Friday, November 17, 2006

The Office

The Office is money. The cast is outstanding. The writing is fresh and funny. I can even overlook the Pam and Jim will-they-or-won't-they thing which has been done to death in television, because the rest of the show is so brilliant. And also because I was rooting for them to get together myself.

It has become the proverbial water cooler show. As well it should. For in my opinion, The Office is, quite simply, the best sitcom since Seinfeld.

Besides making it's way into pop culture, workplace conversations, and blogs, I think that The Office may or may not be effecting the way I behave at work.

Now I've always been a bit of a jokester around the office. Doing things like taping the receptionist's mouse to the desk, ringing the doorbell when she's in the bathroom and has locked the front door. You know, the usual.

But lately, I've been trying to be more "official" with things. We have a small office. Only five full-time employees, along with a general manager and an owner, both of whom are out more than they are in. Still, just because we are small in number does not mean we can't be a real office.

So lately I've been doing things like this. Today, we were out of tissues. So instead of asking the secretary--oh I'm sorry, administrative assistant--if she could pick some up, I said, "I'd like to turn in a requisition form for some tissues. Preferably Kleenex, in the box with blue and purple flowers."

The other day, one of our computers went down. And instead of asking the administrative assistant to call about it, I said, "I need to turn in a trouble ticket on one of our computers."

See how much more official that sounds? I'm even thinking about turning in a requisition form for a booklet of trouble tickets. Although I'll have to order the requisition forms first. And pay for them out of my own pocket.

I'm not sure how well my little tactics are working yet. Sure, people smile or snicker. But then it's right back to their humdrum-thirty-years-til-I-die lives.

Also, tornado drills, when you're the only one sitting in the hall with your head between your legs, not safe, just... odd. And don't even get me started on the time I tried to institute a fire drill.

Nevertheless, I will press on in my quest to create a more official, and therefore, efficient workplace. Because my credo is, I may not be able to change this office. But I will never allow this office to change me.

And I will not be redacting that statement.

"And if your train's on time, you can get to work by nine. And start your slaving job to get your pay..."


  1. I like the Office too. I do hope Pam and Jim get together too, though I too am a little annoyed at the overplayed will-they-or-won't they get together. It seemed like last season they focused heavily on a few characters and it seems like this year they are broadening out and giving the other office staff more dialogue etc. Or is it just me? Anyways...I'm glad they're doing that.

  2. *snort* at you out in the hall by yourself with your head between your knees...

    I love The Office, even though it makes me so uncomfortable it's ridiculous.

  3. The whole Jim/Pam thing is very much like the British version of the show so I don't mind it.

  4. I've only watched it once. It was pretty cute, but I try to not get too tied down any more... depressed since the end of Seinfeld.

  5. Great, great show. My buddy has the Dwight bobble head. Unfortunately no one in my office watches it. I try to channel my inner Dwight on a daily basis.

  6. Chickadee: Yeah. I think the show is just so much better than that. They don't need that to attract viewers, in my opinion.

    And yes, they seem to be bringing more characters in this year.

    Sadie: Makes you uncomfortable? How?

    Xinh: Yes, someone else mentioned that the British version is very good.

    Renee: I know the feeling. But I have to move on. I mean, we still have syndication. I'll always have my DVD's. But there's a prime time void there. A deep, yawning chasm. And it's time to let someone attempt to fill it :)

    BigMan: I couldn't agree more. Keep channeling your inner D. He's great

  7. can you please send me your fax number? future bone has a message for you.

    what? no jello'd staplers? ;)x

  8. LacksOfficeComaraderie11/18/2006 11:25:00 AM

    I can't tell you how much I miss being in an office! Particularly one as full of non-qualified people as mine used to be. We actually had a secretary who answered the phone "Who dis?"

    Small or large, consider yourself lucky!
    You should definitely pay for your own requisition forms: If for no other reason than you can use your last one to requisition more requisitions. :)

  9. Great show but the British version puts the US version to shame. You really must check it out.

  10. I love this show... I Tivo it just so I can watch it again and again! :)

  11. You are one sick Bone---the official requisition of the Kleenex; the tornado drill.

    The horrible thing is having read your blog for at least fourteen months--whenever you post--i can picture you doing all the things that you describe

    You're a damn good writer, Bone--the requisition forms, calling about the computer--it's so you in the style of The Office. Had me cracking up

    And nobody can change you

  12. Be careful what you wish for. I worked for an organization that was so PC and form oriented it was ridiculous. There has to be a happy medium out there and I'm not sure where it is. Enjoy having a casual work atmosphere. And, next time, try taping the AA's desk draws shut. She may break a nail, but it's hilarious!!

  13. Ms. Sizzle: LOL Don't drink the coffee!

    Lacks: Oh, I like that idea. A requisition form for more requisition forms.

    Lux: A couple of other people have told me that.

    Shayna: Yeah, I only started watching last season. So I'm gonna have to invest in the DVD's, or ask Santa :)

    Pia: Fourteen months? Really? Oh, you were supposed to receive a plaque or certificate or something after one year :)

    Carnealian: Thanks for the idea. I'll add that to my repertoire :)

  14. my students think its real funny to put a piece of tape on the bottom of my mouse. i don't have one of those ones with the balls, its more like the laser-thingy version (really, i don't mean to sound like such an idiot, but i just can't think)..and with the tape, there is no doing anything. and the first couple of times, i was so confused..try it. its like watching monkeys at the zoo.

  15. my friend put alumninum foil all over a coworker's desk, chair, computer, phone, etc. something to think about. :)

  16. Sounds like you're a stright shooter with upper management written all over you.

  17. This show must have gotten a rave review in your Nielsen tv diary. Do you identify with any of the characters from The Office? Jim? Dwight? Michael?

    I, too, am a huge fan of this show. My favorite episode by far was this season's premiere. I couldn't control my laughter when Dwight bought gaydar from Sharper Image.

  18. Alison: Oh, very creative. I hope you give them bonus points for creativity :)

    Carmen: Your "friend." Mmhmm. Sure, Carmen ;-)

    Lass: I don't see why not. If Michael Scott can do it...

    Krista: Probably a little with Michael and Jim. Unfortunately, we have no one here as eccentric or paranoid as Dwight.