Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday: All those pretty people

Fall always seems to arrive in an instant.  Even though I know by the calendar it has to be near, that first chill of the season still catches me a bit by surprise.  But it's a good surprise, like an unexpected visit from a cherished old friend.  It leaves me smiling.

For the first time in several years, or so it seems, we've actually had about three solid weeks of what I would consider fall weather.  Temps mostly in the 70's during the day and 40's or 50's at night.  We decided to take in some of the fall colors this weekend, knowing the leaves won't be much longer.

At one of the scenic overlooks, someone spotted a couple of hawks across the valley.  Watching intently, I soon noticed a few others.  And then, even more.  At one point, I counted more than twenty of the majestic creatures circling overhead.

It was stunning.

As they glided effortlessly and without a sound, I stood and watched for several minutes, feeling small, and in complete awe.

Getting closer to nature and a little father from everything else always serves to ground me a bit.  And I'm left to wonder why I don't do it more often...

For some unbeknownst reason, I had this particular song stuck in my head the whole day, to the apparent dismay of some in my party. (I'm amazed at how effortlessly I can sometimes conjure up dismay.  It's a gift, really.)  Anyhow, Kenny Chesney recently brought this song into the pop-country mainstream.  But I'm kinda partial to Charlie Robison's original version.  It's a little grittier.

So what are you listening to lately?

"Did you hear the ocean singing? Baby, did you sing along, as you danced over the water to some old forgotten song? Or were you even here at all?"


  1. Southern California hasn't gotten the memo yet that it's Fall since the temps for this week are supposed to be in the 90s(F) during the day and 60s(F) at night. And the week after that, the week is suppposed to yield highs in the 80s(F). It'll probably be Fall weather sometime in November.

  2. The change of seasons does that to you...makes you stand up and take notice when you've been otherwise distracted. Especially fall! That's a gorgeous photo, Bone - wow, what a view. That's a good song...I haven't heard it before. If you're going to conjure up some dismay, that was a nice way to do :)

    Sadly, I haven't been listening to much music lately...I need to get on that.

  3. This was on while I was reading your post
    Not For A Moment (After All)
    Meredith Andrews

    It's a nice peaceful song and I can really see those hawks.

  4. I need to capture our fall colors before they're gone. My trees go straight to brown.

  5. I went back in the woods along a canal the other day and felt the same way.

  6. We're seeing more hawks around here, lately--I'm afraid the neighborhood developments are pushing them out of their habitats. I agree, they are fascinating to watch.

    I'm liking the latest Decemberists album, along with Mumford & Son.

  7. Xinh - That's how it usually is here. We go from summer to ugly, gray winter with about two days of fall in between. This year has been a nice change.

    Sherri - Thanks. I was surprised the picture turned as well as it did on the iPhone camera.

    Yes, get on that, because if by some remote chance Music Monday becomes a semi-regular feature, I'm going to expect you to have some songs/artists/bands to suggest :)

    Renee - I can't think about Christian music without thinking about David Puddy: "You stole my Jesus fish, didn't you?"

    I thought about posting a picture of the hawks, but it didn't seem to do them justice. Maybe I'll go back and add one.

    MarkD - I think I almost always feel that way near the water.

    Actonbell - Is that the live album by The Decemberists? I forgot that was coming out. I need to listen to it.

  8. Fall is my favorite. As is getting away from everything and enjoying nature.

    Perhaps the dismay was caused because KC has brought the song to popular radio? Last long roadtrip I took, they played his brand new song to death.

  9. I've been listening to Bob Mould's new album. And Trampled By Turtles.

    Oh,and you could never be small. Even when out and awed by nature, you're still a force of it, chum.

  10. I couldn't get the song to play--half of youtube works for me the other half--uh!
    But the post was beautiful---not gritty at all--just Bonefall!

  11. I haven't been listening to anything new, but my eyes have feasted on a beautiful fall. The yellows of the sugar maples, beech and birch is about gone and now, before everything is bare, we're mostly left with the red-browns of the oaks... Winter is coming sooner than we may realize.

  12. That's a lovely song. I'd never heard of it.

    Autumn is in full-force here too; it's beautiful. London is the only place I know to routinely plant trees in the middle of pavements (to the detriment of the pavements most of the time) and they're lovely at this time of year - lots of bright reds and oranges. It makes leaving for work in the morning almost a pleasure. :)