Wednesday, June 08, 2011

There is no joy in Port Charles

We now interrupt what I had originally planned to post for today, which was nothing, to bring you a matter both of extreme importance and immense sadness.

The news came yesterday, in an email from a trusted friend. Her words: "I wanted you to hear it from me first." I clicked the link. My heart sank when I saw the headline:

Curtain To Fall On GH

I wanted to believe it wasn't true. That somehow there had been a mistake. But deep down -- in that part of the heart reserved for secret hopes, dreams, and fond memories of Luke & Laura and Frisco & Felicia -- I knew. You can't fight Katie Couric.

I just like to come home from work, take off my pants, get a snack, lie on the couch and watch my stories. It's one of the few simple pleasures of this workaday life. And now even that has been stolen from me.

By Katie Couric. Seriously? How many shows does one person need?!?!

It's been a rough past decade-and-a-half for me. First Opryland closes, and now this. I have watched General Hospital, sporadically, for the majority of my life. Tony Geary is on my mental top ten list of people to meet. (I say mental because I haven't gotten around to writing it down yet. Also, I've only come up with eight people so far.) And some might assume my rugged, stoic, somewhat emotionless facade was heavily influenced by Jason Morgan. And I cannot say for sure that they would be wrong.

Several concerned friends have asked if I'm going to be OK. And honestly, I don't know this time. Maybe this is the end of the road for me. I mean, let's face it, I never really figured out this whole, quote, "life" thing anyway.

Eh, who am I kidding? I don't even have a will. And I can't risk having my most prized possessions -- namely my Milli Vanilli CD and my Welcome Back Kotter DVDs -- falling into the wrong hands.

Besides, according to the article, it's not happening until the fall of 2012. So that leaves a little over a year. Those will be good times. Assuming, of course, that by some small chance the Mayans were wrong.

Maybe we can fight this. Boycott ABC daytime. Take it to the streets. Bring back our soaps! Are you with me, ladies... and, uh... guys?

"Now I'm sittin' here, I'm wastin' my time. I just don't know what I should do. It's a tragedy for me to see the dream is over..."


  1. I'm so sorry, Bone. What, did I really send you condolences for a soap opera? Brush up on your Spanish, there are still plenty of soaps coming from Latin America.

  2. They put Welcome Back Kotter on DVD??

  3. I think the #1 one way I know we're friends is that you already emailed me about this.
    True friendship.
    I am so sad. Am watching today just to get back in the swing of things.

    Long live, Jason Morgan.

  4. Sage - Yes, you did. I wonder if there's a way to get English closed captioning for Telemundo and Univision.

    Susan - Well, I'm not sure you if you can get all the seasons. But Cracker Barrel had some DVD's with four episodes each on them. So I pretty much bought out what they had. Twilight Zone, too :)

    Cami - Well, news this sad should only come from a friend.

    Long live, Jason Morgan.

    Hear, hear!

  5. You can't fight Katie Couric, you're right. Dan Rather tried, and look what happened to him.

    There's always netflix.

    You are taking it better than I supposed.

  6. would you prefer sympathy cards or a donation to the Human Fund? :(

  7. I can't believe it. When you told me. So stupid.
    No one cares about Katie!!!
    This really pisses me off .

  8. Bone, I don't have an email for you but wanted to invite you to a temporary blog that I plan to use this summer on my travels. My first post was today:

  9. I think ABC isn't cancelling the show. All they did was give away the time slot. They'll either move it into AMC or OLTL old slot.

    For telenovellas, you don't need subtitles. Angst, evil twins, and all the soap opera staples are universal.

  10. Aw, I'm sorry, Bone. My late grandmother would've had trouble with this news, too. And I knew people, back in college, who scheduled their classes around Luke and Laura.

    However, what Sage says is true. I've always wanted to learn Spanish...

  11. Cooper - You are taking it better than I supposed.

    Oh, the worst is still to come. Just wait :) I think I'm still in shock right now.

    Renee - Thanks for trying to cheer me up with a Seinfeld reference. You're a good friend.

    KittyCat - My thoughts exactly!

    Sage - Cool! Thanks for letting me know. For sure, I'll check it out.

    Xinh - I hope you are right. But they already announced replacement shows for OLTL and AMC, too. I wonder if SoapNet could pick it up and continue regular production.

    Actonbell - Funny you should say that. I was reading back over the first post I ever did about GH, and one of my commenters then said she arranged her college schedule around it :)

  12. There's always? I don't know what to say about this except that trusted friends aren't always right :) But in this case!

  13. Bone- LOL "Watch my stories" That is sooooo Southern! I havent heard that in sooo long- maybe since I went to the first grade and no longer told that soap operas were the only thing on TV, by my babysitter!!! you make me smile!