Monday, April 02, 2012

Beach and Johnny Fever

85, 84, 80, 73 ,82, 82, 82.

No, those aren't my most recent bowling scores, fortunately. Nor are they my most recent golf scores, unfortunately. Rather those are our high temperatures the past seven days. And pretty much for the last month. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. For I would never complain about warm weather. It's just left me with a fierce case of beach fever. Worse than usual, even.

I mean, it's beach weather practically every day. If only I could dig an ocean, and stumble upon some sand.

I struggle with what to write. Not that I ever thought my life especially exciting. But when I look back a few years and see 3, 4 blog entries per week, it seems I must've led a virtual Kardashian-like existence then compared to now.

This weekend was an exciting one for me, what with the Final Four to watch on Saturday night and my fantasy baseball league draft Sunday night. My fantasy team name this year? Dusty's Spring Field. It was a holdover from last year. Too good to pass up two years in a row.

Also, don't hate me, but I've already clinched my NCAA tournament pool! I don't know how. It wasn't looking good early. (I was very wise to hitch my wagon to Missouri's star.) Still somehow, I was doing pretty well through the Elite Eight. But then I went from having correctly picked six of the Elite Eight to only having one of the Final Four. That almost doesn't even seem mathematically possible.

Most exciting of all, this unexpected windfall -- of $60 -- means I can finally afford this little gem I've had my eye on:

Spotted her in Cracker Barrel a few weeks ago. (Isn't that where everyone gets their DVDs?) That's right, my friends. Pretty soon, I'll be living on the air in Cincinnati, with Jennifer, Venus Flytrap, Mister Carlson, Les, Herb, Andy, and of course, the inimitable Dr. Johnny Fever.

Hmm, I guess my life is more exciting than I think.

For now, I'm going to settle in and watch Kentucky versus Kansas. And hope for a couple of crowd closeups of Ashley Judd. I admire her... passion.

"Maybe you and me were never meant to be. Just maybe think of me once in awhile..."


  1. I was reading, thinking "good bowling scores" when you burst my bubble.
    Of course, I only buy DVDs at Cracker Barrel

  2. It's hard to listen to someone just a hundred miles or more from the beach rant about missing it when I live more than a thousand miles from a beach.

    I think writing a blog is a lot like Seinfeld episodes. The latter has an episode on just about any subject one can think about. Eventually our blogs are like that too and we find ourselves just repeating. I used to write five or more posts a week and the past couple years I've been down to three and even that is becoming harder to do. This fall will be my nine year blog-i-versary.

  3. lol, don't watch too much WKRP at once - that could be a little too wildness for one night! :) I used to love that show...

    I can't wait for the beach - we have about six weeks left before we go! There's nothing that compares to a walk beside the ocean. Have a great day, Bone~~

  4. We had a high of 86 on Sunday and yesterday the cold front came in. They said to expect up to 10 inches of snow... looks like we got maybe 3 out there. :p

  5. MarkD - I was reading, thinking "good bowling scores" when you burst my bubble.

    LOL That was good.

    They actually do have a good selection of classic TV shows.

    Ed - Oh, Ed, if it were only a hundred, I'd be there at least every other weekend. Unfortunately, it's over 300 miles for me. I'm way up north here. A few might even consider me almost a Yankee.

    Good point about the repeating. I know I've blogged about my fantasy baseball team at least four years in a row now.

    Sherri B - I know. Such is the burning-the-candle-at-both-ends life I lead. I, too, love that show, obviously. I'm so excited!

    Renee - 3 inches? That should be nearly enough to make snow cream!

  6. 'Course, most of this sailed obliviously above my head, but two things hit the mark - I LOVE the name chosen of "Dusty Spring Field", brilliantly witty!

    And the second is how much harder blogging comes down the years. I never used to even have to pause to know what to write, in fact, I had to STOP myself from posting too often, back in the day. Now? Sheesh, I can go three weeks without finding a word to say.

    My advice? Post when you are ready, not when you feel you are meant to. (Not that there is anything wrong with the post I've just read, at all.) I'm just saying, we don't get paid for this, so if it's not enjoyable, give yourself permission to write only when it is.

  7. ps, You are also welcome to sample our deserted, sandy beaches, any time!

  8. The numbers at the top, I thought they were your lottery picks...

    As for the game last night, I worked and didn't even bother to turn on the TV when I got home (yep, I'm still moping over Carolina). But if I thought I could have watched Ashley Judd...

  9. Your life is more exciting than you think. I think.

  10. WKRP is one of my all time favorite TV theme songs- I sing it at least once a week. :)

  11. I take it you've made it to the beach, then..?

    (Arms crossed, foot tapping, checking my watch.)

  12. You should be a blogging star--and you are to some of us
    Can't tell you how much this just made me laugh--after a long day of upsetting the neighbors because I'm having my deck power washed. Don't have trees so one was complaining about his own leaves being blown back into his yard--we took care of that being so nice

  13. Shrinky - I guess we all go through it. I cringe when I think about the days I would post 2-3 times per day! Probably no coincidence I had no readers then.

    PS: Something you should know about Bone: if you invite him to a beach, he may never leave.

    Sage - Well, you didn't miss anything, as they didn't show Ashley once that I saw.

    Pia - I like to think that. But then I inevitably wind up comparing my life to Jason Morgan's, and, well...

    Cami Smith - DVD's have been procured. I watched at least four episodes this weekend!

    Shrinky - Unfortunately, no. But I do have a trip planned for the near future.

    Pia - Somehow I always knew that given the chance, you'd be "that" neighbor :)

  14. Funny...I just got through looking at the list of "celebrities" at the Motor City Comic Con which features Loni Anderson and Howard Hesseman (not to mention on Dean Cain and the guy who played Powder in the self-titled movie that made me cry like a little baby). I'll make sure to take my picture with them and send it to you. ;-)

  15. Bone, thanks for stopping by and seeing my poetry; maybe I was reading your mind and that's what motivated me to post one. :)

    Now let me try: Bone needs to blog/Bone needs to blog/Bone needs to blog. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!