Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Three Word Wednesday #10

Today is I Love To Write Day, coincidentally.

Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. Don't spend too much time on it. It doesn't have to be perfect. The idea is to let your mind wander and write what it will. I'll also write something using the same three words.

Be sure to leave a comment if you participate.

This week's words are:

From my seat at the bar, I watched her. In the spaces in between people passing, I caught frequent glimpses of her dancing. Sometimes she'd look over and smile or wave. It was a scene that had played out countless times before. This was her at her best. Smiling. Shining. Everybody loved her. Including me.

When I saw the next stranger approach her and strike up a conversation, I headed for the door. It was raining outside. And the street was mostly deserted. Everyone having found a warm, dry place inside one of the many bars, pubs, and restaurants.

By the time I reached the corner, it was pouring. I wondered if she'd noticed the empty stool yet. Five more blocks to the parking garage. But I didn't run. I didn't even walk fast. Just looked towards the sky and closed my eyes. The rain felt cleansing. And I felt like I needed to be cleansed.

When I got back to the apartment, I changed into dry clothes, then packed up my things. Stopping a couple of times to look at pictures of us. I wondered why people only take happy pictures.

I wondered what she'd think when she got home and realized I was gone. Would she know why?

It wasn't about her. It was about us. We just didn't work together. And it was about me. With addiction, if you're lucky, there comes a day when you wake up and realize you have to change. No one can do it for you. I was lucky.

Before I left, I went into the bedroom and took three pill bottles from the back of the desk drawer. Then I went into the bathroom. Opening the first bottle, I gripped it so tightly I'm surprised it didn't crush. I stared at myself in the mirror. For ten seconds, or more. My eyes were clear.

I poured out the pills and flushed them down the toilet. Part of me wondering if I'd regret it as I watched them disappear. Then I did the same with the other two bottles.

It was a little past midnight and still raining as I loaded my bags into the car. I realized you don't really feel the rain when you're high. Not in the same way.

I was still driving at 2:30 when the phone rang. I knew she'd find a way home. She always did.

I didn't answer. She'd be mad about the pills.

"And where you go I hope you find out there, a better rain. The kind that comes in off the coast and paints the sky. And lets you know that God's alive..."


  1. I posted mine--because somebody had to :-)

    Only you would know that today is I love to write day. Another fact by Bone. Of course you could make them all up, and nobody would be any wiser

  2. Walking through the door Big Mike noticed his wife on the dance floor with another man. His face immediately became flushed with anger. His first, irresponsible thought was to pick up the nearest stool, and chuck it at the bastard dancing with his wife. Instead he moseyed over to the bar, and ordered a shot of Lynchburg's finest. No, his gut reaction was wrong. He need to be more cunning. More calculated. The long road of divorce was staring him in the face. All he wanted now was a little buzz, and the touch of a fine woman.

  3. I'm posting mine in your comments :-)

    I was at the pet store last night, hobbling around on my crutches, and came across toad stool coral. Looks just like mushrooms :-)

    And now that I have these damn crutches, there will be no more dancing for me for a while. The funky chicken will have to wait!

    Walking around on these freakin' crutches is killin' me!! Everywhere I go, my face is flushed from the exertion that comes from simply walking these days!

    Notice the theme Sir B-Dizzle? Yup, I'm on crutches. Tore all the ligaments on tendons on the right side of my right ankle, painting without a ladder, balancing on the sides of the tub. But hey, on the upside, the bathroom looks great :-)

  4. this may be a bit juvenile... juvenile haiku

    no dancing tonight
    sitting like a stool pigeon
    desiring to flush

  5. I wondered why people only took happy pictures--great line taken two ways

    It read like pulp---my highest compliment---so the phone ringing in the car was jarring

    Liked the double addiction angle and the mere glimpses of her--so I'm doubling commenting

    Hate your comment verification--it should know me :-) as in WP has you have to sign into comments once or so if you chose that option. It's easier

  6. It started out so sweet and ended so sadly! Ah!!! You kill me sometimes Bone! Once again, though fantastically written. You do this for a living, I hope?

    I posted... if a day late. ;)

  7. Pia: Hey, I didn't make it up! I linked to it :)

    Big Man: Thanks for participating. I immediately thought of a bar scene as well. Could easily be turned into a longer story.

    Arlene: Oh, dear. I'm sorry. I had crutches a couple of years ago. It's no fun. You really should get some no-slip mats for the tub ;-)

    Sage: OK, well I guess I'm juvenile, too. Cos it made me laugh :)

    Pia (again): Thank you for the thoughtful comment. And yes, the word ver should know you by now. I'm working on a spacebar that will recognize your thumbprint.

    Traveling Chica: Thanks. No, I don't do this for a living. I wish! Maybe one day.

  8. you are a gifted storyteller.

  9. Holy Crap! That is so good. I can totally relate to the "it's not you, it's me." thing right now. Do you read Raymond Carver? You must stop what ever you are doing and run to the book store and buy, yes, buy "Where I'm calling from". You will love it, Bone. The whole book is great and most of the stories have endings like yours.

  10. You should consider it. Honestly.

  11. Man, I can't believe I forgot about 3 Word Wed! Good story.

  12. Ms. Sizzle: Thank you. That's very kind of you to say.

    Hotpinksox: Have never read him. I'll put him on my list though. It's more of a mental list.

    TravelingChica: Oh, I will. It's what I want to do. For sure.

    Xinh: Thanks, Xinh.