Sunday, May 15, 2011

One fish, two one fish

Thursday afternoon, I went fishing at Dad's. As I think back on it, I'm reminded of some grand old country song lyrics from yesteryear. To paraphrase slightly, Bone's daddy was takin' him fishin' when he was (thirty-)eight years old...

It's the first time I'd been fishing in 15 or 20 years. The last, and only, time I fished with any regularity was back in high school. A group of us guys used to fish in a creek just below a dam by an old grist mill. I was pretty good at it. And by "it," I mean, getting my line hung up on the dam, having to cut it and losing the lure. They started calling me "Bait."

And since I don't believe in these fancy-schmancy technological fishing advances such as depth finders, or tackle boxes, I never had my own lures. Therefore, the many lures I lost belonged to someone else. So they started calling me other names, as well.

Anyway, back to Thursday. Allow me to preface this by saying I was never told what we would be fishing for, which I do believe is a pretty important component in determining what kind of bait or lure to use. Am I right? So drawing on all my previously forgotten fishing experience, I opted to go with the green lure. Everyone else was using live worms.

Well, by the time everyone else had caught multiple catfish before I had even caught one, it was clear that worms were the way to go. But I wasn't swayed. Because a great fisherman can catch fish even without the perfect bait. OK, I just made that up, but it sounded good.

Let me also proffer some advice to the ladies here. If a guy takes you fishing, you shouldn't catch a fish before he does. But if that can't be helped, then you really, really shouldn't catch three fish before he has even caught a single one. That could really put him in a sour mood the rest of the day, you know, if he's not as secure in his masculinity and fishing prowess as, say, me or Bill Dance.

Alright, back to my fish tale. Finally my persistence paid off as I hauled in about a half-pounder. Shortly after that, I decided to switch over to the white lure, but they just weren't hitting that at all. (Clearly, my instinct to go with the green over the white in the first place had been spot on.)

For me, fishing has never been just about how many fish you catch anyway. It's more about the atmosphere, the camaraderie, and of course, the snacking. Being outdoors, legs hanging off the pier, drinking a Sun Drop and munching on some barbecue fried pork skins--that's all I really need.

Besides, I've always been more of a caster than a quote, "fisher." I mean, anyone can drop a worm in a pond and catch a fish. But a perfect cast? The whir of the thingy unwinding, the unmistakable plop as the sinker hits the water, then the click of the other thingy. Sigh. There's nothing like it.

So all told for the day, I only lost one lure. Which I kind of equate with only losing one ball during a round of golf. Which I consider to be an excellent day. I only caught one fish, and threw it back. But again, that's perfectly fine with me. I think I speak for most fishermen when I say I don't really like having to touch the fish when I catch them.

It's kinda gross.

"You and me goin' fishin' in the dark. Lyin' on our backs and countin' the stars, where the cool grass grows..."


  1. I can picture this day the way you described it. Sounds like a lovely day Bone, even though you are no longer 8.

    The only person I know who goes fishing does it for relaxation, he could sit out there all day and catch em or not.

  2. my favorite thing about this post are the songs mentioned in the very beginning and end.

    those are good ones :)

  3. The last time I went fishing, I spooled my pole with new line since the old line was 20 years old and brittle. It came off in a snarl that I never could untie. My wife's pole lost the crank nut on it and she couldn't find the handle. I was down to my daughter's Mickey mouse pole when on perhaps the dozenth cast since it had been taken out of the box, the bail cover flew off and plastic pieces went everywhere. If I go fishing ever again, I need to invest in some new equipment.

  4. Made me laugh and that's something :) You chauvinist you--wanting the girl to wait :) Sounds like a great day

  5. "...So they started calling me other names, as well." LOL!

    I've never been fishing, but I could sit by a stream on a nice day with a fishing rod--that's a great prop, in fact, for staring out into space without being perceived as wacky. Hmmm, thanks for the idea:)

    Good post.

  6. Cooper - I can see that. It was quite relaxing. And much less frustrating than golf. Much, much less.

    Cami - Thanks. And I had a third one that I couldn't find room for. "Legs hangin' off a bayou bridge, feedin' fish potato chips, and talkin' 'bout the mysteries of the universe..."

    Ed - My line got tangled towards the end of the day Thursday, too. That's when I shifted into 100% snack mode. I always wondered if those Mickey Mouse poles were actually made for fishing. I guess so... for a little while :)

    Pia - Thanks! You know me, I try and hide my rabid chauvinistic side, but it seeps out from time to time :)

    Actonbell - Thank you. When I go to the beach, I do a lot of sitting, staring, pondering... You don't think anyone thinks I'm wacky, do you? I mean, I do get up and throw frisbee or go for a walk occasionally :)

  7. The sound of the two thingies, ah yes, perfect. :o)

    I've never been good at fishing. Either time I've gone...

  8. totally ended this post with one of my ALL time favorite songs. Nice choice!

    So, I've still never tried a Sun Drop. I need to fix this. Can you find this beverage in Nashville?

  9. I love the idea of catching your own food and I love, love, love fresh food... but actually going fishing is another matter. I remember my dad used to take us trout fishing when we were kids. Mostly I'd be bored and then the day would end in trauma when it came to killing the fish. If I actually had to catch my own food I'd probably end up being vegetarian!

  10. I used to go fishing with NO bait! I'd throw my weight and float in the water, and spend the day laying back on the boat in the sun. I couldn't be bothered by a fish disturbing my rest!

  11. I always yell first fish! before anyone drops a line! It jinx's everyone else and of course it's just me talking smack! i dont care if i catch a fish either, i just like fishing. I love deep sea fishing charters where they will bait my hook and remove the fish for me... aaaahhh that's the best!

    why arent we deep sea fishing now???

  12. Charlotta - "Thingy" is clearly a highly-technical fishing term :)

    OKChick - I don't think it's in Nashville yet. But good news! According to Sun Drop's Wikipedia entry, and I quote, "Dr Pepper Snapple Group plans to distribute Sun Drop nationwide beginning in 2011.."

    J Adamthwaite - Yeah, me too. I've never done the process of actually cleaning the fish or anything. As I said, I don't even really like to touch them :)

    MarkD - Love that idea! I'm pretty sure I could spend all day on a boat and not do anything and be completely happy (and sleepy).

    Daily Panic - Um, hello, you've never invited me ;-)