Wednesday, June 05, 2013

What people really mean when they type "LOL"

Well, I've done it.  I have created the definitive "definition of all LOL's" pie chart of our time.  And it only took me about four hours.  

Listen to these reviews... that I just made up:

IAW (Internet Acronym Weekly) raves, "BHDI!"  (Bone has done it!)

TextSavvy agrees: "We've looked for years for something like this, but everything that was out there was so lame.  This is only kind of lame."

Windows 3.1 For Dummies says, "Exquisite use of Paintbrush.  It's pretty clear from this the world will never need any other graphics/art software program ever!"

I'm not one to brag, but this may be my second-best pie chart ever.  Ideally, it would have a title, but whatever, you already know what it's about, so... enjoy!

"Shopping online for deals on some writable media / I edit Wikipedia / I memorized Holy Grail really well / I can recite it right now and have you ROTFLOL..." 


  1. BHDI! I was in the 0.1% with that sentence :)

  2. Well, it seems you did good in class for pie charts...


    sage: ROFTL means Rolling ON The Floor Laughing

    There is also ROTFWL: Rolling ON The Floor With Laughter...

    And who does that, DON't ASK ME......!!!!


    okay, that was totally pitty.

  4. That is an accurate pie chart.

  5. My normal response to this would have been "LOL"...I'm at a complete loss of acronyms now. :)

  6. TC ~ That's very kind. However, I hope you realize you're now down to only 14 laughs remaining for the day.

    Sage ~ Is that a veiled request for another pie chart? I'm not sure when I can manage to carve out another four hours of free time...

    Gautami ~ Yes, I'm fairly confident I would have squeezed by with a solid C in Pie Chart 101 :0)

    Renee ~ It took me a bit to figure out what that stood for. Also, I'm not opposed to accepting pity laughs.

    MarkD ~ May I add that to my list of reviews?

    Sherri B ~ I actually think a simple "LOL" would have been the perfect comment for this post. Sorry you're AACLOA :)

  7. IC: I chuckled. Only you Bone could write a post like that one!

  8. What happens if I laugh out loud more than 15 times in a day? Don't worry though, it was near the end of my day yesterday, so I'm sure I was okay.

    Just thought I would throw it in.
    Think this post should win an award. Not sure if it should be a pie chart award or an Internet/text speech for lazy people award but an award nonethless

  10. Ha! The funny thing about the genuine laugh-out-loud is that when I use that one, I always feel the need to explain that I actually literally did laugh out loud... kind of defeats the point of bothering with an abbreviation!

  11. The other day, I was out and about and I was witness to two young people talking. Young person #1 said something that was mildly amusing. I chuckled quietly. Young person #2 said "LOL." I mean, she literally said LOL. I weep for our future.

  12. Will your next entry be about people who post pixelated screenshots? :-) (LOL)

  13. Oh I love it when people say LOL (out loud) instead of actually funny! Great pie chart Bone!

  14. Ed ~ Only you Bone could write a post like that one!

    That's probably true. For better, or worse.

    TC ~ Just understand that if you laugh 17 times today, then you have a 2-laugh deficit starting out tomorrow. Just be careful. Moderation is the key. The first time I saw Dumb & Dumber, I couldn't laugh for thirty-four days after that.

    Pia ~ I would love a pie chart award! If I got that and a Words With Friends award, and got to meet Larry David, and then Jason Morgan returned to GH, my life would pretty much be complete.

    J. Adamthwaite ~ Exactly! It has been overused so much. And sincere laughter has paid the price.

    Xinher ~ So does this mean I should stop saying "Oh-emm-gee" out loud? :)

    Madeleine ~ Thanks!

    Murf ~ Look, you can say what you want about me, but I'm not gonna sit idly by and let you criticize my pie chart!

    But yes, apparently there is a compatibility issue between Paintbrush and the Blogger platform. (Sounds good anyway.) If you click on it, it's clearer.

    Ally ~ I never say LOL out loud. But if you're looking for FYI or bee-tee-dub, I'm your guy. Totes.

  15. Okay ! You LOL often in our chats! So of course I know I never say things like the pie slice with the funny OJ reference, so that leads me to believe I am getting many pity lol's!! Thanks a lot! My confidence needs a reboot bone!
    Seeing how time consuming this creative,funny, pie post was... You definitely have time for more word games with lucy 🍰