Sunday, June 14, 2009

What you missed this week on Facebook

I was Wiki'ing tonight. And, well let me get right to the point. So in that old windshield wiper commercial, that wasn't really Laurel and Hardy? And not only wasn't it them, but they were already dead?!?! I feel so disillusioned.

It was a fine week here in Bone Diego, USA. Several of us attended the Braves/Brewers game in Atlanta last Saturday where we enjoyed seeing the Braves light up the scoreboard with zero runs. The week also included a round of golf, dinner with Lil Bootay, as well as spending time with the nephew, the godson, and the Darryls (all at different times and different locations). Wow, all that wouldn't even fit into one Tweet. I guess I really was the proverbial social butterfly this week. As opposed to my usual anti-social caterpillar-that-likes-to-nap persona.

But enough about life away from the computer. Let's get to the important stuff. Here at IYROOBTY, we are all about inclusion. So here are a few things you might have missed on Facebook this week. You know, if you actually have a life and aren't on Facebook, or if you are on Facebook and just haven't accepted any of my repeated friend requests.

Little Joe and Wolfgang each created "How Well Do You Know Me" quizzes. I scored 50% on Wolfgang's and 66% on LJ's. I was pleased with those scores--not terrible, but low enough so as to still appear hetero. Wolfgang, however, scored 100% on LJ's quiz. I suppose that's only natural though. After all, they are the Darryls.

What's even funnier--if that's possible--is that LJ's girlfriend took the quiz and only got 83%. We joked and joked about that. Or, I joked and joked about it.

Oh that's right, we finally got to meet the girlfriend last weekend. A few days before the big event, I had "the talk" with LJ:

"Does she watch General Hospital?"
"I don't know. I haven't told her about that yet."
"Well, what are you gonna do when we start discussing it Saturday, just pretend you have no idea what we're talking about?"
"I guess I need to tell her."

He did. She doesn't. But she has agreed to accept his lifestyle. Wolfgang and I have decided this is it for LJ, you know because clearly that's our decision to make. He asked me the other night,"If LJ gets married, where does that leave us?" I've often wondered the same thing. I mean, what are you talking about? There is no "us."

In other what-you-missed-this-week-on-Facebook news, I took the "What Kenny Chesney song are you" quiz and got the result "Soul Of A Sailor," which I don't even really know. Soon thereafter Wolfgang and LJ took the same quiz (because apparently I'm their leader). Thankfully, they each got different results.

Then last night, I noticed LJ had taken the quiz a second time. Odd, I thought. Even more odd was the message that had been typed above his result. Evidently, his girlfriend had taken the quiz under his name, and had typed a little love note on his wall for all the world to see. But as she was signed into his account, it appeared like this:

Little Joe: "I love the man I'm with, and always will."

Clearly, that needs no further embellishment or explanation.

Let's close now with some final tidbits from the past week in Facebook, or what I like to call, Facebits:

I received a friend request from a girl I made out with one time in high school. She, of course, is married with two teenage kids now.

I managed to avoid being poked, prodded, or kidnapped the entire week.

I scored a bingo in Lexulous (aka Facebook Scrabble) with the word "detente."

And last but not least, I posted this picture of Uncle Bone and Nephew Bone (but mostly Nephew Bone):

(Memorial Day 2009, circa 9 months)

And that's the week that was in Facebook.

"Too old to be wild and free still. Too young to be over the hill. Should try to grow up, but who knows where to start..."


  1. How come I never got an invite from you on facebook?!


  2. PS: Baby bones looks so bonny.

    (Ignore the pun!)

  3. I hate all those apps on facebook! I think I've done 1 quiz and have about 2000 request which I ignore. I try to keep fb and blogger seperate! FB is from my friends who don't read and only want to see the pictures.

  4. I love that picture just as much today as I did yesterday. Which is a whole lot, in case that wasn't clear... :)

  5. Sounds like a good FB week. Did you also set your FB username? I did, and that makes me cool...or not.

  6. It sounds like you are becoming a social butterfly.

  7. Gautami - I was wondering the same thing about you :)

    PS: Thanks!

    Sage - Yeah, I don't care for them, either. Well, except for Scrabble. I think I've been kidnapped about ten times, and asked to join the mafia at least eight times.

    R8chel - Thanks. I think it's my new favorite. I'm sort of fond of the lil' guy, in case that wasn't clear :)

    Kontan - No, not yet. Apparently I'm not as cool as you.

    PennyCandy - I'm sure last week was just an aberration.

  8. This post made me laugh. I love your random posts. HA!

    Fun Points from this post...
    * anti-social caterpillar-that-likes-to-nap persona.
    * LJ having "the talk"
    * LJ leaving a love comment for himself.

    Ok, so must of the funny comments were about LJ. GREAT POST.

  9. You have sexy arms.

  10. I'll answer some FB quizzes but for the most part I like trying to connect with the friends I have- seeing what they're up to. Speaking of which, you've not friended me either.

    Nephew bone is sooo cute. He'll be stealing young girl's hearts before you know it. Hope all is well.

  11. What are you gonna do for blog fodder when Little Joe gets married is what I wanna know? :)

    I think I feel bad for the poor person you play Lexulous against - wow!

    Those "how well do you know me" quizzes are ADDICTING!!!!! I think for a guy --and one who claims to have a bad memory-- you did well on their quizzes.

    PS: I probably sound like a broken record after everyone else, but that's one of the cutest pictures ever :)

  12. Wow! I missed out on a lot by not being LJ or Wolfgang's friends on FB. :D I couldn't figure them out...Ace found me himself. Some of Ace's posts concern me though.

    I love that pix of nephew bone. Just love how happy he is with uncle bone!

    So what WILL you blog and FB about w/o LJ around? Wait a minute, Wolfgang will probably be extra funny w/o LJ around...and if LJ is like "The King of Queens" in his new married life then you'll still have plenty of fodder...whew!

  13. OK Chick - Aw, thanks! I'm glad you got a laugh out of it.

    "The talk" is very important.

    Anonymous - Thanks. Wow, I don't think I've ever heard that one before.

    Wait a second... is this LJ?

    Michelle Johnson - Yeah, I do the occasional quiz, too. I'm actually not on there much. Honest!

    I'm hoping Nephew Bone will let me be his wingman.

    TC - I don't know. That will be a sad day for blog material, in general.

    I actually got 80% on a quiz for a girl I dated in like 2001. That was a bit scary. For her, I'm sure, moreso than me.

    PS: Well, thank you. Not that I really had a lot to do with it :)

    Renee - I'm assuming you mean Axl. Don't feel bad. Almost everything he says/types/thinks concerns me. And by concerns, I mean frightens.

    Yes, hopefully LJ will still hang out with us sometimes. And of course there will be the ongoing friends-in-law saga of Wolfgang and me.

  14. Or Option 3: I don't know you from a hole in the wall so I can't send a friend request. got great veins in your forearms. No wonder the blood draw people keep harping on you to return and give them more.

  15. By the way, regarding this comment that you left: I can't help but feel that with every comment I leave, your opinion of my intelligence lessens just a bit more.

    It's actually quite the opposite. I found to be quite pretentious and annoying years ago on Sage's blog. Now I actually kind of dig you. :-)

  16. Lovely picture! And, at the risk of sounding creepy, you do have nice arms.

    Facebook is a strange world. I'm on there kind of secretly these days (which isn't worth doing if you're ever thinking of it - you may as well just not be there at all!) I'm always intrigued by the weird stuff you can do on there if you're not keeping a low profile though. Under what circumstances would anyone want to throw a sheep at someone?

  17. This is one of your funniest posts ever. The part about the Darryl's, the girlfriend and you or not you especially

    I'm glad there's Facebook for family and uh reconnecting with friends I never knew I had in junior high but I think between blogging, facebook and twitter, life has become one giant popularity contest, and I don't want to play

  18. I think between blogging, facebook and twitter, life has become one giant popularity contest, and I don't want to play

    Pia, that's one of your best comments ever.

    Oh and Bone, I recommend not telling the next girl you date that you scored that well on an ex's quiz. (Unless she doesn't have a Facebook account.) Who knows what kind of standards she'll hold you to :)

  19. TC is there a person in America outside of my sister and b-i-l who doesn't have a facebook account?

    And thanks. Bone's post was so fervent and funny at the same time that...

  20. Yikes. Facebook is...the devil. Or is that Twitter? Heck if I know. I do have a facebook (feel free to request me, Bone, just search Sean Patrick Farley) and I'm not on it as much as my friends. I will probably whore myself on it when I start my next blog (about customer service, please read it when I start it!) because I'm still aiming for that seven-figure book deal. That little love not was hilarious - what his friends must think of that! As for the friend request from that chick you made out with -- really? Seriously. But I'll tell you, you must have made one HELL of an impression on her!

  21. Pia: My brother. Though he keeps threatening because it seems he facebook-stalked a couple of his exes and they're "still hot." Cue eyerolls 'til next year.

    Actually, most of my family doesn't have an account, thankfully. But I did get a request from my Mom's best friend yesterday - yeah, I think I'll be ignoring that one awhile.

  22. Yes, I meant Axl. Axl/Ace, easy mistake.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one frightened by him.

  23. psssst! It's sean, from seansblogabout. This is my new one, but I'm trying to be "anonymous"! :)

  24. that old h.s. girlfriend?? She wants u bone! beware friend requests from women you've kissed! heehee!
    i don't care for Lexulous I prefer scrabble and have about 15 games going!(yes, no life!) but 'detente' is a great word!
    wtg!! May I invite u to scrabble Bone?.. I am safe since I never kissed u!
    nice post!

  25. I refuse to take those quizzes.
    I know what color I am: white.
    I know what my name means: I'm awesome.
    I know what Saved By The Bell Cast member I am: ...okay, I don't but I'd bet money this quiz actually exists.

  26. Murf - Well a few bloggers have found me on there, so I must not be that hard to find.

    Pretentious? Wow. I've never heard that one before. I thought everyone liked me! :)

    J Adamthwaite - Well, thank you. I've never had so many compliments on my arms. Or any other body part for that matter :)

    Pia - I'd like to think I'm somewhat selective with my Facebook friends. But there do seem to be a lot of people who are just out to get their friend count as high as possible.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    TC - Yeah, in most of my relationships, I'd probably be doing good to get 50% right WHILE we were dating O:)

    Also, feel free to chat with Pia here in the comments :)

    Sean P - Actually, I was wondering if she even remembered making out with me. Clearly, that was the main reason she friended me :)

    Renee - Oh no. I'd venture to say you're far from alone :)

    Customer Servant - Good job! I never would have known it was you. Except that you mentioned your name.

    Lucy - Yes, you may invite me to Scrabble. But be warned, I played "spangled" yesterday ;)

    Charlotta - I bet it does, too. I hope I'd be Zack.

    And you may want to rethink taking those quizzes. You learn some integral stuff on there. For example, just yesterday I found out my real age is 25.

  27. Oh I've found you. I just haven't sent a request.