Friday, March 29, 2013

Could I still...

(I posted this earlier today at Poetry Wrecks. Then after a bit, I decided I kinda liked it, which is rare. So I'm cross-posting it here. I haven't been finding time to write as much as I would like. Perhaps I need to look harder. Here's wishing you all a Happy Easter.)

Hello, friend
Could I still call you friend
It's been so long now
Days melded
Into a blur
Of weeks and half-years
Ofttimes I have thought of you
Fondly, always
Heartbreakingly, sometimes
We are bonded
By our humanness
And divided by the same
There are reasons I know
And others I never
Why this must be the way

Oh, friend
Would you still call me friend
On fitful days I go
To the one place
I know I can find you
And when I see you there
A smile breaks
Across my tired face
Silent and still
In virtual shadows
I remain unseen
To know you are well
Soothes the scar
And tempers the void
A lonesome raindrop
On dry, forsaken ground
Sweet, but short-lived
And never enough
But it is all I have

Goodbye, friend
Could I still call you friend

"And if you think that I could be forgiven, wish you would..."


  1. "To know you are well
    Soothes the scar
    And tempers the void

    Oh how I love that. Kinda makes me ache. Absolutely love your words.

  2. It was so worth a second read...just beautiful.

  3. I echo Robyn - I was going to pick out that bit too. Lovely.

  4. Robyn - Kinda makes me ache.

    An apt description, I think. Thank you.

    Sherri - Thanks so much, Sherri. I was going to apologize to my two Poetry Wrecks readers for the re-post :)

    J Adamthwaite - Thank you, Jenny.

  5. Bone, you can be both funny and sentimental. I'm sure the later has something to do with watching too many soap operas. :)

  6. That was funny in an almost edgy new Nashville way and sentimental in the same ways.

    You told a beautiful story : )

  7. Curious and Literal Murf wonders where this place is: "On fitful days I go
    To the one place
    I know I can find you" :-)

  8. I loved when I read it on on my reader via poetry wrecks. That was some weeks ago, my laziness prevented me from commenting. ^_^;

    Or is it that when words are good, more words aren't needed?

  9. Xinher - Thanks.

    Sage - Too many? There's only one: General Hospital. Well, except for those couple of years I went thru a Days Of Our Lives phase. Unless you count Beverly Hills 90210 as a soap... OK, fine, your point is made.

    Pia - Thanks. I keep forgetting to watch Nashville.

    Murf - Curious Bone wonders how many Murfs are there? :)

    Cooper - Thank you, Miss Cooper.