Friday, April 23, 2010

April showers bring... something from the Bone-chives

I'm off to Cincinnati, where there is a 70-90% chance of rain all weekend. Hopefully, they'll be able to fit a baseball game in there somewhere. Even if there's a four-hour rain delay, the game doesn't end until midnight and there are only like fifty fans left in the stands, I'll be one of them. And there's a 100% chance of that.

This would have been a perfect opportunity for stop number two on the Blog Reality Tour. Unfortunately, I don't believe I link to any bloggers in Ohio. There used to be one in Kentucky, and maybe a couple in Tennessee, but I guess they've all found other ways to occupy their time.

I shall return on Monday. That is, unless a Reds scout notices my surprising athletic ability and the agility of someone fifteen years younger as I scamper to chase a foul ball, and they decide to hire me on the spot as a full-time ball boy. Or, ball man, whichever. Until then, and in honor of Earth Day, I am recycling a post.

It's poetry month over at Cooper's. (OK, so as I google it now, evidently it's National Poetry Month. Who knew!) So I figured I'd do a poem for one of my three posts this month.

I would never claim to write actual and decent poetry. I'm way too literal, and always end up feeling like somewhere the words have to eventually rhyme. I'm more of a lyrics guy. Lyrics without music, that's me. I think I would have collaborated well with Bobby McFerrin.

Now that I have hopefully lowered your expectations to a sufficient level, here is an attempt at poetry, originally posted in 2007:

Perfume hint caught
Memory sparked
That year I was in love

Eager heart leapt
Lesson relearned
Forever is but a word

Freely falling fast
Feeling remembered
And missed

Past replaces present
Eyes now tightly closed
Smile grazes lips

Midnight phone calls
Sultry afternoons
Slinky black dress

Past recedes to past
I'll always believe
I loved you best

"Ain't no sun. Ain't no blue sky. The wind blows cold now that you've gone away. And tomorrow, just like today, there's a hundred percent chance of rain..."


  1. Have fun! The Rockies are probably going to be snowed out again for their double header today. Glad we don't have tickets.

  2. Oooh, oooh! You drove straight up 65, right? Past Mammoth Cave? Once you were North of that, did you get to see the "Hell is real" billboard across from the porn store?!?! I blogged about that back in the day :)

    Hope you have a great time and get to see at least one game.

    Oh, and go Cueto!

  3. Have a fantastic weekend. We have some high percentage of rain here in Athens. It should be at 100% since it's *pouring* outside right now. No drought for Georgia this year!

    Enjoyed the poem.

  4. If you don't like slaw on barbecue, stay away from Cincy Chili! You'll be in for another surprise. Have a good time, you're only five or six hours from here, depending on the Indy traffic.

  5. Xinh - Thanks. I can't believe I haven't been before now.

    Renee - Hey, how about a heads-up if the game is going to be snowed out? :) I had two Marlins in my fantasy team starting lineup Friday night and the game got postponed.

    Who ever heard of snow in April anyway?

    TC - I do recall seeing a sign for Mammoth Cave, yes. OK, now you're just spoiling my next post. I was gonna blog about the "Hell is real" billboard in my trip recap.

    Charlotta-love - Thanks. Yeah, it seems like we've been in a rainy phase for the better part of a year now. I'm ready for it to be over.

    Sage - Well, I was planning to try the world-famous Skyline chili at some point. So hopefully the surprise won't be too unpleasant.

    Oh wow, I didn't realize it was that close. Could have almost been stop number two on the Blog Reality Tour.

  6. Well, you still can. I only had like four people who read my blog back then :)

    So... Was Cueto as bad in person as his stats showed? Or should I not ask and just expect that in the recap, too?

  7. I loved the poem, you should do more of that. It is late Sunday by now and it has been raining and storming here for hours, if if that came from Cincinnati you might have had a soggy weekend, and I'm sorry.

  8. Bone the ball boy. I like it. Though I'm not sure your family would take it well

    I like the poem also. The first stanza's amazing--it's all excellent. of course I ain't a poet but I know.....

  9. Cincinnati? Really? Did I miss why you went there?

  10. I'm late...but I hope you had a great weekend, with not toooo much rain:)

  11. I thought I felt a disturbance over the weekend. Who knew you were only 4 hours away...well I would have if I had read this, I guess.

  12. TC - Actually, I'm trying to block out most of Saturday's game. I can tell you anything you wanna know about Sunday's, though :)

    Cooper - Thank you. I do need to make myself write more.

    There was rain, but then it looks like most of the eastern half of the U.S. got rain this weekend.

    Pia - I could do a variety of jobs -- Bone the ball man, Bone the usher, Bone the scoreboard operator, Bone the WKRP In Cincinnati Museum curator...

    Thanks :)

    OKChick - Um, well I mentioned I was going there in my last two posts :) It was just your average road trip.

    Actonbell - Oh, you're never too late around here. Especially as most of my posts tend to remain up seven to ten days recently.

    Murf - Only four? Wow, I really should have done the Blog Reality Tour. It's not too often I venture above the Mason-Dixon line.

  13. Heck..for you, I would have met you halfway so that would have been "only" a 2 hour drive!

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  16. i loved your poem! and NOT because my expectations were lowered! ( but love that you said that! can I borrow that line for when I post poetry??!!)
    I'm visiting you a bit late... bet you're back from Cincinnati.. hope it was fun! I miss my favorite blogs.. sorry I haven't been visiting in a while. hope all is well in Bone-ville! xox

  17. Isn't the day after Kent State somebody's bloggiversary?

    Happy 7th Bone!!!!!!!!

    May your incredible writings be made into a book and not one you bind yourself or have bound

  18. Happy bloggiversary, Bone.

    I'm so glad you started blogging. And I'll admit, I hope you keep going.

    Here's to seven more years of your brilliant writing. *glass raised*

  19. Murf - Aww, you woulda done that for me???

    Lucy - Yep, you can use it anytime :) Good to see you around Bone-ville again.

    Pia - Yep, Cinco de Bone-o, I called it once. But I don't know, that might be considered offensive now.

    TC - Seven more? Oy. I hope I come across some inspiration sometime soon.