Monday, September 23, 2013

Music Monday: This time of year

It comes at first in bits and pieces.  Hinting at itself with a single crisp morning, only to be swallowed up by the heat of a midday Sun.  Then a week later, perhaps two, you get an entire day of it, the oppressive humidity removed and replaced by a feeling so familiar yet not fully describable, so that it can only be called "fall."

September seems to arrive on a gentle breeze.  At first it's just a breeze, stirring the still warm air.  But after some days, it begins to turn and to chill.  Soon here the cotton will be dried and full, ready for picking.  Then the leaves begin their spectacular but all-too-brief magic show, as the sun begins to set on the year.

For me, fall will always be a Friday afternoon in 1989.   It's high school, and a pep rally.  The students have long since mailed it in for the week, and most of the teachers have done the same.  It's intentionally accidentally bumping into the girl I've wanted to ask out since the first day of Physics after school, then not quite getting up the courage to.  But still smiling because I got to talk to her.  And besides, there would always be next week.

It's those few perfect days where no heat and no AC are needed.  It's driving with the windows down and singing at the top of my lungs to my "Unchained Melody" cassette single because Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield knew just how I felt.

Fall is a reminder -- of itself, of other falls gone before, and of so many other things you hadn't even planned on remembering.  But damn that breeze and all it conjures up...

Taking advantage of the change in weather, we ventured down to the Clarkson Covered Bridge Sunday afternoon.  I have included some iPhone photos for your ocular delight.  The scenery is God's (and the Alabama Historical Commission's).  The captions are mine.

As covered bridges go, she seemed like a long one.

Historical markers: The original Wikipedia

"I don't ever wanna feeeeeel, like I did that day.  Take me to the place I looooove..."

I like to call this one "Tree on Side of Hill, Hashtag Nature."

I did everything I could to save this dog, but as it turns out he actually was not dead in the first place.

And it being Monday and all, I know it's a little out-of-character for me to do a Music Monday.  But what the heck.  I haven't blogged in a month.  May as well throw everything I've got out there at once.

I had a couple of songs in mind.  One was "This Time of Year" by Better Than Ezra, but it's really hard to find decent live versions of songs and I couldn't find an official video for that one.  The other song isn't anything all that remarkable.  But it was written by a guy from my home county, and a couple of the people mentioned in the song are real people who do or did exist, and I'm pretty sure the gin is still there.  So in that sense, I guess it is pretty cool.  It's called "Sweet Southern Comfort."  And again for lack of a decent live version, this is the video for the song.  Try and ignore the cheesy phone call bit at the start. 

"Well, there's a feeling in the air / Just like a Friday afternoon / Yeah, you can go there if you want / Though it fades too soon..."


  1. First of all, I love that song.

    Second of all, I'm mad at you for mocking yourself for doing Music Monday on a Monday because that means I can't. Boo.

    And third, FANTASTIC line: "Then the leaves begin their spectacular but all-too-brief magic show, as the sun begins to set on the year."

    I love fall. It's my absolute favorite of all things. I put up my Halloween decorations on Saturday and I'm fighting the urge to buy an overpriced pumpkin drink. I'm ready for the magic show.

  2. Yesterday was the equinox, the days are officially shorter than the night.
    Nice looking bridge.

  3. What a beautiful post. I love autumn and you've totally hit the nail on the head - it's a reminder of itself. This time of year takes me back to childhood so easily - add in the crisp leaves and the rich colours and the feel of sunshine through cold air and it's pretty perfect. Also, much as I love the word 'autumn', your 'fall' is much more evocative. Great post :-)

  4. TC ~ I figured everyone would be really confused when I did a Music Monday post on a Monday. It was purely coincidence, believe me.

    That all sounds great. And you didn't even mention the football aspect of it :)

    Renee ~ Well, it was a lengthy comment, but I wouldn't call it a blog entry. Oh wait, what?

    MarkD ~ Ugh, I hadn't thought of it like that. That's depressing. Thank goodness for football!

    J Adamthwaite ~ Thank you! I love the word "autumn," too. But "fall" just seemed to work better here. I imagine your autumns are probably a bit colder than mine.

  5. Wait, TC is blogging again?

    "Blogging" is such a strong word, Renee ... there was a post in August. A photo in September. Which I don't know if I'd classify that as "blogging," but it IS more action than my blog had seen in 2 years so... you can choose the verb.

    (Just don't call it a comeback.)

  6. Bone--nobody can turn a phrase like you. Nobody. it's back to summer here. The yucky not hot but oh so humid summer that makes me long for fall and I found it in your post. Thanks.

    If I couldn't tell from the actual post writing you were the writer I could tell from this: Historical markers: The original Wikipedia
    Ha Mr. Wikipedia!

    Wait TC's blogging again?

  7. I always enjoy autumn but always want it to hold off just a little bit longer. I'm a summer person through and through.. and this one went by all to quickly for me. But I'll savour autumn over winter any day. Lovely post.. and the dog caption made me laugh. :)

  8. Fall only makes Alabama seem more beautiful than it already is.

  9. That is a long covered bridge! Yes, up here there are spots of red and orange and the greens of summer are all a bit faded before the whole place burst forth in color

  10. I'm in agony because I can't add a 'That's what she said' to your first caption. I guess the comment section will have to do. *sigh*

  11. Great photos...and even greater captions. Was that dog just randomly having a nap under that tree?? Your song pick is a good one, too - it fits right in with the autumn theme. Bone, you made me laugh out loud with your comment on my blog about "my family" - and you're so right - it does sound like they went without me! haha I've edited it to make it clear that I was a part of that very nice day. :)

  12. TC ~ Apparently I should have done an entire post explaining that you are blogging again.

    Pia ~ Thanks so much! Fall and longing do go hand in hand.

    Hilary ~ Thank you. Yes, autumn's only downfall is that winter isn't far behind. Your comment made me start thinking about how where we live might affect which season we most prefer.

    Cami ~ I only wish it weren't so brief. Then again, maybe that makes me cherish it a bit more.

    Sage ~ There is still scarcely a red or orange to be found here. But with temps dropping into the 40's tonight for the first time, I imagine it won't be too long now.

    Murf ~ There really should be a "that's what she said" button on everything!

    I'd really like to see that.

    It probably wouldn't take that long to do.

    Sherri B ~ Thank you. I worked on the captions the hardest :) I think that was the groundskeeper's dog. He just ventured down by us and made himself at home.

  13. COTTON! You typed about cotton, which is so foreign to my life experience that it's like you live on Planet Alabama.

    Maybe I live on Planet Minnesota, though.

    You keep talking about cotton, and I'll keep talking about moose, and we'll learn from each other.

    This is a gorgeous post; I particularly like the reminder of a random Friday afternoon encounter in high school, when nothing really happened, and that was more than enough.

  14. P.S. I'm not sure I can get over the cheesy phone part at the start of that song. It hurts me still.

  15. Hello There....almost three years overdue, as your blog name goes, one blog a year... this being my first...happy fall, pretty pics... good to see you still blogging..hope you have been keeping well :)

  16. Apparently I should have done an entire post explaining that you are blogging again.

    That would have been nice, considering the little dig you took at my comment. (Thought I didn't notice, didn't you?)

    BTW... it's time for another post. Out of you, not me.