Monday, January 27, 2014

Music Monday: Whatever happened to Nelly

Thoughts and ruminations while watching the Grammys last night...

There's nothing like watching a few minutes of the Grammys (or listening to Top 40 radio) to make one realize just how out of touch one is with popular music.

What happened to Nelly?  I feel like the last time I was anywhere near knowing what was going on in hip hop Nelly was involved.

I've discovered something about myself while listening to Metallica:  I really prefer songs with words I can understand. 

On that note, I miss Adele.

I have developed an unhealthy disdain for Neil Patrick Harris, ever since he began dating Robin and How I Met Your Mother went down the toilet.  I'm sorry that was crass.  Allow me to rephrase: down the crapper.

You know what would be really cool?  If those robots turned out to be Milli Vanilli.

I wonder if the Grammys will bring back Nickelback in 2024 and let all the current artists say how inspired they were by them.  Yeah, probably not.

And introducing a brand new feature I like to call "Overheard in my living room while watching the Grammys." Or as it is less commonly known, IYROOBTY presents OIMLRWWTG:

"Good grief, what is with all the Band Perry ads during the Grammys?"
"Uh, that's Shakira."

There.  Now you've gotten to experience what it's like to watch the Grammys with Bone.  And this way we didn't even have to have one of those awkward moments where we're sitting on the couch together and our hands touch and we wonder if we should just leave them there and see where it leads, or move them and never speak of it again.

Thank God.

Well, it's a Music Monday, on a Monday no less!  I feel safe in saying you'll never see this song on the Grammys.  And to date, I can't say I've ever actually heard it on the radio.  Boy, I really should be in promotions or marketing or something.

Over the past several years, I've gradually lost interest in much of what gets played on mainstream country radio.  Thankfully, there are still "country" options out there, you just have a dig a little.

I was introduced to the Randy Rogers Band 3 or 4 years ago.  According to Wikipedia, they are classified as "Texas Country," which to me sounds a lot like what used to be simply called country.

They are coming to Marathon Music Works in Nashville next month, and I'm hoping to go.  (After all, I do have a birthday coming up.)  This is my favorite song of theirs, and it always seems to come to mind when the weather turns cold.

"I'm just not same / I walk down these streets / I swear I hear your name / But it's just in my head / Wish you were in my arms instead..."


  1. Metallica is the only musical entity in this post I have heard of before. Their lyrics are usually pretty deep and meaningful if you listen long enough times to inderstand them. Or look the lyrics up and read along...

  2. Oh yes, I relate to the out of touch feeling...I was just grateful that there was no Miley Cyrus/foam finger performance. I couldn't have taken that twice in a lifetime... :)

    Great song you shared!

  3. I fell off the music wagon the day I graduated from college I guess, perhaps a year or two earlier. I always swore I would become like my father and hunker down with my favorite records and pretend modern music doesn't exist. I haven't in the sense that I can't physically surround myself with mp3's like one can with records but if I could, I've shut off the world. Now I'm just waiting for my daughters to tell me to stop listening to those oldies!

  4. MarkD ~ Unfortunately, I couldn't even understand enough of it to google the lyrics. The pianist that played with them was awesome, however! They really should provide a read-along-with-the-lyrics app.

    Sherri B ~ Funny you should mention Miley. Another thought I had during the show was I wonder how long it's gonna be before they try and turn Taylor Swift into another Miley. ("They" being the Illuminati, of course.)

    Ed ~ I definitely had the thought that I remember my parents saying the same things about awards shows when I was younger. Oy. Of course, I had to call my Dad the next day and see if he got to see Paul and Ringo.

  5. Love that band! Thanks
    Haven't watched yet. waiting for the storm. Of course if we lose power as predicted......

  6. I'm a big fan of OIMLRWWTG. Can you make this a regular feature? OIMLR of course, not OIMLRWWTG.

  7. I too am a fan of Overheard In My Living Room...

    I remember when The Grammys was a venue for showing all kinds of music. The performances would run the gamut, from pop to classical to gospel to spoken word. Now, it's mainly a stage for pop/rap/country.

  8. I think that I need to go listen to Adele now.

  9. I was kinda hoping for OIMLRDTSB.

  10. Or OIMLRWWTSB would work, too, I guess.

  11. Pia ~ Well, I found Nelly, just in case you were wondering. He's in a Honey Nut Cheerios commercial.

    TC ~ A regular feature? I can barely even manage to make a blog post itself a regular feature :-O

    Vanyave ~ Yeah, I usually don't even watch anymore. Really not sure why I did this year.

    Heidi ~ You can't go wrong with Miss Adele.

    TC ~ You got it! OIMLRWWTSB:

    "Well, whoever had safety on the first play of the Super Bowl just made a lot of money."

    "Man, these commercials suck!"

    "Jerry and George!!!! OK, that one didn't suck."
    "Prince is gonna be on New Girl?!?!?!!?!?!!?!"

    "I think Peyton Manning might be just a TAD overrated."

    "This queso dip is good, but sometimes I wonder if Velveeta is made out of the same stuff they used on the space shuttle, because I'm pretty sure it could survive a re-entry."

    The end.