant ducks? some story..:D


    That was said in a complimentary way!

  16. L-O-V-E-D yours today, Bone. Gave me quite a giggle. I thought you were going all adventure/sci-fi on me, and then whammo! Good one. You captured it perfectly.

    Mine is up. Another episode of Norbert and Smedley. :D



  18. Love, love LOVE this story. Seriously, it may be my favorite 3WW story of yours... well, my favorite HAPPY 3WW story of yours :)

    It's sooo cute. Honestly, it just makes me smile, and smile, and uh, keep on smiling.

    As he emerged from the water, he caught a glimpse of the duck. It appeared so harmless and innocent lying there. Almost friendly, even.

    But Grahme knew better.


    Those darn ducks! I think they're kind of like pumas... cute and harmless one minute, predators who are out to get you the next. All in the imagination of a little boy. Perfect ending to a fabulous story.

  19. Jack Bauer influence you at all on this one?

    I like this one a lot.

  20. I can't begin to tell you how much I adore this story!!!! I agree that this is your best HAPPY 3WW in months.

    The last three paragraphs are sheer genius! Especially the fact that you knew separating the last sentence from the rest would give it THAT much more of an impact.

    Bone's back, baby!

    Though, I admit, all I could think about was a little blue-eyed Bone at age 3 sitting in the tub, playing with his boat, and ignoring both the soap and his father. :)


  21. OH!
    And I posted!
    Or, umm, I will have posted by the time you get to my site! :)

  22. Pia: Oh yeah, writing from the POV of a child or teenager comes almost naturally to me, for some reason O:)

    Thank you. I think I was really into the character when that line came out. And hope you're enjoying Myrtle Beach.

    Gautami: Phew's a compliment? I'll try and remember that :)

    Gay Walker: Thank you. I had fun with this week's words. And thank you for playing again this week.

    Carrie: Thanks for participating.

    TC: Oh yeah, the ducks are scary. They can be like twice the size of a boat! :) Thank you, and I'm glad it made you smile.

    HotPink: Jack Bauer influence you at all on this one?

    Was it that obvious? O:) Thanks.

    Avery Laine: I just remember not liking to take baths. But once I was in the tub, I was in there for awhile :)

    Thanks for participating this week.

  23. a: Oh yeah, writing from the POV of a child or teenager comes almost naturally to me, for some reason O:)

    Hadn't noticed. Only changed your humor maturity level from 14 to 7 cos mine's about 3

  24. how cute...I mean those ducks can get really mean cant they!

    Wow this was a twist...mines up.

  25. Do you know the "low talker" to get me one?

    I just saw the one where George's Girlfriend went crazy and threw out all of Jerry's tax receipts (while he was getting audited)...was she the same actress as the low talker? I know she played Eve on Northern Exposure.

    Now to read your 3ww

  26. funny. I was so confused at first, but it all made sense at the end.

  27. I posted mine, and you'll be surprised that's it's not disturbing. Pleasantly or unfortunately is for you to decide. :)

  28. Awww, very sweet! I like this one :-) Got baby bones on the brain? ;-)

  29. Very nice! Made me smile, despite my being up WAY too early this morning.

    Here's my contribution.

  30. Splish-Splash I was taking a bath.

    Oh, it's already been done?

    Sorry. :(

    Fun times as a child, continued as an adult.



  31. He he he, that was funny, for some reason I thought it would turn out to be you just playing a video game.

  32. Standing there, on all fours, under the shadow of the colossal creature that my Japanese master [I do wish he could speak English, so I could understand all those stories he tells] was trying his best to slay, ought to make any horse flee.
    But I'm not just any horse, I am Agro and I will follow my master in his seemly endless quest to rid the land of the Colossi. The End

    That was an imagined perspective of a video game horse (from a ps2 game called ''Shadow of the Colossus'').

  33. Pia: Humor maturity level? Wait, wait. It was just sense of humor. Now you're throwing maturity level in, too?

    Not that I can really argue :)

    Tagster: Yes, the ducks can be vicious. And then they start creeping into your dreams :) Thanks for playing.

    Renee: Thanks. I was going for a little twist with this one.

    And I do know the low talker. I asked her about a puffy shirt. However, I have no idea what she said :)

    The Big Man: Eh, I think it's good to have a non-disturbing entry every month or so, just to keep us guessing. Thanks for participating.

    Arlene: Thanks. And um, no. No baby on the brain for me :)

    Carlos: Thank you, and thanks for participating again.

    Rose Knickers: Thanks for stopping back by to read my story.

    Shelby: Ooo, like Lucky Charms. No, wait, that was magically delicious.

    GirlFPS: Haha. OK, I'm not very up on current video games.

  34. Late reading. What a great story, Bone. I love it. That shadow coming over him, I had no clue. What fun.

  35. Annie: Thanks for participating.

    Marcia: Why, thank you. Better late than never :)